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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Taskmaster - Xplosion
Reviewed July 21, 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value 75
Collector's Number 066
Rarity 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Click of the Day Reviews 

Jester7 Ok today's piece is Veteran Taskmaster from Xplosion. Whats not to like
about this guy? Starting stats are as follows: Speed of 8 with Stealth,
attack of 12 with B/C/F, defense of 16 with Energy Shield, 2 damage with
Perplex, and a range of 6. All for 75 points!!! Dont forget about the Doom
team ability as well.

Taskmaster's abilties allow him to be an awesome close combat attacker as
well as the ability to hit from range as well. After he takes some damage
he gets Incapacitate, Willpower, Energy Explosion, Flurry, and Outwit. Nice
abilities. Some of my favorites actually. His Blades/Claws/Fangs can hurt
the toughest opponents. His Perplex helps out his team as well as himself.

I like to use him with Rookie Invisible Girl. Put him next to her and he
has a defense of 20 against ranged attackers because of his Energy
Shield/Deflection. I just use a taxi to swing him into battle and then just
fly him back to Invisible Girl's safety.

Great piece with awesome abilities which not only suit him but will
compliment your force as well.

200- games: 3.5/5
300+ games: 4.5/5
Sealed Box: 5/5
jetsetneo Yo! Today the we start reviewin' a few picks from Jester7, Today happens to
be a very versitile piece , Taskmaster (vet).

The Link:

The Rant: Just let me rant slightly and get something off my chest. If Indy
heroclix doesn't include Image (the comic co.) Will we ever get a Spawn
Heroclix?! And since Darkhorse produces from manga will we get figs of
those?What about their Star Wars?! I don't know much about licensing and
whatnot, but Image and Manga Heroclix would be awesome.

The Review:Now, for the real task at hand (pun intended, I'm sure you might
have heard it from some other Reviewer already though =P.) First, lets take
a look at the points, 75, solid already, so now whats left to see if he
earns that huge chunk. He gets the M.O.D. ability which lets him M.O.D.-ify
himself to your team (another pun =P). This already makes him versitale, as
it gives another damage as a SHIELD fig, another click of healing for your
Nightcrawler via X-Men ability, yadda-yadda, you get the point. Looking at
Range he has 6 with 2 attacks, another solid ability, just above 'fair'
range. Now,f or the actual dial.

6 'hp'/clix, probably too low for a 75-pointer (depends on your team =/.)
His speed is almost 'slow' at 8, but he gets Stealth, so he gets to where he
needs to be. As a last ditch effort he gains flurry on his last attack,
which is 'okay'. His attack is truely awe-inspireing, 12(in other words, it
doesn't take much for him to land a hit on..oh lets say...Rookie Invis.
Girl?) Thats not it, He gets B/C/F, Incapacitate and Energy Explosion later
on, eventually the attack goes down to 7, but He'll haven definately done
some damage by then. Since Attack directly ties to Damage, We'll look at
that..He has 2 damage that goes down to 1, Luckily, He has Perplex to deal
with any pesky problems that might occur, he even has out wit on the last
two clix there, definately the harrasser before he goes down. His Defense, at an honorable 16 goes up to the 'perfect' number of 18 w/
E.S./D. He continues the Harasser role with Willpower, sweet. I suddenly
love this guy too much. He is probably one of the most versatile pieces out
there, the only drawback is a short dial, definately worth playing in

The Verdict: Whoa, 2 or 3 of these in a force...holy crap, just think about
it o_O!
Rated on 'worth the points or not'
100: 3.5/5 If you can mold some sort of force of him, Thugs, and a cheap
medic, you might be in business
200:5/5 More room means simply 'more'
300: 5/5 (w/ multiples 4/5) whoa, just the idea of crafting him as 'back-up'
gets your brain going.
300+:4/5 (w/ multiples5/5) he might start to become obsolite here
Sealed/Draft: 4/5
The Scuplt: Just the 'pose' has 'bada**' written all over it. 5/5!
Steelwasp For 75 points, the Veteran Taskmaster isn't very expensive at all. His major
weakness is his pretty short lifespan, only 6 clicks. He has a range of 6 with
two attacks, which is a nice combo with his Stealth for 5 clicks and Flurry
on the last click. His speed never goes above 8 though. His large 12 attack
with Blades/Claws/Fangs(BCF) is lethal. After 2 clicks of BCF, he gains
Incapacitate and then Energy Explosion. His 16 defense(18 against Ranged attacks due to
Energy Shield/Deflection is pretty good. He gets Willpower on the third click
to help him get back to the medic easily. He starts with 2 damage with
Perplex and gains Outwit on the last click. I saved the best for last, though. His
team ability, The Minions of Doom, lets Taskmaster use any team ability on any
friendly figure. You can get a free move, a heal, a higher defense, a higher
attack, and much more. There are so many possibilities. Overall, I think the
Experienced version is better, though. For 58 points, the same lifespan, and
most of the same powers, he is a steal.


