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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Saturn Girl - Cosmic Justice
Reviewed August 8, 2003

Rank Experienced
Point Value 59
Collector's Number 50
Rarity 3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Saturn Girl

(late note from WMNOE: "Oops, I was working too fast (must be the strong coffee), and I reviewed Veteran Saturn Girl instead of the Experienced. Oh well, I ain't changin' now!")

Today we're looking at Saturn Girl Veteran, and as promised the second part of my bonus review of Livewire.

Saturn Girl is Irma Ardeen from Titan (one of Saturn's Moons), a powerful telepath. She co-founded the league with Cosmic Boy and Livewire, and is one of the longer serving members. Her Heroclix doppleganger is a flyer, with a point cost of 76. She gets only 5 clicks of health, and has starting stats of 9 Speed, 10 Attack, 15 Defense and 0 Damage. Her two super-powers are Mind Control and Perplex. Basically she's a taxiing perplexer. I'm not sure I'd use her on a 200 point team, since she's kind of expensive for little or no offense, BUT she is valuable in a higher
point game.

Again, a pedestrian sculpt detracts from the overall appeal of this clix. I'm sorry, but they could have spent a little more time working on the sculpts for all the Legion characters. Perhaps with the next expansion, that will undoubtedly have more Legion characters, they'll take a little more time.

SG is an Uncommon, and as I stated before, Uncommons are a dime a dozen. Pick her up cheap, or better yet, pull her from a booster.

My Ratings:
Playability 3.5 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5.

And now, Part 2 of my bonus Review of Livewire!

Wednesday I left off with my patented introduction of the character, now let's look at his stats! The Veteran Livewire costs just 50 points, and has 6 clicks of health. He gets RCE and Incapacitate, and has starting stats of 9 Speed, 9 Attack, 15 Defense and 2 Damage. Not bad, but certainly not great. The RCE, Flight and LSH ability make him an attractive taxi though, especially when you factor in his 1 Range 8 attack. Plus, he's only 50 points, which means you can squeeze him in on just about any team.

Again, a pedestrian sculpt and uncommon rarity tend to detract from his ratings, though Livewire is a much more attractive piece than his other two Legion

My Ratings
Playability 3.5 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5.

Next week, a mixed bag. A Nazi, an Amazon and a Terminator...no, not the Govenator...the Terminator.

Ed Po Exp. Saturn Girl is one of my favorite figures from Cosmic Justice. Saturn
Girl makes a great taxi, with 8 movement and perplex. She can taxi a figure
then perplex the taxied figures damage or attack. Saturn Girl is one of the
best mind control figures in this game. Although she only has two clix of
mind control, she's better than most of the other mind control pieces. She
has a high attack, it can get even higher with perplex.She has 4 clix of
perplex, but zero damage. You can always perplex her attack to one and
attack a weakend figure. Her attack 10, then 9,8,7, then for some reason
drops down to 0. I don't get why her attack value drops to zero, she's just
a regular taxi on the last click, she loses perplex, too. Like all Legion of
Super Hero members, Saturn Girl lacks defense. Almost any unit will be able
to hit her with only 14 defense. Protect her through the whole game, she
only has 5 clix of health.

Saturn Girl is an uncommon, rarity level 3. She isn't hard to pull, I pulled
her in my first and only Cosmic Justice booster. Her whole set is selling
for $4.00 on ebay! Auctions are incredibly low for Saturn Girl, ranging from
$.25 to $1.95.

Her sculpt is better than the average sculpt. What's cool is she's leaning
forward, charging at you with her hands out. The peg that goes into the slot
of the flight indicator is on her foot. I'll give her an extra point because
of the new pose. Her pose is much like Starfire's.

Playability: 4/5
Collectability: 1.5/5
Sculpt: 3.5/5
For 59 points, this isn't a bad package. A 10 attack with MC with Perplex, Saturn girl could be the answer to Moondragon, depending which teams you gang her up with, since she's a Wildcard.Team her up with the Batman and Super Man team, and use Mind Control, forming an omipotent shield. The downside is that she doesn't do any natural damage, which is why she has such a low cost. Oh well, nothing's free. Here's the verdict.



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