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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Human Torch - Clobberin' Time
Reviewed July 16, 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value 73
Collector's Number 051
Rarity 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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So in my review of Vision awhile back I told you that he was the remnants of the original Human Torch from the Marvel Universe. I understand that's not necessarily true anymore (but then I don't read Avengers, so I wouldn't know). In any case, when Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were searching around for characters to include in their new team book Fantastic Four, they turned to one of their early creations, the living flame, The Human Torch.

Johnny Storm is Sue Storm's younger brother, and a hot-head if there ever was one. His early cross-overs with Spider-Man (drawn by the legendary Steve Ditko) are just classic. Over the years Johnny has settled down a bit, but not too much. He's still a hot-head (which is what the Ever-Lovin' Thing calls him all the time).

His Heroclix doppelganger is one nice fig. For 71 points you get a flyer, seven clicks of health, and a ranged attack of 10! Wile he's not a RCE (which I don't really know why he isn't, other than it would take away from his "Nova Burst" aka Pulse Wave), he can do 3 damage on his first click. A decent defense of 15 includes Energy Shield for all but one click on the dial. Starting attack of 10 is weak, and you don't get Energy Explosion until the third click. A Speed of 10 is augmented in the first two clicks with Running Shot, so I guess they have your strategy built right in. Use Running Shot for the first two clicks
of damage, then use either Energy Explosion or Pulse Wave to bomb your opponents into oblivion.

When I first pulled a Human Torch clix I was ecstatic. It's really a beautiful sculpt. The only way this guy could be better is if he were a Rare, which is isn't. He's a level 4 Uncommon, which means you'll pull one before too long. If you can't wait, you should be able to grab one for a couple of bucks.

My Ratings:
Playability 4 of 5
Collectability 2 of 5

Next time...we finish the Four...well, the original
Four anyway, I don't see them making a H.E.R.B.I.E.
Heroclix, but you never know.
Jester7 Ok todays piece is Human Torch from Clobberin' Time.

I completely underestimated this guy when I first looked at his dial. Movement of 10 with running shot, range of 10, attack of 10, energy shield deflection, and 3 damage to start off with. He can carry other pieces, do great damage, and most of all he LOVES to have Rookie Invisible Girl next to him to raise his defense to 18. :) Combine that with energy shield deflection and you've got yourself a 20 defense! Human Torch can be very effective in the right force. Human Torch is one of the best ranged attackers in the game hands down. If used properly he can own you!

200- games: 4/5
300+ games: 5/5
Sealed Box: 5/5
Steelwasp Veteran Human Torch is a beast. For 73 pts., you get a flyer with the F4 team ability which lets him exchange a click of damage for a click of health with another F4 member. He has a large range of 10 with 10 speed and Running shot, 10 attack, 15 defense(17 against ranged attacks due to Energy shield/Deflection), and 3 damage. He is the perfect character for a yo-yo strategy. A yo-yo is when one character with running shot taxis another character with running shot into range of the target. The taxi uses running shot and then gets carried back to safety with the other figure who uses running shot on the way back. It
is very effective and easy to pull off. Anyway, Human Torch gains Energy Explosion on the 3rd click of his 7 click dial. After EE, he gains pulsewave and can deal 4 damage on the same click. Human Torch is a very good attacker and defender. He can deal a lot of damage very quickly and is a must for all F4 themed teams.

Sealed>5/5(He is amazing here)
  The next two folks are reviewing the Experienced Human Torch.
Ed Po  Human Torch, my favorite Fantastic Four member. He's the ranged combat guy of the Fantastic Four I guess with running shot and 8 range. He has energy shield deflection but that wont help much with a defense that goes as high as only 14 with 6 clix of health until he dies.Energy Explosion and Pulse Wave come in handy sometimes if a group of enemys are close together. He can also taxi which is needed in all teams but I prefer using a cheap taxi instead of this guy who costs 59 while a R Vulture just cost 15. His dial doesnt drop very fast but his attack and defense value are pretty low and his damage goes as high as 3 on his last click which wont help much with a low attack of 6.

Ive seen this guy on ebay from as low as .99 to $2.79, pretty cheap
and the whole set of him sells for $5.00 on ebay. It shouldnt be much of a problem getting this guy with a rarity of 3 after a few of boosters you should get him.

I love his sculpt the fire at the bottom and the way he turns is
beautiful. They really make him look firey with all the flames on his body.  In my opinion hes one of the best sculpts in clobbering time.

Playability 3/5
Collectability 1.5/5
Sculpt 4/5
Ug. Ug. Ug!!!!! Human Torch alone sucks badly!! Running Shot with an 8 range with two damage is inexcusable. Horrible. To make things worse, Johnny has a 14 defense. Sure, he's got Energy Shield/Deflection, but that only give him the average 16 defense. The 3 damage spike at the end is nice, but you only have a 6 attack with Pulsewave to back it up. And since he's 59 points, he's not all that good as a taxi, since taxis should be 40 points tops. No use in this version.

Here's the final verdict: 200:0/5 300:2/5 400:3/5


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