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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

Image from heroclix.com

Venom - Critical Mass
Reviewed 12.5.2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value  84
Collector's Number  72
Rarity  5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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 Venom Veteran

Does anyone really need an origin story for Venom?
Eddie Brock, blah blah blah, Alien Costume, blah blah blah, Amazing Spider-Man #300 by Toddy Mc "I don't make action-figures I make statues, and I don't draw comics anymore either" farlane. Mister I'd rather buy some baseballs at auction than finish my Image 10th Anniversary Special story (It might be out in time for their 12th Anniversary). Mister let's make the coolest hockey figures on the market, and then not include any Los Angeles Kings players. OK, so I have issues with Mr. Mcfarlane, and I guess that has probably given me a sour attitude towards his second-best known creation (there's some other dead guy with hamburger for a face that appears to be more popular and well known. Oh, and his name ain't Batman).

First booster, third figure down, there he was, the Veteran Venom. My second most-wanted figure in the new set (Silver-Surfer is #1, I'm sure). This is one nasty looking figure, so let's see if it matches up gameplay wise.

84 Point cost, 10 Clicks of Health, 1 Range 4 attack.

SSADD: 10/11/16/2, Powers: Leap/Climb (full dial), Super-Strenght & BCF, Toughness & Regeneration and Perplex for 2 clicks only. It's really too bad they haven't figured out how to have BCF and Super-Strength on the same click, maybe with a split click like the new Mage Knight 2.0. This Venom will certainly be around at the very end, with 10 clicks of health, toughness and regeneration, but by then you've lost his Super-Strength, and are basically fighting with BCF, not that that's a bad thing. And at the end, two sweet clicks of outwit. Nice. VERY nice.

Venom has a white base, which I'm assuming means he's Spider-Man's arch enemy, but I can't tell, because WK doesn't have the right picture up for the new REV Spidey. Dopey WK. The sculpt is FANTASTIC, and even better than the last piece that was more mini-diorama (the Unique Spidey from XP).

So far the Venom Rare is doing quite well on Ebay, selling for as much as $7.00. Compared to the normal prices people will pay for rare veterans, that's quite good. It's not in Unique range, but it's not too shabby either.

My Ratings:
Playability 4 of 5
Collectability 4 of 5

Next time, the new Nightcrawler? You know him, you love him, he's...Howard the Duck? No...sorry, Silver Surfer, that's him.


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