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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Invisible Girl - Clobberin' Time
Reviewed July 14, 2003

Rank Rookie
Point Value 37
Collector's Number 043
Rarity 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Anyway, here's the review for Invisible Girl

You all know the origins of the Fantastic Four, don't you? I don't need to rehash them yet again do I? You know, Reed Richards, genius, convinces his girlfriend
Sue Storm, her brother Johnny Storm and their friend pilot Ben Grimm to fly an experimental space ship against orders. When they do, cosmic rays bombard the
ship, forever altering their chemical makeups. Reed turns into a poorly disguised version of Plastic Man (and Elongated Man for that matter). Ben turns into
an orange rocky behemoth. Johnny becomes a flamer, oops, I mean becomes a living flame. And Sue, well, she just disapeers. Literally.

This is the rookie version of Invisible Girl (the Vet is called Invisible Woman). At 43 points she's reasonable to put in any 200 point team, but in a higher point game, I'd use a better version of her. For 43 points you get 5 clicks of life, Stealth, and
Barrier. But it's that 18 Defense with the Defend power that really sets her up for good use. I've heard of a tactic called Turtling that this version of Sue really excels with. Can't say I like turtling, or even think it's fair, but it's in the game, so whatever. Basically, you use Sue as a defense shield and don't use her as a combatant. Your figs last the whole game, and you can knock off anyone with a Ranged
Attack. Very useful, but not very much fun.

Sue is one of the nifty figures in that the sculpts on all three versions are slightly different. How so? Well, the Rookie is fully painted; the Experienced is sort of half painted half clear, and she's a flyer; the Veteran is completely clear and she's a flyer. Kind of nifty if you think about it. Also, she was the first one to have a different name on one of the versions. Not that that means anything.

The Rookie Sue Storm is a Level 2 Common, which means she can be had for a couple of bucks. The FIGURE, not the woman...sheesh, minds in the gutter. Oh, just mine. Sets of REV's run under FIVE BUCKS! Or just buy a few boosters, you're bound to run into one sooner than later.

My Ratings:
Playability 3 of 5
Collectability 1 of 5
Jester7 AWESOME piece which is sometimes overlooked. Rookie Invisible Girl is THE best team player in the world of heroclix in my opinion. Her Defend ability allows all pieces adjacent to her to share her defense of 18. There are soooooooo many pieces that can benefit from this ability. A defense of 18 is often very difficult to hit. She can turn many pieces into defensive forces and can cause frustration for your opponent. 37 points with Stealth and even Barrier farther down on her dial as well. But of course the key with Invisible Girl is to keep her at the peak of her dial in order to share her defense with friendly figures.

Combine Invisible Girl with pieces that have Energy Shield Deflection. This will make all pieces with Energy Shield/Deflection that are adjacent to her have a defense of 20!!!!!! Thats going to be hard to hit for almost anyone. Its an excellent combo to use. Rookie Invisible Girl has always been one of my favorite pieces. Definitely tournament worthy. And definitely playable.

200- games: 5/5
300+ games: 5/5
Sealed Box:2/5 (Not so good here depending on what else you get.)
Jetsetneo Yo! Today we jump back to Marvel HeroClix (yay ^_^!) And show some
clobberin' time favorites:
The Fantasic Four! Today we start out with the cutest, Invisable Girl ^_^!

Da link to the HeroClix Page: http://www.wizkidsgames.com/heroclix/marvel/figuregallery.asp?unitid=2717

The Review: You've all done it. Admit it. You know what I'm talking about.
You at least thought about it if you didn't possess the proper materials.
You tried to make a Fantastic Four team. Obviously if you weren't packing
the original Four, you substitued She-Hulk for The Thing, Threw in Medusa to
try something new, or added a Spidey or M.O.D. Team Ability Member to try
and make up for it or any missing members. Sure, a skilled master in the art
of Team Making could definately make a winning Team outta The 'Four, but no
team wouldn't include Rookie Invisable Girl, or at least one of her other
verisons. Whats so good about her,You ask? Its all about defense. None of
the other stats are even gonna truely matter, but once you pack her next to
a snipin Human Torch, or even an Item-Hurling Thing, or take a chance
besides a close-up She-Hulk, no one can truely touch either of them. That
cuz this babe is packing a whopping 18 Defense+Defend. She's the reason you
play other figs like Wasp. Her defense make her invaluable. Defend with any
other char and you can go on forever. Even if they bite the dust, other FF
figures get a mini-support out of it. While her other stats suck, or are
worse, and you may feel attracted to 'later' versions, you can't not pay
attention to the back-up this version can add, You take those 37 points
solely for the Defend of 18. Yes, her other stats suck, except maybe speed
which, while slow, has stealth to keep her even more safe from other

The Verdict: Seriously a great figure to use one of the more underused
abilties: Defend
100: 3/5 Proper team is required, but 18 defense in this area is worth it.
200: 3.5/5 Still worth it, even though other verisons pack higher Defense
and Defend, they have both together at lower Defense values (ie. Defend on
both start at 17 def)
300: 4/5 Still good, with more room a truely imaginative way to take hold is
300+: 4/5 Not much difference, just the doubt that by now Stronger
will be hard to knock her out with no problem.
Sealed/Draft: 3.5/5 It may be a problem to match her up her, or at least
make a good team, but a definate 2nd or 3rd 'round' pick.
SteelWasp Rookie Invisible Girl is the most annoying support piece to play against because of her defense superpower, Defend. It allows Invisible Girl to share her defense value with friendly figures in adjacent squares. Her defense value of 18 is on of the highest in the game and it makes it hard to kill other characters that are adjacent to her. She also has Stealth so if you place her in hindering terrain, your opponent has to come in close to get rid of her. All of her combat values are sup-par so she won't be getting to attack other figures
often. Oh, and did I mention that she is only 37 pts. That's a small price to pay to protect your better figures.

She gets a 4.5 in all formats because she is almost invincible while
GeneralZev Rookie Invisible Girl is the best choice for a Fantastic Four team and see is good for other teams as well. With Invisible Girl you want to keep her out of sight, shouldn’t be too hard since she is Invisible Girl. He has stealth and what you really want to use her for is her defend with 18 defense (Magic Bubble Time). She works wonders on teams that are heavy with energy shield deflection and her brother Human Torch. Drop her into stealth and give your team a 20 defense on ranged attacks. IF and WHEN the new flyer rule comes out this piece MIGHT be able to salvage some of those flyer pieces that cannot be taxied anymore. For now stick her with your Mandarin Cannon- Bullseye team or your Smoking Firelord, Human Torch, Bullseye Team.

100 pt.- 5/5 (Can win you the match here.)
200 pt- 5/5 (Torch, Vulture, Invisible, and Bullseye should be able to dominate the field)
300 pt- 5/5 (Mandarin Cannon)
300+ pt 5/5 (Get the point already)
Ah, Invisble Girl, the one who's changed the way turtles work. The one who can give an almost unbeatable defense of 18 to everyone for 37 points. Wow! This is one I wouldn't wanna pass up on if I had the points and the right strategy. But that's the key. You absolutely MUST have the right strategy. Invisible Girl, for all her good defensive powers, sucks at combat. This is her one and only failing, since there are some teams that can and will get you into close combat. In these instances, Invisible Girl does more than suck. She's useless, since, if she's hit, she's no use to anyone at all. Here's the verdict:

200 Pts: Don't use her at all, since most turtling teams don't get good till they're 300 or more. 300 Pts Turtle Team:4/5 400 Pts Turtle Team:5/5


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