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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Green Lantern - Cosmic Justice
Reviewed Aug 18, 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value 187
Collector's Number 063
Rarity 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Green Lantern Rookie Review Below:

Has it occured to you that all the "Green Lantern" product in the mass-market are the John Stewart version, even though he hadn't been Green Lantern in the comics for over 10 years? Wonder why? Because on the TV show, Green Lantern is John Stewart, and it's called "Synergy". It's kind of annoying. The first Green Lantern Heroclix should be Hal Jordan, or at least Kyle Raynor, the current GL. John Stewart was never a popular GL with both writers and readers, although I have to say I enjoy his portrayal on the aforementioned show.

Stewart was a former marine who took over for Hal Jordan when Hal gave up being the GL of sector 2814. He fell in love with and married fellow GL Katma Tui, who was killed later by Star Sapphire. During the Cosmic Odyssey his negligance caused an entire world to be destroyed, an act that would haunt him for the rest of his days. He later resigned as a GL, became a Darkstar (Don't ask), got crippled, got healed, and apparently is a GL again, now that Kyle Raynor has reformed the corps. I haven't read Green Lantern regularly since #98, so I really have no clue as to what's going on currently with him.

The Rookie Version of John Stewart is a mere 81 points (compared to his team busting exp, vet and unique versions it's a steal). Six clicks of health and 1 ranged 8 attack complement his arsenal nicely. He gets Phasing, Telekineses, Incapacitate, Energy Shield, Willpower, Barrier and is an RCE. His starting stats are 10 speed, 8 attack, 15 defense and 2 damage. It adds up to a flyer with a nasty ranged attack. With the GL ability, he's also the ultimate taxi character.

John Stewart's Rookie is a level 3 uncommon, meaning he's pretty readily available. He sells for between a buck and four bucks on ebay, but I'd just try for him in a booster. I won't go into detail on his sculpt, suffice to say, I hate it.

My Rating:
Playability 3 of 5
Collectabiloty 3 of 5
Ed Po Green Lantern makes one of the best taxis in this game, in fact any green
lantern team member is one of the best taxis in this game. The ability to
pick up all your figures an taxi them is amazing. To make Green Lantern an
even better taxi he has phasing for one click and 10 movement. Green Lantern
can move figures another way too, with 4 clix of telekenisis. After he loses
telekenisis he gains two clix of incapacitate. R Green Lantern lacks attack,
highest it goes is a weak 8. He has an ok defense for a couple of clix. He
has energy sheild/deflection for 2 clix which helps a lot by boosting his
defense to 17. He gains barrier for a couple of clix then gets willpower.
Willpower will work great to retreat your figures back and back into the
fray. He has 5 clix of health so make sure you keep this taxi alive. He has
a damage of 2 witch RCE down the dial for 4 clix. RCE won't help him, its
going to be hard to hit an attack with his attack value. Green Lantern
should be only used as a taxi, only attack with him when needed.

His raritys high for a rookie, uncommon level 3. Still, he shouldn't be too
hard to pull. Auctions on ebay are all starting at $1.00. There's only one
buy it now and its at $5.00! Don't even bother with that. Auctions for his
set are going high, $10+. I tried to get him, thought I had him at a steady
$4.00. Then stupid last minute bidders came and it when up to $15.00!!! Well
I can't blam them I've done some last minute bidding myselft.

His sculpt is cool, he's flying backwards with his ring out at you. That's a
new flying pose too. I don't like the color green too much, but I like
black. His suit is ok, not a big fan of it, it's a classic though.

Playability: 4/5
Collectability: 2/5
Sculpt: 3/5
djkunai Green Lantern. I don't know how such a character could have been developed with that name, but he was. I prefer to think of him as a green human torch (see Unique version).

Overall, Nicey McGreen is a ranged defender. He isn't meant for close combat. His statistics give you the defensive edge with Energy Shield, Barrier, and Incapacitate. Note that he's still (mostly) human, and therefore has no Invulnerability or Toughness or the like. Instead, his mental toughness (Will Power) can get you places without feeling the burn. The green cereal box also comes with the RCX prize inside, so when there's no objects to hurl he's still got a powerhouse up his ring.

The whole essence of this character is the Green Lantern team (individual?) ability. He can carry any friend adjacent to him- add that with his phasing, and you've got one tough taxi. For having so much, his points are still decent.

100- 2.0 = Boo!
200- 2.5 = Meh...
300- 3.5 = Iyay!
400+ 4.0 = Iyay!

The best of the REVU set is definitely the Unqiue. Costing only six more points than the Vet, still under half of the Rookie's, he's (like almost always) the best.
Another fabulously broken piece that's soon to be fixed by Indyclix. One word of advice. Don't push this guy, unless it's absolutely necessary, since he's only got one click of Phasing. Use with caution in only the right teams. Here's the verdict

Green Lantern:

The GL disappointed me more than any other figure (with the exception of Ironman ;_;). You pay so many points, and for what? A strange assortment of powers and the GL team ability. The Team ability is it's only saving grace. But for over 80 points, we need more that 8 attack >_<

200- Games: 1/5

300+ Games: 2/5

Sealed Box: 3.25/5

The Bottom Line: 2/5


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