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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Brother Blood - Cosmic Justice
Reviewed July 11, 2003

Rank Unique
Point Value 102
Collector's Number 087
Rarity 6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Here's my Brother Blood Review:

Brother Blood, a villain in the DCU that I'm not familiar with at all, but then again, that's not all that surprising, since he's a Titans villain, and I've never really read Titans. According to his WhoClix entry (what's this, you don't know what WhoClix is?

Shame on you. Go there now!
http://hometown.aol.com/thefightingfury/whoclix/guide.htm )
the original Brother Blood was a priest who, in the 14th century, found the prayer shawl of Jesus Christ. The shawl rendered the priest invulnerable and made
him age slowly. The shawl also cursed the priest, in that he would be murdered by his own son just before reaching 100 years of age. After murdering his father, the son bathed in his father's blood, becoming the new Brother Blood. This cycle continued up to the modern day, when the current Brother Blood (who I might add expanded the Church of Blood into a global organization) added firepower to his costume. As I mentioned before, he's a Teen Titans villain, and when he attacked the Raven, his mind was destroyed and he became unaware of his past. It also appears that the cycle was disrupted, as the current Brother Blood has not had any sons.

Of course, being inactive in the comics is no great challenge to any good Clicker, and thus we'll look at the new Brother Blood figure from Cosmic Justice
today. At first glance, I notice his farily high cost of 102 points. That's a lot for a piece that isn't as strong as it should be. FOr that amount you get one range 4 attack, 8 clicks of health, Leadership, Mastermind, Perplex and Incapacitate. His best attribute is his defense, which starts at 15. None of his other numbers are very good, with the only number in double digits being his attack. For 102 points I
can think of a bunch of better characters to use.

Let's look at his sculpt shall we? Well, he's so ugly that WizKids won't even put him up in their figure gallery! Well, that's not true, since WK hasn't put up very many of the new set's photos. What is true is that his cape is huge! Other than that, he appears to be a VERY generic villain. I mean very generic.

And how unattractive is this piece? A recent perusal of the Ebay listings (OK, I just checked) indicate that BB is selling for between $6.50 and $23.00, with a ton in the upper range not selling at all (the cheapest I saw that DIDN'T sell was $15.00.) He seems to be PLENTIFUL and unwanted. Poor Brother Blood!

My Ratings:

Playability 3 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5.

Next time, a REAL villain...
Steelwasp Brother Blood is a pretty straight-forward character to use. He costs 102 pts
but only lives for 7 clicks, which may seem like a problem until you realize
that he has the Mastermind superpower. It lets put damage onto adjacent
figures with a lower point cost. With a starting defense of only 15, you'll be using
this power often. He has a range of 4, which isn't so great but he has
Incapacitate on every click to make up for it. His starting attack of 10 is pretty
average but he only does 2 damage. He has Leadership and later on gains
Perplex, which is pretty good. His speed starts off at 8, which can be a problem. You might want to taxi him around to get the best use out of him. The main idea
behind Brother Blood is to incapacitate figures that have strong defensive
abilities (Invulnerability, Impervious, etc.) and push them until they lose that
ability and then finish them off. All in all, I think he is a bit overcosted. I
think he should cost around 80-85 pts instead of 102. That would free up some
space on your team for a good taxi and a medic or two.

Sealed>4/5 (He is nearly invincible because he has so much Mastermind.
can just incapacitate their big hitter every other turn and throw all damage
onto a smaller piece).
Ironman 1110 Brother Blood:

Brother Blood certainly does not suck. He is what you might call an expensive leadership peice. He starts off with two clicks of it. THEN he really breaks out. 4 clicks of Perplex make him well worth his point cost. He also has a lot of Mastermind, which works well with his 102 point cost, he has a decent attack value starting att 10, and has Incapacitate his whole dial. He even has a little range (on of 4, though). Very nice peice. Again, he is a very good peice to lead your army. He is easy to defend, and can defend himself if nessicary.

200- Games: 2/5

300+ Games: 3.5/5

Sealed Box: 4/5

The Bottom Line: 3/5


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