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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Avalanche - Clobberin' Time
Reviewed July 23, 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value 32
Collector's Number 033
Rarity 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Sorry it's late...I'm being flakey

So...Avalanche...yeah...Um...Brotherhood of Evil Mutants...yeah...I think I saw him on X-Men Evolution...um...yeah...

So I really don't have a lot to say about Avalanche.  It's not that he's a bad clix, it's just that he's cheap and limited. He's basically a Barrier piece with Pulse Wave and Energy Blast. Nothing spectacular here, but nothing horrible either. I guess he's a preference-type piece; by that I mean, if you like him, great! Personally, he doesn't do anything for me. Especially since he's a level 4 uncommon...should be cheap to get.

My Ratings:
Playability 2 of 5
Collectability 2 of 5
Jester7 Please sign my review Jester7. Thx :)

Today's piece is Veteran Avalanche from Clobberin Time.

In my opinion, Avalanche is THE best Barrier piece around for his cost. For
32 points you get a very playable piece.

Speed of 8, Attack of 8 with Pulse Wave, defense of 16 with Barrier, 2
damage, 8 for range, and the Brotherhood team ability. Never underestimate
the Barrier ability. It can come in handy and win you the battle. I've
seen a strategy used involving a force with multiple Barrier figures that
involves putting up a "perpetual" Barrier around the force every single
turn. It can be devastating if you position your figures just right. Takes
some skill to be used correctly though.

As far as Im concerned this guy is the best in the Barrier department.
Avalanche moves for free with the team ability so you can save valuable
actions for the rest of the force. Attack values and damage arent great
but they could get the job done in a pinch if needed. He gets Pulse Wave
and Energy Explosion too, which could also come in handy. Most of the time
you'll only want to use Avalanche for his Barrier ability though.

If you're looking for a Barrier piece this guy is a steal for just 32

200- games: 3.75/5
300+ games: 3.5/5
Sealed Box: 3.5/5
jetsetneo Yo! Today we are reviewin' Veteran Avalanche from Clobberin' Time.

Link: http://www.wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/marvel/figuregallery.asp?

The Review: Cheap Barrier never looked so...Cheap. At 32 Pts, Avalanche is
worth going through to check his clicks, then decide if you wanna drop him
at the bottom of the barrel or try to find some way to use him. Staight-up
though, this Clix is mostly just another 'filler' figure, a little more than
than your basic 'throw-away' unit if you will. 32 pts just about justifies
what is on the dial though.
He has The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants (BOEM =/) ability , so he isn't a
problem when figureing your actions for the turn, Just move him for free as
cannon fodder if you need it. His range is fair at 8 with one attack. His
speed is 8 with no abilites, nothing specatcular, but nothing to groan about
(He can move for free, anyway) His attack is the most colourful part, with
Pulse Wave and EnergyExplosion to take hold of the 8 Range, making him a
group dissrupting monster or mongrel, however you see it, basically he can
annoy groups. The most notable part (as how I consider it) is the four
clicks of Barrier. Four beautiful blocks to stop attacks so your team can
get into position. Walk for free, then Barrier, its a slightly interesting
stratedgy. His defense is also notable at 16, so hes a little tougher than
your average cannon fodder. He also has 6 clix/'hp' that is also decent at
the 32pt price tag. His damage is okay at the cannon fodder level at 2
Damage down to 1.

The Verdict: A decent cannon fodder unit worth looking into for complex
movement stratedgies.
100: 3/5 Probably the most useful place for this sucker to end up.
200: 3/5 There are better units, but more room means his 'cheap' spot isnt
so overlooked.
300: 2.5/5 By about this point, He's useless
300+: 2/5 Eh, this guy is just above the bottom of the barrel here.
Sealed/Draft: 3.5/5 Here he can be used as more than a cheap 'filler' unit.
Sculpt: 2/5 Other than the almost cool helmet, I'd consider him a medicore
sculpt. A medicore Clix overall too.
Steelwasp I'm going to start changing the way I do my review from now on.

Vet Avalanche-32pts.
Attack-8 with Pulse Wave
Defense-16 with Barrier
Team Ability-Brotherhood(Free move)

The veteran version of Avalanche is a really good figure. You might no think
so at first glance because his stats aren't all that high but that's not his
real purpose. You want Avalanche to sit around and throw up barriers wherever
you need them. The fact that he has a free move helps get him into position to
make barriers without using up your actions. He also can help out offensively
while using Pulse Wave and Energy Explosion. You could be cheesy too by using
a bunch of Con Artists, using Pulse Wave, and putting the Con Artists on the
Perplex clicks. Then perplex someone's attack through the roof and blow the
brains out of any figure every turn. It is really annoying and I'm not suggesting
you do this. Overall, the Rookie Avalanche is the cheapest barrier figure in
the game at 19 pts. He's pretty good on 100 and 200 pt games. In larger games,
I suggest you use the veteran because he has more staying power.

Sculpt>Really cool
Hhhhhmmm.....just woke up, huh, what? I've got email?!! Oh yeah, another
review(yawn), who is it this time? Avalanche??? Who??? Oh, you mean the guy who was part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants? That Avalanche? Oh. Ok boss.

At a mere 32 points, Avalanche has an 8 movement, an 8 attack/Pulswave, a 16
defense/Barrier, and 2 damage. Not bad. All with 6 clicks of life. But,
ultimately, just a mediocre figure who's only good for Con Artists and Ultron teams.
Useful in the right situation. Here's the verdict:

200: 0/5, no sane man (or woman) will use a turtling team in this pointage
300: 3/5 He does better here, since an Ultron team is possible here. But use
the rookie in this instance, not the veteran.
400+ 4/5 Again, this only applies for teams that turtle, so, in any
400+ other
team besides those with Con Artists he's useless. G'day.
Ed Po  Avalanche is a good figure for his points, 32 points and you get barrier, pulse wave, and energy explosion. Both pulse wave and energy explosion are good if a figure is being ganged up on or when opponents are near each other. He has a range of 8 so pulse wave works really well. Team Avalanche up with Pyro or another barrier guy and you can lock your opponents figures up or even your own figures, so your opponent can't touch that figure. His attack value isn't too high and he has a damage of two. He has a defense of 16 which isn't too bad. Avalanche should only be used for his powers, there worth it for only 32 points.

He's an uncommon, so it shouldn't be hard to get him. On Ebay auctions
are starting at a couple of bucks for him. I bought his whole set on Ebay
for $4(auction ended at $2+$2 shipping and handling). Deals like I got are
still going on Ebay for even lower than what I got mine for!
Theres nothing special about his sculpt its just his with his arm out,
making it look like hes causing an earthquake or something. They could've
done something special for his sculpt like make a piece of earth come out of
the ground.

Playability: 4/5
Collectability: 2/5
Sculpt: 1.75/5


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