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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Despero - Cosmic Justice
Reviewed July 11, 2003

Rank Unique
Point Value 144
Collector's Number 091
Rarity 6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Had some time to kill today, so here's Despero.

Today's review is Despero and finally we get a GOOD DC Villain. Despero is your standard every-day inter-planetary tyrant who rules with the proverbial iron-fist. His encounters with the JLA are numerous and legendary, in fact, at one point, he was even a MEMBER of the JLA. He's one tough three-eyed alien, that's for sure. You can check out some of his funnier stories in the old Justice League series by
Giffen and Maguire.

For 144 points he'd better be fast, and yes, he is with a starting speed of 12 with Leap/Climb. He gets one range 8 attack, and has Psychic Blast three random
clicks of his attack dial (which starts at 12 btw, not too shabby). His defense is a hearty 17, with Impervious, Toughness and Regeneration for the dial.  I guess if there's a drawback it's that he has no Damage powers, but with all those big stats, who needs it. Oh yeah, it starts with 4 anyway!

OK, so Despero looks like a three eyed fish with limbs. So what...that Psychic Blast will make you feeble! The sculpt on this fig isn't all that exciting (in fact, NONE of the sculpts of the Uniques that I've seen have thrilled me, except Supes and Bats.) Despero is somewhat desired right now (as he is one of the few heavy hitters in the DC Game. He's currently selling for between $15 and $35, with most
of the sales in the $20 range. All in all, a very decent piece, one which I'd like to have, if for nothing else, to have a GOOD villain for the JLA to go up against.

My Ratings:

Playability 4 of 5
Collectability 4 of 5.

Next week, someone else gets to pick, and maybe we'll get off of DC, but since it's new, probably not.

Keep watching the stars now!
Jester7 Today's piece is Despero from the new Cosmic Justice DC set. I love this

Despero starts off with a 12 speed with Leap/Climb, an attack of 12 with
Psychic Blast, a defense of 17 with Impervious, 4 damage, and a range of 8.
Very good starting stats. And his stats are pretty decent throughout his
entire dial.

What ya have to love about this guys starting position is the Psychic Blast
and Impervious. His Psychic Blast ability will get around all the damage
reducing abilities. This makes his 4 damage a lock everytime. Thats
definitely a good thing. Defense of 17 is decent but he gets 4 clicks of
Impervious which is just awesome!!! The Impervious is followed by 4 clicks
of Toughness and then 2 clicks of Regeneration. Goodness!!! This guy is
gonna be tough to take out.

Try to keep him at his starting position. His Psychic Blast ability is what
makes him work. Even though he gets it again on his 4th and 8th clicks,
thats too random and unreliable to work in your favor. Try not to push this
guy. His starting position is his best one.

For 144 points this guy is definitely playable. His lack of a team ability
is a big negative, but he is still very good.

200- games: 2/5
300+ games: 4.25/5
Sealed Box: 5/5
Scott Klep Despero, or should I say, "Firelord of Cosmic Justice" With this guy you get alot more than you pay for. I think he is like 144 points- and he has more impervious than Manhunter and Amazo- He does more intial damage than those two- with PB, and he 17 Defense and 12 Attack.  With leap climb for 12 Movement you also can not tie him up and blast him from range. And just when you think you have beaten him down- two clix of Regen.  This guy is a great novice character- but i would feel cheesy ever using him in a tourny. Who is this guy anyway- and why does wizkids insist on making the no names so good- and Clix like Wolverine- well he just suxs!! Despero is beatable- if you keep him off PB and he doesnt get lucky with Impervious. Overall- Boo this man!!!!!

Closed booster- 5+ / 5 - Beat me badly!

Ironman 1110 Despero:

This is possably one of the best clix ever made.  I mean really, what more do you want?  High Values on all his slots.  He starts out with 12 movement and L/C, 12 AV with Psychic Blast, 17 Defense with Impervious and a 4 damage value.  In total, were talking 4 clix of impervious, then 4 of thoughness and finished with 2 of regeneration.  Awesome.  12, 12, 11, 11, 10, 10 all with L/C, that is the first six slots of movement.  His AV read like this; 12, 11, 11, 10, 10, 9, 9, 9, 8, 8.  Awesome.  And throw in the first click of Psychic Blast, followed by 2 SS, then another PB, 3 more SS, one last PB and finish with 2 more SS.  And damage values?  Try 4, 4, 4, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2, 2.  UN-FREAKING BELEIVABLE!!!  That means that first turn he can do 4 clicks to SUPERMAN, to DOOMSDAY, to DARKSEID!!!  That will make them little more than Punching Bags for Despero.  And did I mention that he has 8 range.  I know what you must be thinking.  He costs 300 points right?  Wrong.  Some how they managed to give him a point cost of 144.  How do these people sleep at night knowing they did this?  He has to be one of the most unstopable peices around.  Awesome.

200-Games:  4/5

300+ Games:  5/5

Sealed Box:  Really, the rating system doesn't go high enough for him here.  5/5 

Jetsetneo Yo! Today we continue coverage of Cosmic Justice with Despero!

=P I'll ditch the whole 'give the stats' thing and give y'all the links from
now on:

The Review:
144 pts, Another one? (er..+100 pt fig). Oh well at least most clix we've
reviewed have been worth the points. With a deep dial of 10 'hp' this guy is
already gonna be in the game for a while. While his defense numbers are
average at 17- , He gets Impervious , Toughness, and the underused
Regeneration. All that def+ a deep dial can keep him around, plus its very
unlikely that whoever is fielding this guy doesnt have a medic to back him
up. His speed is really really, noteable, with 12+leap climb! He gets to
where he'd needed, basically. Range is solid at 8 w/ 1 attack. This guy can
be a monster as far as damaging/attacking goes. With 4-6 possible damage
everytime! Lets look at the possiblitys , shall we? Well, You have psychic
Blast with 4 at the highest. At Closecombat w/ S.S. he can deal 6 damage,
enter the possibilty of knock back, and a possible 8 damaged can be
oh yeah, and this guy can attack anyone with Leap/climb, No one is safe.

The verdict: I like this guy! The only 'bad' part is having no team ability,
but I' not complaining.
200: 3.5/5 lack of support could get you, but a well balanced team built
around him could be good
300: 4.8/5 He's almost half your team, but if you build right, he will 0wn!
300+: 5/5 Sure? Why not?
Sealed/Draft 4/5 Powerhouses like this win drafts, other sealed events could
lower the score though.


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