P.S. His sculpt is amazing.
Ed Po  This guy is good, really good. He has stealth all the way down the
dial execpt on his last click, which has furry, so he can move on range
attackers easyly and use B/C/F on opponents. He also has perplex and a
damage of two, but he wont need a damage of two because he already has B/C/F
unless someone outwited his B/C/F, he could use perplex to put his damage to
3. After two clickx he loses B/C/F to get incapacitate, he also loses energy
sheild/deflection to get willpower. Willpower and incapacitate work as a
great combo. If he's not hiding in hindering terrain he still has energy
sheild/deflection which works great to make is defense 18 against range
attackers. On his last clix he has outwit and flurry. Flurry won't help much
with a attack power of 7, but it's still good. Overall, Taskmaster is a CCE
and an anti range combat guy.

With a rarity of 5 Taskmaster will be hard to get your hands on. On
ebay auctions start as low as $.50!!!! On buy it nows though on ebay he
sells for $4.99. Hes not cheap unless you get lucky in an auction and just
have to pay about a $1.00 for him.

His sculpt is coo,l I like the way they make him crouch with his
sword out. Compared to other xplosion sculpts though he won't look that
great, but still its a good sculpt.

Playability: 4.75/5
Collectability: 4/5
Sculpt: 3.75/5
Ah, yes, Veteran Taskmaster. From the new set Xplosion, Taskmaster brings
many options and powers. Let's take a look..shall we? Ooh. Ah, OUCH, this guy's
good. An 8 movement/Stealth, a 12 attack/BCF, a 16 defense/Energy/Deflect, and
2 damage w/Perplex. Oh, man, this is good! All for 75 points! All of this
goodness combined with the Minions of Doom Team Ability. Man, this guy's good!
Ladies and gentlemen, THIS is the Firelord of Xplosion! Here's the verdict

200: 2/5 Not exactly the best thing to use cause he's 75 points.
300: 4/5 Even better here, team Tasky up with a Mandarin and have Mandarin
Mind Control people straight to him.
400+:5/5 Almost invincible here,you'd be nuts not to use him if you
have him.

Who is this Taskmaster guy, and how did he become so frickken' popular? Well, Taskmaster is just this guy you know? He's got what is referred to as "Photographic Reflexes"...basically he can mimic any physical action no matter how complex. Not too shabby an ability. Taskmaster turned to crime, and even
established schools to train aspiring criminals. He's fought (and lost to) Spidey, Thing and the Avengers. According to Whoclix he's been hanging out with
Deadpool as of late. Personally, I can't recall ever seeing Taskmaster in the comics, but I don't read everything that comes out.

First thing you notice about TM is that he's 75 points in his vet incarnation. Not too bad, not too expensive. But what do you get? Only 6 clicks of health, which won't make him last very long. His defense though is 16, and he gets Energy Shield and
Willpower. His speed is only 8, but you get five clicks of Stealth and one of Flurry. The starting attack is only 12, but with that he gets B/C/F, Incapacitate and Energy Explosion. Rounding out his stats you have a 2 damage with one click of Perplex
and two clicks of Outwit.

So overall, you get a lot for a decent price. Oh, and did I mention the two range six attacks? Nah, I guess I forgot. Definitely a good mid-level piece that I would love to try out in a nasty villain team.

Aesthetically pleasing, this piece is not. The sculpt makes him look like a reject from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Also the paint ops can be pretty dodgy, with so many tiny surfaces, errors can be plentiful.

TM is a Level 5 rare, plus he's a fairly popular piece. He's no Firelord, but he's more in demand than not. A quick check of recent Ebay sales finds him
trading for between $3.00 and $10.00!

My Ratings:

Playabilty 3 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5


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