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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Deathstroke - Cosmic Justice
Reviewed August 15, 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value 58
Collector's Number 075
Rarity 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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WMNOE Today's review - Deathstroke - The Terminator

You know, you gotta love a bad guy who is so evil that his WIFE shot his eye out. Yup, that's Deathstroke. After being a guinea pig for army scientists, Slade
Wilson had his meta-gene activated and now possesses super strength, intelligence and agility. After his assassin son failed to destroy the Teen Titans (being killed in the process), Wilson took up the contract, ALMOST destroying the team ("The Judas Contract", new in TPB). His other son is the former Titan Jericho,
and since that initial story, Deathstrok has walked the line between Villain and Hero, often times wallowing in the gray area. He once has his own long-running DC series, but minimal sales cancelled it a few years ago. Basically, he's DC's version of The Punisher.

His veteran Heroclix is a cool 58 points, and for that you get 8 clicks of health, one range 6 attack, Stealth, Leap/Climb, Energy Explosion, Willpower, Regeneration and Outwit. His starting stats are 8 speed, 10 attack, 17 defense and 2 damage. I love the combo of Outwit and Willpower, but you add in the Energy Explosion and you got a nasty character. My one complaint is that while the sculpt has him with
two guns, you only get one ranged attack, and he's not RCE, which doesn't make much sense. If he DID have RCE, he'd probably cost about 40 more points. He fits
nicely in 200 point games, and is downright nasty in higher point games.

I already mentioned his sculpt has two guns, but did I mention the hightop boots? Yes, it's a goofy costume, always has been. DC revamped it at one point, but this one? Geeze. Being a level 5 rare, Deathstroke is a tough pull, but he's cheap in the secondary market. You shouldn't have to pay more than five bucks for him on evilbay.

My Ratings:
Playability 3.5 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5

Next week, three minorities...an African American intergalactic policeman, an Asian would be despot and a power-crazed Redhead. Can you guess who they are?

Hope you all have power!
djkunai Batman is to Spider-man as Deathstroke is to The Punisher.

He's one of those guys that likes to whack people hard. His combination for stats is amazing. Stealth, EnergyX, Will Power and Outwit. Wow. He also gets Regeneration the click after losing Willpower. That means you can push to runaway, take a click, and be ready for regeneration the next turn and stay in the fight longer.

His costume is like a wannabe Spidey though.

For only 58 points. Good enough for any team.

100- 4
200- 4
300- 3.5
400+ 3
Ed Po Deathstroke is another one of my favorites from Cosmic Justice. Deathstroke
has a speed of 8 with stealth and later gets leap/climb. He has an attack of
10 with energy explosion and a range of 10. His attack drops a little fast,
at one point it goes down to 5. Just keep him in hindering terrain and use
his abilities. He has a damage of 2 for 4 clix with outwit. Not only is
Deathstroke an good energy explosion character, but a support piece as well.
He has a defense of 17 for one click and 7 clix of health. He also has
willpower, so he can energy explosion in two consecutive turns. On his last
click he gains regeneration, hope you roll above a 5 at least. Deathstroke
doesn't cost too much either, only 58 points!

Deathstroke his a rare, level 5 rarity. There was only one buy it now on
ebay for vet deathstroke, $4.70. Shipping is $3, so I wouldn't do it. All
auctions are low for him, only starting at $1 and people weren't bidding on
any of the auctions. It seemed that everyone was going for the whole set.
Even his whole set auctions weren't going high, highest I saw was $4.

I hope Deadpool's sculpt is like Deathstroke's. He has 2 pistols in his
hands, one pointing up and one pointing forward. He also has a chain of
bullets around him. His suit is colorful, blue and red.

Playability: 4/5
Collectability: 2.5/5
Sculpt: 4/5
One word, ladies and gentlemen: Broken. Stealth, Willpower, Outwit, and Energy Explosion are deadly together! That with a DC game crushing ten attack, and a DC unbelievable 17 defense, nothing's gonna touch this guy!


Truly this is an awesome piece. Stealth and Outwit alone make you want to play him, but theres more! Add in a good 10 attack with Energy Explosion and a 17 defense with Willpower, not to mention a 6 range, AND some regeneration, and you have one of the better pieces around, priced to play at only 58 points!

200- Games: 3/5
300+ Games: 4/5
Sealed Box: 5/5

The Bottom Line: 4/5


Without Victory, there is no survival...