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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Cyclops - Infinity Challenge
Reviewed June 9, 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value 78
Collector's Number 084
Rarity 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Click of the Day Reviews 


Ahh yes, finally getting around to some of the X-Men. Honestly, when this game first came out I figured that the X-Men would dominate game play and that would be the end of it. Oh wait, I guess they kind of do, what with Nightcrawler and all...but leave it to WizKids to actually make a balanced game, and no one faction
being intrinsically more powerful than the other, and the X-Men don't really dominate the game. But they do.

Can't say I ever really liked the character of Cyclops. Some people do, me, I side with what Wolverine said in the first X-Men movie...

Cyclops: "How do we know it's really you?"
Wolverine: "You're a dick."
Cyclops: "OK Let's go."

Or something like that, it's not like I'm breaking out my DVD to double check or anything, like a professional would do.

Of course a professional might not start of his review of a tiny miniature game piece with five paragraphs of filler and nothing.

Then again, I never said I was a professional.

Anyway, I don't like Cyclops as a character. That said, I love Cyclops as a Heroclix, and I'll tell you why:

Actually, I am a professional.

"But I digress..."

I was quoting Peter David there, if you didn't get it.

Peter Who?

Peter David, writes a column for CBG called "But I Digress..."

What's CBG?

The Comic Buyers Guide, a hoity toity weekly newspaper about comic books and stuff.


Anyway...Damn, see now I've wasted a ton of space and I havn't talked about Cyclops, except to say that I like him as a character and I hate him as a Heroclix.
Oh, no, that's wrong, "strike that, reverse it."

Stop quoting movies, and write your stinking review.

I think my "Dark Half" is coming out.

Would you please...

Oh sure, anyway there's Cyclops. He's got a couple of ranged attacks and ranged combat expert, which means he can do a ton of damage.

Finally, getting to the review.

That's it.

What's it.

That's it, that's all I have to say.

What do you mean that's all you have to say.

See why I had to pad this review.

I see what you mean.

It's more fun to type it than it is to read it I'm sure.

I don't know, I think they're probably laughing right about now.

What do you think you are a friggin' comedian?

"Are you talking to me?"

"Oh No, not again."


End of review.
Spider_Cide Ah, so we begin the reviews for a Ranged Combat Attacker week. First up: the 78 point Cyclops veteran.

Cyclops Veteran:
~78 points
~Range of 10
~Able to attack 3 enemies

Ah, the days of Infinity Challenge {the 1st heroclix set ever}. Figs like this ruled the world. With a 10 range with the chance to do 4 clicks of damage is one of a grand scale. With an Attack Value of 11, he is extremely good. The only true downside is that he has Running Shot, which can't be used with RCE. So you have a worthless power which takes up a bit of points.

But with all of the Perplex we now have, you can easly boost his attack up {which will loose RCE anyways} to using running shot to its fullest.

There really isn't much more to say about Cyclops. He is you basic Ranged fighter for high points. I would just spend 3 more points to put in an experienced
Firelord. But that is just me.

Head-To-Head: 3.5 / 5
Sealed/Draft: 4.5 / 5
over all: 4 / 5

Well, thats all. Happy Clixing!

Joel Lufgren Yo! Today we are revewin' Cyclops for 'my' week.

Stats: (vet)
Team: X-Men
Range: 10, 3 attacks (!)
Abilites: Running Shot, Energy Shield/Deflection, Ranged Combat Expert
Stats: 6 spd, 11 atk, 15 def, 2 dmg

The Review:
Man, I accidentally deleted the first copy of this letter ><! Either that or
sent it on accident, whatever the matter, It was basically a rant on the
Strategically possibities of Cyclops. The idea was simply set him up and
snipe, and the various combos that you could pull off to lure the enemy into
range. Now I'm too tired to talk about it. Basically, his stats are just
about average or a little above. Otherwise nothing special. Set him, up let
him take them down, thats the basic idea. I love this clix personally. The
X-Men team ability is a fave too (In casual I constantly play Wolfsbane on
an all X-Men team, to take advantage of the ability that and Colossus). I
can't go on much more really (too tired -.-).

The Verdict:(vet) worth his points, just set up the right team.
100: 2/5 Bad, don't do it!
200: 4/5 with more team breathing space it should be easy for some snazzy
combos to be whiped up
300:5/5 (see: 200)
Sealed/Draft: 4/5 With or without a team 4 clix straight off with Running
shot is awesome
Lo Pan Cyclops

His only real strength is his 3 range attacks.  His stats are extremely low, and there are much better characters with the great abilities like ranged combat expert and running shot. Not much to say...theres just no reason to use him.

-Lo Pan

Jester7 Veteran Cyclops is a personal favorite of mine and I am glad we are finally
reviewing him. For 78 points you get a speed of 6 with Running Shot, an
attack of 11, a defense of 15 with Energy Shield Deflection, a range of 10
able to hit 3 targets, and 2 damage with Ranged Combat Expert. Pretty good
stuff! Lets go over it:

Cyclops can do some real nice damage from long range. Attack of 11 and
damage of 2 with range combat expert to make it 4 (Awesome). He has energy
shield deflection with a defense of 15 which is ok, but I love to use Rookie
Invisible Girl's Defend and put her next to Cyclops to raise his defense to
20! (Great combo) 20 defense is hard to hit even for some of the best
pieces, and I think its a good combo. His X-Men team ability will help him
heal and stick around for a while. And any other pieces that have abilities
which can compliment his damage or attack are also great to use with him.
(Examples: Shield Team Ability, Perplex, etc.) He only has 6 clicks of
health, but if used properly in the right force he can last you for the
entire battle. Use a flyer with free movement to move Cyclops around the
map and increase his range even more. Cyclops works best with a taxi.

I have built a good number of forces around this guy and they all have
faired well. In my opinion, Veteran Cyclops is one of the best ranged
attackers in the game. A great piece which has served me all too well.

200- games: 3.5/5
300+ games: 5/5
Sealed Box: 5/5
Ironman1110 Cyclops:

Cyclops is actually pretty good.  A bit of running shot, later versions have Energy Sheild/Deflection, and of course, plenty of RCE.  Nice fig overall, but a bit expensive for my tastes, personally.  Still, not bad for a fun game or if you wanna make and X-Men team.  but overall, there are better ranged figs.

200- Games:  2/5
300+ Games:  3.5/5
Sealed Box:  4/5

The Bottom Line:  3/5


Without Victory, there is no survival...