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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Wonder Woman - Cosmic Justice
Reviewed August 14, 2003

Rank Veteran
Point Value 126
Collector's Number 078
Rarity 5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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If when you think of Wonder Woman you think of Lynda Carter and bad music, then you obviously haven't been reading comics lately, and shame on you. Shortly after DC revamped Batman and Superman in the wake of Crisis on Infinite Earths, they took on Wonder Woman, turning the reins over to George Perez, who had a LONG run as plotter and artist, and eventually scripter, that completely redefined Diana as one of DC's cornerstones.

If you don't know the origin by now, again, shame on you. On a beautiful paradise island (originally called Paradise Island, but now known as Themyscria, Queen Hyppolita of the Amazons decided she wanted a daughter, and created one out of clay, breathed life into her, and thus Diana was born. Living completely apart from men, Diana grew to be a powerful warrior princess, and finally decided it was time to leave. She stands as ambassador to the United Nations from the Island of Themyscria and is a founding member of he Justice League. (Side note, she was originally a member of the Justice Society in the Golden Age, but that has been retconned to be her MOTHER as Wonder Woman, who still occasionally joins the JSA on adventures!)

You may have known all that, but did you know that WW was created by a psychologist? Think about it, all the trappings of WW have roots in psychology, especially the "Lasso of Truth"! She made her debut just prior to Pearl Harbor, and has been a fixture at DC ever since. In fact, except for the year right after Crisis, Wonder Woman has been in publication continuously since 1952, a feat that only Batman and Superman can match! Her own series is nearing it's 200th issue, and she appears in JLA regularly. She also gets some specials each year (notably, a hardcover graphic novel that I haven't read, but want to called "The Hiketa"). She's also currently appearing in Trinity, a three issue series written and drawn by Matt Wagner (who is my favorite comics creator), and is about the first meeting of DC's holy three.

WK decided not to include WW in their first DC set, a huge mistake as far as I'm concerned. I guess they needed some heavy hitters for the second set, but they really goofed by not include one of their "Big Three".

Enough intro, let's look at her figure. First, she's a whopping 126 points, but really, that's not so bad for a flyer with her TEN clicks of health. Her starting dials are 10 Speed, 11 Attack, 17 Defense and
3 Damage, and she gets Charge, Super Strength, Incapacitate, Impervious, Toughness, Willpower and is a Close Combat Expert. Basically a one woman army. She's the lynchpin of any team, and strong enough to win 200 point games BY HERSELF!

At least by waiting to produce Diana, WK put some nice effort into her sculpt, it looks just like a George Perez piece come to life.

Cosmic Justice rares (and they're only a handful of
them) are HOT, HOT, HOT according to various sources.
WW is the hottest of the lot, selling for as much as
$11 recently. Your mileage may vary.

My Ratings:
Playability 4.5 of 5
Collectability 4 of 5
DJ Kunai My history with Wonder Woman is quite bleak: don't know, don't care.

She apparently falls as the original "Superwoman," boasting most of Superman's powers in a feminine body. So let's see its truth.

Charge, Super Strength, Impervious, and CCX. Hmm.... that is VERY similar to a certain son of Darkseid... but for costing hundreds of points less, she can get ripped easily.

She loses Charge and Impervious within two clix, dropping right to Toughness. She then tries to do all she can with Super Strength, but without Charge and Impervious, her Close Combat Expert isn't very compelling. She has no range unless she grabs and object and throws it, and her last three clix give you Incapacitate, as against Invulnerability/Impervious, her hit for 2 isn't great.

200- 3.5 (Outwit, anyone?)
300- 3.5 (she's still just a titanium taxi)
400- 4.0 (she's found her calling)

-DJ Kunai
For 126 points, Wonder Woman lives up to her name! Flight, Charge, Super Strength, Impervious (with a 17 defense!), and CCE make Wonder Woman someone to tremble at when seen. Use her often. Here's the verdict:

Wonder Woman:

WW is an outstanding piece. Truly, she can stand on he own two feet and dish out the damage. Charge, Super Strength, Impervious/Toughness and a BUNCH of CCE makes her a powerful piece. JLA team ability makes he movement free, and the Veteran version, one of the best figs perhaps ever, comes in at only 120 points! I can't rave enough about this awesome piece!

200- Games: 2.75/5
300+ Games: 4.5/5
Sealed Box: 5/5
The Bottom Line: 4/5
Ed Po Wonder Woman is a close combat heavy hitter. She has a movement of 10 with
charge, you could taxi a figure while using charge, great combo. Her attack
starts off at 11 and doesn't go below 7. She has 7 clix of super strength
then gains incapacitate at an ok attack of 8. Her defense stands high at 17
for 2 clix, with impervious. After 2 clix she loses impervious and gains
toughness. After another 3 clix she gains will power, but her attack is a
little low. It will be hard to take out Wonder Woman with all her high
defense, impervious, and 9 clix of health! I think Wonder Woman should have
energy sheild/deflection for her last 2 clix to represent her barcelts.
Wonder Woman has CCE for 6 clix with a damage of 3 for 3 clix. Her damage
never goes below 2. All these powers make Wonder Woman the perfect close
combat heavy hitter. Her cost isn't so bad either, 126.

Wonder Woman is a level 5 rarity, rare. I don't know what people are
thinking on ebay, buy it nows are ranging from $4.70-$14.99! Who's going to
buy a Vet Wonder Woman for $15 + shipping?! I could buy her whole set for
less than that. I'd try my luck with the auctions for Wonder Woman, there
starting as low as $.99.

Her sculpt is like Saturn Girl's, the peg is on her foot and she's charging
at you. Guess it's a new that were going to see on up coming flying figures.
Her suit is a classic, it even has here lasso haging from her waist.

Playabilty: 4/5
Collectability: 3.75/5
Sculpt: 4/5


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