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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Easy Company Medic - Cosmic Justice
Reviewed August 29, 2003

Rank Rookie
Point Value 9
Collector's Number 003
Rarity 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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DC Comics has been chronicling the adventures of Sgt. Rock and Easy Company for several decades now, mostly under the auspices of the immortal Joe Kubert. While I don't know how Wizkids justifies putting characters from the 40's into a modern setting, I really don't care. It's cool either way.

The Rookie Easy Co. Medic is a whopping 9 points, which means EVERY FREAKING DC TEAM you have should have at least one or two. Their sole purpose is to heal other characters, so much so, that they don't even have a real attack...though his scupt has him carrying a gun, which doesn't make much sense (though if you look at his exp and vet versions, it does).

His stats, such as they are, are 6 Speed, 7 Attack, 14 Defense and 0 Damage. The only power he has is Support, which is the most important.

At 9 points, you'd better have at least one on your team, if you can afford more points, think about two or three, or the exp and vet versions. If you can't
find one of these bad boys in a booster, don't bother paying extra for him, you'll pull him sooner or later. I wouldn't even check the ebay prices, since they shouldn't be more than a buck or two.

My Ratings:

Playability 4 of 5
Collectability 1 of 5

Next week - MORE DC? I hope so.
Ed Po Easy Company Medics are the best medics in DC. He has a speed of 6 that
drops as low as 4, but you won't need to move him that much. Like all medics
he only has 4 clix of health with a low defense of 14. 7 attack with a
damage of 0 of course with support for 2 clix. I feel that a medic should
have an attack of 8, its more effective. But if you need the points the
rookie will do you fine. Id pick Marvel's Paramedic of Easy Company Medic,
because of the attack that stays at 7 for a click and you can save point.
Although, the Paramedic has one less click of health I still like her
better. Either one you pick youll do fine. Too bad this is the rookie Id
give it a 5/5 if it was the vet.

It should be really easy to pull this medic, it only has a rarity of one. No
body one ebay was selling Easy Company Medic singles, you have to buy the
whole set which I suggest you do. It only cost .99 - $5.00.

What can I say about this sculpt? There's a lot of detail with the backpack,
the packs on his belt, and the gun. But if he has a gun shouldn't he do some

Playability: 4.5/5
Collectability: 1/5
Sculpt: 2.75/5
Easy Company Medic:

Not a bad peice, but then again, no medic is all that bad. Good AV and some damage, but paramedic is cheaper and better.

200- Games: Still not as good as other medics. 2.5/5

300+ Games: See above. 2.75/5

Sealed Box: He is a medic, take it and use it without question. 4.75/2

The Bottom Line: 3.25/5

djkunai He's a medic. A rather pointless Medic. If there were an award DCU ceremony for "Pointless Medic of the Year," this guy would get the Platinum. He'd be all "I can't believe it. I always thought I was pointless, but the '1st Annual DC HeroClix Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Pointlessness' finally made my dream come true."

Now setting his pointlessness aside, he is a Medic. And a cheap one. And let's face it- once a Medic is hit, it's pretty much dead. But this one, out of all the Medics, is only to be played if you don't have the space for an Experienced or Vet one. He's a medic. You need him. Even though he's the worst Medic in DC, you won't be saying that once he heals you're bruised up Superman or Bizzaro. And in 100 point games, he's the best to play. He takes up less than 10%, and he's not likely to be the first target.

100- 5
200- 4.5
300- 4
400- 4
box- 5
A medic is a medic. 5/5 immediately.

400+...you get the point.


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