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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Live Wire - Cosmic Justice
Reviewed August 28, 2003

Rank Rookie
Point Value 22
Collector's Number 046
Rarity 2

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Well this ought to be an easy review, since I already worked on Live Wire as part of my Cosmic Boy and Saturn Girl reviews...Here's a partial reprint and a
new analysis!

Garth Rann was also one of the founders of the Legion. Originally known as Lightning Lad, he's now better known as Livewire. A native of the planet Winath, Garth is able to generate and channel electricity internally, but that's not a natural ability of Winathians. Together with his older brother and twin sister, Garth "borrowed" their parents' spaceship, and crashed on the planet Korbal. They intended to use the native Lightning Beasts to recharge their ships' power cells, but were knocked unconscious instead. When they awoke, the Rann children had gained their lightning powers. Together with Rokk Krinn of Titan and the abovementioned Irma Ardeen, Garth foiled an assassination plot against wealthy industrialist R.J. Brande, who rewarded the teens with the resources needed to form the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Over the course of the next couple of years, Garth lost his right arm (which is why it's a robotic version now), fell in love with, and broke up with Saturn Girl, took charge of the Legion, and gave it up. Also, in current continuity, he's considered dead (he apparently met his demise in Legion Lost #12).

The Rookie Livewire costs a paltry 22 points, and has 4 clicks of health. He gets RCE and Incapacitate, and has starting stats of 8 Speed, 7 Attack, 14 Defense
and 0 Damage. Not bad, but certainly not great. The RCE, Flight and LSH ability make him an attractive taxi though, especially when you factor in his 1 Range
8 attack. Plus, he's only 22 points, which means you can squeeze him in on just about any team.

A pedestrian sculpt and common rarity tend to detract from his ratings, though Livewire is a much more attractive piece than his other two Legion

My Ratings
Playability 3 of 5
Collectability 2 of 5.
Ed Po Live Wire is a great taxi. He's a wild card so he could be the DC Doombot.
He has a movement of 8 that goes as low as 6. He has a little fire power if
you need it while he's taxing, 7 attack with one click of incapacitate at
the end of his dial and RCE all the way down the dial, no damage. His
defense is low like all Legion of Super Heros members, 14 with 4 clix of
health. Be careful with Live Wire, he can die fast. In a mix game Id pick him
over Vulture because of the little fire power and the wild card ability, but
only 4 clix of life. Live Wire is one of the best taxis in DC Heroclix.

He has the highest possible rarity for a rookie, 2. He shouldn't be too hard
to pull I don't see any reason for buying him on ebay. Auctions for him on
ebay are low, as they should be going no higher than $1.00!

His sculpt is plain. His suits cool though, lighting bolts on his soliders
and the glove on his left hand. I like blue and white.

Playability: 4/5
Collectability: 1/5
Sculpt: 2/5

He isn't bad but isn't great. For an even 50 points, you get some RCE, and some Incapacitate with decent values. On the bright side, he is a flyer with DC's only wildcard team ability. Not a bad peice overall, but I'll still take Bullseye over Livewire.

200-Games: Too expensive. Remember this; you can get a Rookie Firelord for 66 points. Now, which of those two is better. 2.25/5

300+ Games: A bit better, but I'll take Bullseye or Firelord over this guy any day. 2.75/5

Sealed Box: Here he is real nice. Good values, Wildcard ability and a flyer with a bunch of RCE at 8 range; I'll take him! 3.75/5

The Bottom Line: 3/5
Only one use for this guy. Team him up with Green Lantern, and watch him become the best taxi in the game. Almost no other use for this version. Here's the verdict:



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