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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Mr Fantastic - Clobberin' Time
Reviewed July 19, 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value 113
Collector's Number 072
Rarity 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Here's Stretch:

Reed Richards, leader of the Fantastic Four, whose super powers include, well, stretching. Yup, that's it. He can stretch. Apparently he can stretch every
part of his body too. (Insert joke in bad taste here). He can even stretch his already massive brain and make it even err...brainier.


Anyway, the Mr. Fantastic veteran clocks in at a whopping 113 points. YOUCH! For that much of a hit, you think you'd get more, wouldn't you? Well you don't. What you do get is 7 clicks of health, WEAK starting numbers (the highest is Defense at 15, attack and speed are both 10). You do get Plasticity (duh!), Toughness & Invulnerability, Outwit and Incapacitate.  Plus a damage of 2. One range attack of 8 and that's about it. At best he's mediocre, and at worst, he's

I wouldn't use Reed in a 200 point game if my life depended on it, and a 300 point game is pretty much out of the question too. I guess I'm a little biased, since I have never seen Reed as anything else, other than a cheap rip-off of Plastic Man, and not even as funny.

The Vet version of Mr. Fantastic (as if he could REALLY own up to that name), is a Level 5 Rare, and since he isn't the best clix on the market, you shouldn't pay more than a couple of bucks.

My Ratings:
Playability 1 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5.

Something different next week guys? Something from an expansion that's not 6 months old?
Mr. Fantastic, the leader of the FF. The man with the plan. The joe who can stretch to unbelievable lengths. Blah. The man who doesn't get Invulnerability till his second click. Blah. The guy doesn't get Outwit till his third click, when he should have it all the way down. Blah. Face it folks, Mr. Fantastic is just about as useful as R. Vulture is as a powerhouse. Here's the verdict: 200:1/5 300:1/5 etc.....you get the point.
GeneralZev As another week comes to a close and another tourney draws near I am here to review the one, the only, worst figure of the Fantastic Four but the leader of the Fan Four, Mr. Fantastic himself. I am sorry but there are only a couple figures in the game that I hate with a passion and Mr. Fantastic is one of them. For a jumbo sized 113 points you get the most expensive tie up figure and overpriced figure in the game. Seriously, he is the leader of the Fan Four but he is the worst figure out of them. We have a Captain America, Manta-Aquaman case on your hands. First off like Captain America his attack and defense numbers are disgusting for a figure with his cost. Both him and Captain America should have better dials. Second off the Archenemy for him is Dr. Doom, itís a free 226 points for Doom cause there is no way unless Dr. Doom rolls double ones like five times you will be able to KO and Dr. Doom. Like Black Manta and Aquaman, there is no way Black Manta will KO one on one a Aquaman. In short ONLY use Mr. Fantastic for your Fan Four team and I wouldnít even use him there.

PS. Wizkids needs to Make Mr. Fantastic a more playable character along with Cap America.

1.1 out of 5 Fan Four Team
1 out of 5 everywhere else

Long live Dr. Doom and Sentinel.

Iím just a little Bias
Steelwasp For 113 pts, the veteran version of Mr. Fantastic is a bit overcosted. He has a 10 in both speed and attack with Plasticity for speed all down his dial. Plasticity is a very underrated power because it lets him break away easier and ties up other pieces. He gains 3 clicks of Incapacitate in the middle of his dial. His less than stellar 15 defense is complimented by a click of toughness, 3 clicks of Invulnerability, and toughness again for his last 3 clicks. In damage, he gains Outwit on his third click and keeps for the rest of the dial. His 8 range is average. His biggest problem is that he can only deal 2 damage. That is not enough to be costed over 100 pts. He should be in the 75-85 range, not at 113. I think that his only use would be in a F4 themed team.

200+>2/5(Better because he can harass heavy hitters with Plasticity)
Ed Po I dont like this guy that much I think hes way over priced at 113
points. He has Plasticity all the way down the dial its a good power, keeps
all your opponents away or near you. His defense his ok starting at 15 but
it gets after a click of damage when he gets invulerability then after he
gets a couple of clicks of damage he goes back to toughness. His attack
value drops a little fast and he has 3 clicks of incapcitate which always
comes in handy. His damage of two wont help against guys with
invulnerability unless you outwit or perplex. Speaking of outwit, after two
clicks he gets it the rest of the dial. His dial goes up and down which i
dont understand. His rival Dr. Doom could easyly beat him and score the
other team double points, not good. Overall I still say hes over priced.
Ive come acrossed people who say this guy's sculpt sucks but I think
its good, really good one of the best in Clobbering Time. I love how it
twist around,his arm twists, and certain parts of his boby are bigger than
others like his fist.
Ive seen this guy on ebay for $3.00-$5.00. Ive seen his whole set for
$6.00 which is cheap compared to him sold as a single. With a rarity of 5
its gonna be kinda hard to get him, Id just get
his set on ebay.
Playability: 2.75/5
Collectability: 3/5
Sculpt: 4.5/5


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