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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Sentinel - Infinity Challenge
Reviewed May 9, 2003

Name Sentinel
Rank Experienced
Point Value 100,200,300
Collector's Number 01
Rarity LE

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Sentinels are a quintessential X-Men concept. They've been around since the EARLY, early days, and boy do they cause havoc every time they appear. The sentinel figure in Heroclix was the first (of hopefully several) LARGE scale figures, and it is a beauty. I don't have one yet, but I'm planning on buying one before they disappear completely.

The fig comes with three different sets of stats...basically you can start him with a point value of 100, 200 or 300 points depending on what kind of game you want to play. If you want to set him for 300 points you get 18 health, 200 is 15 health and 100 is 12 health. The Sentinel has incredible stats, so even hitting him is tough enough, but not impossible.  Both the 300 and 200 point versions (which are the Mark VII and Mark III respectively) start with a defense of 16 AND Energy Shield for ranged attacks.  THe 100 point monster (THe Mark I) starts with a 15 an
no shield. All three versions get toughness later in the dial.

Attacks for the Mark VII and Mark III start at 11 and 10 respectively and include Energy Explosion allowing you to cream a group of heroes at once. The Mark I starts with 9, with no Energy Explosion. All three versions get incapacitate towards the end of the dial. The range for the Mark VII starts at 12 and the range for Mark III starts at 10, BUT they both have running shot. The Mark I starts at 7 with no running shot.  he also has a 10 square range attack.

The Sentinel figure is a must for any collection. As they get scarcer and scarcer you should definitely pick up one or two. I've heard of some players using as many as six or seven in a game! Youch! With the Sentinels you can recreate some of the greatest X-Men stories (such as Days of Future Past) in the game.  PLUS, the figure comes with an extra set of hands that you can actually have them hold onto a smaller figure with! Now if it were only articulated!!!

Sentinels are still available in many stores at their original retail price of about $17. On line you may be able to get him cheaper.

My ratings
Playability 5 out of 5
Collectability 3 out of 5 (just because you can still
get him, in a year or two look out!)



This guy rules.  But he is really expensive too.  What makes him great is this; on his first click, he can move 6 squares, then fire with a 11 attack to do four clicks of damage, with a range of ten.  Plus the fact that your opponent will basically have to put his whole attack force into taking out sentinel.

200- games:  2.5/5
300+ Games:  4/5
Sealed Box:  N/A
The Bottom Line:  3.25/5


The Sentinel. It was the 1st of our 2 "big figs". This is a special figure, as it can be placed at 100 points, 200 points, and 300 points. All are good at their respective levels. All 3 levels house a special ability that only big figs: Capturing. This figure may choose to capture a figure instead of damage it.  If the Sentinel is able to get the captured figure back to the Sentinel's starting area, it receives
double the points of the figure's value {triple if it is a X-Men or Brother Hood Member}, and the captured figure is placed out of play as if K.O'd.

The Sentinel also has another special 'Multi-Shot'.  You target any two figures, reduce the Sentinel's damage BY 1, and attack. This is an effective power
used with Perplex.

The final of the Sentinel's special traits {only found with the other "big fig": Sinestro} is its ability to push every turn without needing to rest. It still takes damage for pushing, but at 300 points the Sentinel lives for 18 clicks! {you start it off at full health for 300 points; 3 clicks in for 200 points; and 6 clicks in for 100 points} So at 100 points, the Sentinel still lives for 12 clicks!

What makes the Sentinel better than a Sinestro <at the moment> is its archenemy list. Anyone that is a Brother Hood member or X-Men member is an archenemy to the Sentinel and visa-versa; as were the Sinestro is
only an archenemy to Green Lantern members. So if you capture an experienced Juggernaut you have 375 points in the bank.

-Fits perfectly into any team
-Harder to kill than Batman hiding in a bush
-As more enemies than any other figure
-Imagine capturing a Superman LE: 472 points!!!!

-Some of the best figures in the game are the metal
beast's archenemies
-Unless you can use him perfectly, you'll have a $20 paperweight

One last note: A Sentinel works best with a mindcontrol team. You keep the Sentinel in it's starting area, Mindcontrol the enemy to go base to base with the Sentinel still in starting area. Capture the figure, instant points. I plan on posting
a great Mindcontrol/Capture team later for all those "daredevils" out there.


Joel Lofgren

Yo. This is my first CotD! =D Boy, what a Clix it is.
The Sentinel.

I've never actually played against one (In a non-scenario type game). No matter how you look at it It is intimidating just by its sheer size. Of course this is the 'special' clix for the Marvel version of heroclix. Its stats (no matter which version you play) are pretty awesome. It's ability to capture is an even special boon. Some stats that show out to me are: 15 defense (depending on version) 4 Damage (again depending on version) , in fact all of its stats make me cringe of the thought of playing against this. It also gains immunity from such powers such as incapacitate, telekinesis, and mind control (plus a few others)
Just feel sorry for the poor chap who sends a close-combatant against him....
Note: You can't play this sucker with any X-men or Brotherhood team

100: I don't think you can support him well enough! ( 1.5)
200: Depends on the version... (100: 3 ,200: 1.5)
300: Again..the version (100: 4, 200:3.5, 300: 1)
Limited/Draft: Not applicable, if you do play against one in a
draft..someone is cheating O.o!

michale jhonason


The first of the two big guys, sentinel is one of the best models you'll see. Some of you might remember these things from the old x-men arcade game, a true classic, IMO anyway. Sentinel has 3 different levels, sentinel mark I, III, and VII, each with 100 points more than the one before it. Mark I (100 points) doesn't have much going for it besides the high range of 10 and health of 18. All of his stats start out low and get higher, but not that higher. You'll se an attack of 11 for 1 click and a defense of 17 for 1. His only 2 abilities are toughness(9-14) and incapacitate(15-17 attack). Mark III(200 points) also has 10 range and 18 health. He starts out with better stats than mark I, but surprisingly doesn't get as high as I did in some stats. He gets 3 more abilities: energy shield, energy explosion, and running shot. Mark VII, with 300 points. 18 health, 10 range, and all of the previously listed abilities. Defense is 16 for 1-6 and 11. its 15 for 7-9 and 12-18. 17 at 10. Damage is 4 (wow) for 3 clicks. Speed decreases steadily from 12 to 4. Attack goes from 11 to 8.

You might try playing mark III or VII casually just for fun. These clicks are really more for collecting. I suppose you could even use the 200 point one in 300 games if you wanted to experiment...

The thing that really makes sentinel special are the sentinel only abilities. These make a big difference for a click that otherwise simply costs way too much, as the 100 click has pretty poor abilities. The sentinel rules, which can be found on the rules page of the hero clix website, are what gets it a



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