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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"

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Beta Ray Bill - Clobberin' Time
Reviewed 12.16.2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value  144
Collector's Number 94
Rarity 6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Beta Ray Bill Unique

WAAAAY back when, in Thor #337 a guy by the name of Walt Simonson took over the book and radically changed it forever. How? He took the Hammer Mjlinor away from Donald Blake, and gave it to some alien dude named Beta Ray Bill. Since then, Blake has been reinstated, and axed a couple of times, but it was Beta Ray Bill that opened the door for different incarnations of Thor. Actually, I guess it was Stan Lee who began that tradition, but up until then, no one had utilized that tool.

Cost: 144. Health: 10. Range 8 Attacks: 1. FLYER
SSADD: 8/11/16/4
Powers: Running Shot, Super-Strength, Invulnerability, Toughness

Running Shot is awesome for three clicks, especially with the 4 damage. That hammer can really hurt!
He'll be around for the long haul, and at 144 points he is exactly what he should be, a slightly powered down version of the vet Thor, at 187 points. Really, compare the Vet version of Thor with this click, they're ALMOST identical.

Sculpt is nice, but no great shakes. It's a tough figure to get painted correctly though, so watch out for cruddy paint jobs if you're buying the single, which should cost you between $6 and $27, though again, a ton of clix didn't sell that started at $20.

A majority of the sales on Ebay recently were between $10 and $20.

My Ratings:
Playability 3.5 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5
 Recently, we talked about Silver Surfer, a very anticipated piece that didn’t quite live up to the hype. Today, we’ll look at Beta Ray Bill, an unknown to many, but one of the better pieces in Critical Mass.

Beta Ray Bill has 3 clicks of Running Shot, all with 8 speed, 7 clicks of Super Strength with attack values ranging from 11 on the first to 10 for three clicks to 8 for the last SS click, Invulnerability for four, followed by Toughness for four, and all natural damage, starting at 4 and staying at 3 for a bit. BRB comes at the price of 144 with 8 range, which is pretty reasonable among other uniques in Critical Mass. One of the reasons why I and many others love Beta Ray Bill so much is his variety of ways to attack. The natural 4 damage is huge, allowing you to still hit for that total even when using Running Shot. Also, his 11 AV with SS can allow you to grab a heavy item along with someone and add 2 clicks onto your total damage count if you encounter close combat resistance. He’ll be slow to take damage, also, with so much invulnerability early on. By the time you get in range to put some damage on him, he’ll have a nice counter-attack lined up next turn due to RS.

So, since he is a flier, who should you combo him with? He has no team, so no support team is really that much better than another. On any figure that has Running Shot, you will definitely hear me suggest a Vet Psylocke. For 45 points, you just get so much in her – Enhancement to boost Beta Ray’s damage to 5; B/C/F to take away anyone trying to tie him up, and stealth to block some line of sight. In a 200 point game, you can have BRB and Psylocke and also have room for an experienced paramedic, but that leaves some of your options limited.

Sadly, Beta Ray Bill is not going to outrange many of the people in regular games (300 and up). Deathbird, who also shares a somewhat small 8 range, has 10 speed with running shot, barely ousting Bill in the pseudo-range catergory. The new Silver Surfer can run around Bill twice and still be safe, and even some figures without Running Shot will be able to pick a few clicks on Bill before he gets into attacking range.

Beta Ray Bill brings somewhat different from past ranged attackers; with a heavy object, he can do six clicks of damage in close combat every time, and he has terrific ability to minimize damage taken. Both of those things make him a great pull in any marquees (I hope I pull one this Saturday in mine) and also for some future teams with the right support.

100 pts – N/A

200 pts – 2/5

300 pts – 3/5

300+ 4/5

Collectability – 3/5, bump the score up by one if you’re a big fan.

Beta Ray Bill

You've got a near clone of the Experienced Thor with this figure, but that's okay; E Thor rocks, so Bill does too. You get a starting click of Running Shot, 11 attack and 4 damage, followed by several clicks of invulnerability, toughness and super strength. Some folks might be disgruntled with having a figure with such similar stats, but it's not a bad call on Wizkids' part.
Clobbering Time is going out of print, so there won't be many opportunities to score any of the Thors from here on out. But if you've got him and Bill, try 'em on the same team. Why not? They'll fit on a 300-point team, and you can throw in a scrub or a medic with the remaining 12 points. If not, have Bill tote around Psylocke or a SHIELD agent to boost his damage just that much more with enhancement.



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