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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Storm - Xplosion
Reviewed June 19, 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value 52
Collector's Number 084
Rarity 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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--Start Review Veteran Storm--

Giant Sized X-Men number one contains the first appearances of several major X-Characters including Nightcrawler, Colossus and Storm. The back story on Ororo Munroe is that she was an orphan pick-pocket in Africa whom Professor Xavier decided to take a chance on.

Now, before I begin my review, let me just say that Storm is my all-time LEAST favorite X-Character period. Probably stems from the one time during the 80's that I tried to buy Uncanny X-Men on a regular basis. For about six months in a row Chris Claremont wrote nothing but Storm stories, including the infamous "Life-Death" saga. I really don't like Storm, and Halle Berry did absolutely NOTHING for me in the two X-Men movies.

That said, lets look at her tiny plastic incarnation shall we? The first thing I notice is WHAT THE HECK COSTUME IS THAT? Not that I'm an aficinado of current X-Men titles, but really, where did that costume come from? I would have preferred the blue and yellow spandex thing to that. Interesting to note though, the Rookie and Veteran Storm can fly, the Experienced cannot. Something to do with the time a number of years ago that Storm lost most of her powers.

Veteran storm costs 52 points, which for a taxi isn't much, I guess. She has RCE for the first two clicks, which I guess is the best thing I can say about her.  She also has Energy Explosion, which can make for uncomfortable enemies. She has only six clicks of life, and her defense starts at 15 with Energy Shield. Basically she makes a good ranged attacker and taxi, and a horrible close combat fighter.

This version of Storm seems horribly weak. She doesn't even have Leadership, which is the one thing I would have expected her to have, what with leading the
X-Men when Cyclops wasn't around. I probably wouldn't ever use her in a game setting, unless I was desperate.

Sculpt-wise, I've already mentioned I hate the costume. With so many different incarnations of Storm they could have used, why, oh why did they pick this one. She looks cartoony. Collectable wise, well, the veteran is a level 5 rare, which means, yet again, she won't sell for more than five bucks.

My Ratings:

Playability 2 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5.
Joel Lufgren Yo! Today we are reviewin' a nifty clix, and fan fav..Storm

Team Affiliation: X-Men
Range:10, 1 attack
Abilities:Energy Explosion, Energyshield/def, Ranged Combat Expert,
Stats: 10 spd, 10 atk, 15 def, 2 dmg, 6 'hp'

The Review:
Wow, all that rolled up into one sweet package of 52 pts! While the past 3 clix excelled at only Ranged combat Storm comes in with a lot more variety.
See is actually 1 'up' on most ranged clix. Energy Explosion takes out those
pack hunters..4 damage worth of ranged combat for the first few clix is not
bad either. Most of these abilities are found through out the whole dial.
Energy Shield/Deflection makes it almost the whole way too! The downside? 6
'hp' basically, she gets taken out way too fast. That isn't much of a problem though, since you 'get what you paid for'. Oh yeah, don't overestimate her hoveing/soaring 'ability' cheap taxi she aint, but it could help!

As for the stats...they are just about normal or average , execpt her speed
is just above that point with 10. Did I mention the X-men team ability makes
her stay out there longer? I mean, no one would simply play a 6hp clix with
out taking that into account!

The Verdict: (casual) Definately worth the points you put in, back up with
some other X-Men
100: 3.5/5 She can definately carry her weight here.
200: 5/5 If she can do he job properly and back up the right X-Men team play
300: 5/5 *see above*
300+: 4.5/5 around this point you simply can find slightly better clix
Sealed/Draft: 4/5 Definately playable.
Tournament: 3.5/5 depends on the pts, the team, and if your opponent has
Firelord or not!
Scott Klep Veteran Storm-

I am an X-men fan, but i have never really gotten into Storm as a character- but as being an X fan i wanted all the X Clix- and when i got Storm, I was plesantly suprised!  Anything bad you can say about her if offset by how super cheap she is. Come on -  52 points! A ten range is always nice and a ten attack isnt sure fire, but it usually gets the job done. Having explosion never hurts, but doing 2 clix with RCE for 4 clix is sweet.  Then throw in that she is a flier with a ten movement.  17 defense aint bad either. I like to use U Wasp to taxi, and if Storm gets hit- her stats drop hard- but it makes her easy to heal with support. Factoring in price and what you get Storm is truely one the the great range characters in the game.


100- 4/5 Like i said free taxi with Wasp and blast!

200- 5/5 My Storm, Wasp, Nightcrawler team are still undefeated!

300+- 3/5 Not a whole lot of staying power here.

300+ X-men Team- 4.5/5 A must have!


Without Victory, there is no survival...