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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Ultron - Clobberin' Time
Reviewed July 23, 2003

Rank Experienced
Point Value 139
Collector's Number 134
Rarity 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Created by the somewhat schizo Hank Pyn (Ant-man, Giant-Man, whatever-man) Ultron is a malevolent force for evil. He's made of adamantium, you know, the same stuff that Wolverine's skeleton is laced with, and Captain America's shield is made out of. And he has a strange penchant for destroying his maker...kind of like Star Trek's V'Ger, only a littly more deadly. Marvel has been utilizing Ultron as a BIG villain for a little while now (I guess his being a robot makes it
easier for their morality police), and he's been a featured villain in the Avengers for some time.

At 134 points the Veteran Ultron should be the backbone of your villain team. He's got the Masters of Evil team designation, and a whopping 9 clicks of health. He only has three powers, but look at what they are: Invulnerability, Toughness and Energy Explosion. His starting stats are nothing to sneeze at either, Attack of 13, Defense of 18, Speed of 10, TWO Range 10 attacks, and a starting damage of 3! YOUCH!

Ultron must be one of the rarer Infinity Challenge uncommons, since I've got almost 100 clix from this set, and I still don't have any incarnations of him. A rare Uncommon figure that sells for anywhere between a couple bucks and over TEN! In fact, one recent auction ended for $11.50 (with 2 bucks shipping!) Wonders never cease. I'll give him an extra point for collectability for that price alone!

My Ratings:

Playability 4 of 5
Collectability 4 of 5 (though no other Uncommon should ever score that high).
GeneralZev Cosmic Justice Marquee week has just wrapped up, hope everyone won their Penguin or Green Arrow LE. Today we review the metal behemoth practically indestructible thanks to his adamantium, Ultron. He is a very fun piece to use especially the experienced. This guy is basically your Army, Navy, and Air Force for your team but he doesn’t break the bank like Dr. Doom, Superman, (insert insanely high costing piece here). For a mere 139 points you get a figure that has to die to become useless, and yes I mean die to be useless, not just take 5 or 6 clicks, die. He has the Minions of Doom ability, which he can seriously abuse, with the right team abilities on your team. His dial is a steal for the point cost; he maintains a 13 attack for his first two clicks, then 12 then 11, and then 10. His attack goes no lower then 10!! Abuse some Sinister Syndicate ability here. His attack is great all through is dial, but there is always a catch. He starts out with a very intimidating defense of 18 with invulnerability. Then it drops, hard, 16 invulnerability, 14- 13 toughness, then we get to the part I like to call “Did that Thug just kill my Firelord?” Defense area, with 12-11 for his remaining clicks. However that is the only catch; energy explosion with 2 arrows and ten range is always nice. Also he keeps a consistent damage of 3 then midway to 2 for the rest of his dial to keep him a threat with 10 attack until……….yes I will say it again…….he is dead. Personally I abuse Minions of Doom ability with this guy, veteran Puppet Master also gets into the act of abusing with Vet Bullseye (Sinister Syndicate, OMG my Puppet Master has 13 attack) and most of the time Exp Iceman (Defenders, OMG my Puppet Master has a 18 defense……..for now). This guy is one of them pieces that are worth every point you pay.

200 Pt. 3 out of 5 (Surprisingly good here)
300 Pt. 4 out of 5 (Got to love him here)
400+ Pt. Game 5 out of 5 (Abuse every team ability here)

Bias for Doom team ability?……………………………….
::Looks away quick::
No Comment

Has always General Doom with your review.
jetsetneo Ultron is a very strong figure, but it comes with a cost. He has an attack of 13, 2 ranged attacks, 10 range, and energy explosion. He's bound to hit everyone with energy explosion, his attack doesn't go below 10! He starts off with 2 clix of invulnerability then gets 4 clix of toughness. Ultrons is going to be on the map for awhile with invulnerability, 18 defense, and 8 clix of health. He can also fly, so he's can be used as a taxi too. This is all good, but it all cost 139 points!

Ultron's a level 4, uncommon. He shouldn't be hard to get. On Ebay auctions a starting as low as $1.00 for him! Scrye and Inquest magazines both have Ultron at $4.00.

His sculpt is too plain. It's just him with two arms out and hes taking a step or something, nothing special about that.

Playability: 3.75/4
Collectability: 2.5/5
Sculpt: 1.75/5
Holy crap. For 139 points you get THIS?? Awesome! A 10 movement, 13 attack w/Energy Explosion, an 18 defense w/Invulnverability, and 3 damage, Ultron is one hell of a good power house. But, he only has 3 clicks of Energy Explosion, and his defense drops fast.However, with the Minions of Doom team Ability, Ultron can be a good powerhouse for your turlting team. Here's the verdict



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