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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Firelord - Infinity Challenge
Reviewed June 2, 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value 97
Collector's Number 138
Rarity 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Click of the Day Reviews 

Jester7 Veteran Firelord is all about offense! This guy starts out with an attack
value of 13 and the ability to do 5 clicks of damage from a range of 8.
WOW! And for just 97 points this guy is VERY playable.

Firelord is capable of doing major damage to even the strongest opponents.
His Ranged Combat Expert raises his damage to 5 which will do 3 clicks to
pieces with Invulnerability and Impervious. And his starting attack value
of 13 will blow through anybody. Add in his ability to move for 12 spaces,
Energy Explosion, and Barrier, and we have one of the best pieces in the
game! His starting defense is excellent at 18 with Barrier, however, in my
opinion Firelord should be used more for his offensive abilities rather than
his defensive ones most of the time.

A big downfall to Firelord is the fact that his numbers decrease rapidly
after the first few clicks. He is not so much of an offensive powerhouse
after he takes some damage. So, if the opponent manages to hit Firelord
before he hits the opponent, it could mean big trouble for him and his
force. His lack of a team ability is also a negative.

But as far as PURE OFFENSE goes, Firelord ranks as one of THE best pieces in
the game. Few can compare to Firelord's starting attack values and damage
values. Firelord = VERY VERY GOOD :)

200- games: 4/5
300+ games:5/5
Sealed box: 5/5
Joel Lufgren Yo! Today we are...well...not much of a review, its more like on opur
opinion on how much we love or hate this figure, This figure being none
other than Firelord. Arguably one of the best figures you can get out of an
Infinity Challenge booster.

(All stats are of the Vet version)
Pts: 97
Range:8, 1 attack
Team Affiliation: None
Abilites: Energy Explosion, Pulse Wave, Barrier, Energy Shield/Deflection,
Ranged Combat Expert, Hover/soaring.
Stats:12 spd 13 atk, 18 def, 3 dmg

The Review: Do I honestly need to say much about this figure? I mean there
are so many ways he can get even more powerful  *cough*RunningShot*cough*Invulernability*cough*. Heck, even the rookie
version can churn out 5 Dmg easily. Seriously, the pts are worth it. If you
manage to score any version of this guy in a Draft you should win,
seriously, if you lose early..well..I won't go there..
Just to make this a little longer I'll knit-pick and put him up against
other figures.

Firelord vs. Nightcrawler: Firelord comes in, soaring, 2 direct ranged
attacks and the Elf loses his HSS, just a matter of time after that... Firelord vs. (Any random 'strong' ranged unit): 5 damage just wins it.... Firelord vs. Firelord: Winner is who strikes first or who has the better
back up

The Verdict: (vet version) Why are you not playing him? the excuse better be
one of three things:
1- I don't have one
2- My friends dont share
3- I'd like to have a whiff of what they were smokin' when they made this
guy..(not an excuse but it may change the subject)

100: 2.8/5 Great he is, but numbers could make him succumb other versions
would get .2 or .4 more...
200: 4/5 Decent back up here could make a smooth victory
300: 5/5 Play him here, just do it, make a proper team (medic, taxi, other
random similar figs) and win
Draft/sealed: 4/5 Any version could do here, just make wise choices about
his teammates.
Lo Pan Firelord

Im an offended Riddler fan....

Fianally, a click that gets some play.  This guy is good, and you've probably all heard of him before.   He has great stats...they are all good.  His powers make him out as a range fighter, but he is also decent melee, but without melee based powers. 

So 8 range and 1 shot.  Ranged combat experts is great...a possibility of 5 damage for your first 2 clicks.  He also has energy explosion to hit multiple people.  Then he gets pulse wave after that.  He's also got barrier and e-shield for protection.

This dude is one of the best range fighters in the game, without question.  Id love if he had running shot...but i suppose he'd just be too good then.

Hes a solid lone wolf fighter, and not too expensive, fine for 300.  Can work in 200 games, but isnt necessary. 


-Lo Pan 

Spider_Cide Today we review one of the most argued pieces in
HeroClix: Firelord.

Now if you go to any of the HeroClix message boards, this figure is usually called "The Flaming Q-Tip", "He Who Shall Not Be Named" and "Cheese King". Why?
Because this is a figure everyone hates to play against, yet loves to play with. It is also a great example of the poor playtesting WizKids went through before releasing Marvel HeroClix: Infinity Challenge {The set Firelord came from}.

In today's tournament scene, it is not unusual to find 2 to 4 Firelords on a team at once! This figure has a point cost that ranges from 66 points to 97 points. Right off the bat, Firelord comes out swinging with a 5 damage at range {3 base with Ranged Combat Expert}. This is why some people hate Firelord. Most figures
that start off doing 5, if any, are well above 100 points. While the rookie Firelord does 5 damage for a mere 66 points.

