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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Wasp - Infinity Challenge
Reviewed July 31, 2003

Rank Unique
Point Value 44
Collector's Number 143
Rarity 6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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'Member in my last review I mentioned that Ultron was the creation of Hank Pym, aka Giant Man, aka Ant Man? Well, Ultron is not the only character that's linked to Pym, see the lovely Wasp is in actuality Hank Pym's wife Janet! Husband and wife super-heroes? Why, who could have thought of that? Actually Hank, Janet and Ultron make a nice, quiet little family, don't they? Psycho, Hottie and Tin Can. You figure out which ones which.

Anywho, even though Wasp has REV versions in the base Infinity Challene set, they felt that we needed a Unique version too. Don't really know why, other than I think there may be some kind of link to the Uniques in Infinity Challenge...that link would be Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars, the landmark 12 issue mini-series that changed Spider-man's costume forever...well, not forever, just until Web of
Spider-man #1. Yeah, think about it...Unique Spider-man is the black costume version. Bezerker Wolverine is the same paint job as Wolvie's costume in Secret Wars (the classic brown and yellows, also seen on the Wolverine figure from the first toy line too).  And old Waspy here, well, she's wearing the same costume on the cover of Secret Wars #1.

This unique Wasp is only seven points more than the veteran version, but she's a much more balanced figure. She has a 19 defense, 8  speed, 8 attack and 2 damage. She also gets Leadership and Incapacitate, coupled with one range 4 attack. Her biggest asset
is, though, as a taxi. With that 19 defense you can just have Janet taxi your heavy hitters for the most of the game.

WASP is a level 6 unique, and a nice one at that, the sculpt is actually quite different than her REV version (it's smaller and different colored). Being from the Infinity Challenge set though, has it's collectability problems; I believe, as do many people, that Wizkids may have over-produced on Infinity Challenge. None of the Uniques in the set usually sell for more than twenty bucks, and there's just tons
of them. Wasp was the second Unique I ever pulled, so she'll have a special place in my heart. The rest of you can own her for between $5 and $15 on Ebay.

My Ratings:
Playability 4 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5
Ed Po Wasp, possibly one of the best fliers in this game. She has a range of four
with 2 ranged attacks. Her attack value isn't high, but good enough for 3
clix of incapacitate. That means Wasp can do 2 ranged attacks of
incapacitate. Another reason she's one of the best fliers is, that her
defense is high. Her defense drops a bit fast, but it starts at 19! With
only 5 clix of health her high defense should help her stay on the field for
awhile. Wasp also has 4 clix of leadership! Leadership really helps out in
games where you are limited in actions. All of this for only 44points!

Waps is a unique so that means shes a level 6 rarity. I just won Wasp on
Ebay for $7.50! The thing was I was careless and didn't check the shipping
and handling cost, $4.99 priorty mail. So the total came up to about $12.
Buy It Nows are cheap for Wasp, ranging from $10.99 - $14.99!

Compared to Wasp's other versions, she just has a different suit. Man, they
really should do more than just different costumes for uniques. Anyway,
she's really small, well that's because that's her power I think. The thing
I like about her sculpt is the wings, there clear and just sick.

Playability: 4.25/5
Collectability: 3.75/5
Sculpt: 3/5
GeneralZev Now today we look at one of the better taxi companies, Wasp Taxi Co. The rookie is nice, the experienced is nicer, and veteran is very nice, and the unique is great. The fare (point cost) for the unique is the most expensive but well paid for. Like most of the cheaper taxis you get eight movement, but you donít get 19 defense, yep thatís right 19 defense. We just scratched the surface; she comes loaded with the Avengers ability and leadership for when she lead them.

What is with Wizkids now I rather use unique Wasp then Captain America, that is just not right. Come on now Wizkids make a better Captain already. Wasp is some much better than Wasp, freaking Daredevil could kill Captain America, come on now, he can take out a whole army of Nazis but not Daredevil, and the Daredevil figure sucks.

Now where we, ah yes, leadership, free movement, 19 defense, all around good taxi. Also if she gets caught up in a jam she has incapacitate and 2 damage to help bail her out. A very good taxi if you can fit her in. She is best used to go into the fray and taxi a close combat figure.

100 Pt. 5 out of 5 (Hard to find someone to hit her and a much need extra action if you get leadership)
200 Pt. 4.5 out of 5 (Very good taxi here still)
300 Pt. 4 out of 5 (Still good)
300+ Pt. 4 out of 5 (See a pattern her or am I just crazy?)
jetsetneo Yo today we are reviewin' Unique Wasp

The Link:

The Review: Proabably the best taxi ever. Period. *Is attempting to keep
this short without praising the figure* So its 44 pts for a single taxi,
it's still GOOD. It flies, therefore, falls into taxi-possible area. It has
low attack and low damage values (for 44pts look else where =P), so that
confirms the 'taxi' role. However it can incapacitate, so it's not totally
useless there, and it even has 4 range to do it with.
The biggest part of this sucker? 19 defense. Yes, she just aviods the real
nasty hitters, and gets to and away with no problem. Oh, yea, she also has
Leadship. Rock. Extra action always help. And heck, she has the Avengers
ability. So, Double Rock.

The Verdict: Definitely one of the better 'Taxi use only' clix.
100: 2/5 44pts is too much bulk of the team here.
200: 4.2/5 More room on a balanced team gives her a boost in what she needs
to do.
300:4.2/5 No real change here.
300+:5/5 The best Taxi in the game useful just about everywhere!
Sealed/Draft: 3/5 Shes a Unique, grab her, play her if you want, them make a
team outside a limited environment to use her =P
Sculpt: 3/5 Nothing special.
A 44 point taxi? You bet! The Unique version of Wasp is wonderful for this
task, as she has Leadership and the Avengers team ability, meaning she can earn
you two actions at once! Wow! The verdict:


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