With a wide varity of powers at its control, Firelord is a figure that can stay in the game for a long while. Everything from Barrier to Pulse Wave is thrown on this guy to make sure you get your points worth. Bad thing is, when your opponent sees
Firelord, it becomes a flaming bullseye. Your enemy will send his/her entire army to take out that one figure. Which is sad in my opinion.

This figure, like I said earlier, fits into all armies of all point costs. In a 300 point game, throw his Experienced version (81 points) in with an Experienced
Wasp (33 points) for a free moving taxi. For a 114 points, you have a fast hitting combo sure to throw anyone for a lope...for a turn or two. Throw in a cheap Prober, Rookie Destiny, a cheap Outwitter, Rookie Black Panther, a cheap Medic or 2, such as the Paramedic, and you are set to go. Of course, you may not win, but it will be fun to try.

The only downfall to Firelord is his "glass Jaw", which is a double-edged sword for both you and your opponent. By "glass jaw" I mean, hit Firelord one time with another heavy hitter and his stats drop greatly. Like hit him with another Firlord from afar, and he goes from an 18 defense w/ barrier to a 11 defense with Energy Shield Diflection. Now this is bad for you, cause Firelord is now about useless. But it is bad for your opponent, cause you can easyly heal Firelord. Hence, it is a double-edged "glass jaw".

So Pros and cons to Firelord:

~Easy to fit on any team due to low point cost
~Hits hard and fast with 13 attack and 5 damage
~Easy to build tournament winning combos around
~Great for upsetting your opponent and throwing them
off their game when they see you field 3 Firelords
~Easy to heal when damaged

~"Glass Jaw" could leave him open for a kill ~Moving-Flaming-Bullseye

So, how does the Lord of Fire rank on a scale of 1 to
5? Take a looke:

Head-to-Head: 5/5

Sealed Box/Draft: 4.5/5 ~ You would also need to pull
the right support peices to make it work

Collecting: 5/5 ~ If you are trying to complete your collection, he is a must duh.

Over all: a 5/5

Well Happy Clixing Everybody

Ironman1110 Firelord:

Firelord is one of the most powerful figures in the entire game, and for good reason too. Firelord has it all; 18 defense, 11, 12, 13 attack (REV), 5 damage at range, and 12 movement. For UNDER 100 points. oh yeah, he's a flyer, too. After taking a few clicks, his defense DROPS like a rock down to 13, 12, 11. Which makes him easy to heal right back up there to his full stats. A real powerhouse.

200- Games: 5/5
300+ Games: 5/5
Sealed Box: 5/5
The Bottom Line: 5/5


here's Firelord...

How some underwritten minor-league character became the most broken piece in this game is beyond me. Sure, Firelord is a herald of Galactus, but he's always been written as a second-rate Silver Surfer (which we're still waiting for WK!)
I've decided these reviews are a tad too long, so I'm going to skip the review of the statistics, you all can look at them on WK's website just as easy as I
can...though if you want to do that right now, click here:

So check them out anyway, he's got INCREDIBLE stats for the price, especially that Ranged Combat Expert and a 3 Damage on click one - that means with a successful ranged attack he can do a whopping 5 damage as an opening shot. Add Energy Explosion, Pulse Wave,
Barrier and Energy Shield/Deflection and you've got a powerhouse that should be on EVERY team you make.  Unfortunately for me, I've only got one of these little buggers, and, well, I need more.

I think WK made a huge mistake when they made Firelord a REV character. If there's any candidate for Uniqueness, it's him. After all, he's only made a handful of appearances in the Marvel U. In fact, I'm
not even sure he's still alive...I'll have to check WhoClix. What's that, you don't know about Whoclix? You should. Here's the link:

Sculpt-wise, Firelord is a great sculpt, holding that bo staff thingy which apparently channels his personal energy and internal flame. Or something like that. Plus, he really does look like he's on fire. Collectability-wise, after Spider-man and some of the other "Big Guns", Firelord is the most sought-after REV clix. Heck, he might even be more sought-after by collectors. I checked EBAY (as I usually do), and REV sets (where you get one of each) are selling for between $8 and $16. Some folks are buing the Veteran for $8, and the Exp. and Rookie for slightly less...In any case, he's a great pull from a booster and even better in a sealed tournament.

My Rating:
Playbility 5 of 5
Collectability 3.5 of 5

This week we're looking at some LE's, which baffles me, since I'm sure very few people have them (thus the Limited) and even fewer people are interested in them...however, I don't make the rules, I just enforce them.


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