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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Red Skull - Clobberin' Time
Reviewed August 11, 2003

Rank Unique
Point Value 47
Collector's Number 091
Rarity 6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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You can't keep a good Nazi down, and Red Skull is the best Nazi. Hand picked by Hitler himself, Johann Schmidt was trained to become the ultimate agent for the Third Reich. Defeated time and again by Captain America, Red Skull keeps coming out of the woodwork, whenever it's convenient for the writer, to continue his fight against freedom, and Captain America.

At 47 points Red Skull fits on just about any team. He's got Leadership, Mastermind, Willpower and Poison for abilities. His starting stats are 8 Speek, 8
Attack, 15 Defense and 2 Damage. He has one Range 8 attack, and 7 clicks of health. Not a bad little package. Nothing to write home about, but nothing I'd throw away either. I like the Mastermind/Willpower combo, meaning he won't get tagged much, and once he gets to it, he won't take damage from pushes. Problem is, he's not an offensive powerhouse either. He would fit in as a second-in-command, or support team, but not a leader.

The sculpt is classic Red Skull. This guy has been around since the 40's so there's not much you can do with him. His costume is reminiscent of the new Marvel Legends chase figure, so at least there's some continuity between his three-dimensional counterparts.

Old Johann doesn't appear to be all that popular with ebay buyers though. The most you'll have to pay is $15, but you'll probably end up somewhere in the ten
dollar range.

My Ratings:
Playability 3 of 5
Collectability 3 of 5

Just remember kiddies, you can't reenact all of WWII
with Easy Company soldiers.
Ed Po I guess this guy can be used as a tie up piece. Just throw him in there with all your opponents figures to keep them together for a nice energy explosion. He has poison which makes him an even better tie up piece, forcing enemy clix to take 1 damage. He has an ok defense of 16. To help that out he has 2 clix of mastermind. If some one targets him while he's tying up guys you can just deflect the damage to another friendly figure with a low defense. Try to target a weak figure with toughness like Kingpin. After 2 clix he gains willpower, I don't think that will help him at all. His attack starts at a low 8 and goes down to 6, even if he did manage to hit a target he only has a damage of 2 on his first click then it goes down to one. He has 2 clix of leadership, too. There are better tie up pieces than Red Skull, like U Wasp who can also serve as a taxi for only 44 points.

Red Skull is a unique, so he's a level 6 rarity. Buy it nows on ebay are
selling low for Red Skull, as low as $10 - $15! Auctions are even lower ending at nothing more than $10. Inquest has Red Skull at $20 and increasing.

His sculpt is cool, his face is kinda scary though, might have to minus a point for that. He has a little pistol in his hand, A.I.M Agents have bigger guns then him.Then again, it would look weird for him to have a big machine gun in his hands. His suit is pretty cool, it has some nice colors, blue and black(my favorite colors).

Playability: 2.75/5
Collectability: 3/5
Sculpt: 3/5
James May What do you call a bald, sunburnt German bent on completing the secret project Doomsday?

Red Skull of course.

This guy is a twisted Nazi who looks like a skeleton with a Candy Apple Red #69 Aamco finish. I personally thought he should have been the Archenemy of Captain America, seeing as how he DID try to steal the formula used to create Cap, but WizKids seemed to decide that they should end the American/German hostility and leave Red Skull as just some crazy bratwurst.

His starting stats aren't the greatest, and for under 50 points, whose are? He has Leadership via being a leader (it's uncanny), and like most leaders, he tends to avoid confrontation (Poison). If he's hit from far away, he just let's someone else take the fall (Mastermind), but once he's been hit for two clix, he does get the ability to run away without push damage (Willpower).

He's kind of a nice piece to play when you want to up the ante on your hotshots (Hydra Team), but the rest is still average or so. If you decide to play Wild Card, he's annoying when you have a couple doombots surrounding him to keep to keep his attack up. But that's for less than 200.

200- 4
300~ 3.5
400+ 3
Ironman 1110 Red Skull:

I like this guy. He may not be the best peice out their, but he is a leader and is meant to help your guys and hamper your opponet's peices. And he does that very well. The first thing to notice is the leadership/mastermind combo. Put him next to a few Hydra Opratives and maybe a Hydra medic and he will survive, launch better attacks and can dish off damage to his lackys. Add in Poison and Red Skull becomes one nasty fig. AND he costs less than 50 points. All in all, a useful peice.

200- Games: 2.75/5

300+ Games: 3.25/5

Sealed Box: 4.25/5

The Bottom Line: 3.5/5
jetsetneo Yo! It's been A while since my last review, mostly becuase they are
unfamiliar DC characters. But fear not! Today We review a Marvel Character!
Captain America's 'Arch-Enemy' Red Skull.

The Link:

The Review: Okay, I've never actually read a Captain America comic, 'cept
The Ultimates, but thats for the Ultimiate Iron Man character ;). I do know
this much, In the 'golden' age of comics there was nothing but Nazi bashing
during the WW2 days. And if that Capt. wasn't bashing Hitler around it was
Red Skull.
With that said, and since Heroclix doesn't contain a 'Nazi' Team ability,
I'm at a loss at why this guy has a Hydra ability, oh well, that team could
use more clix. 47 points puts Him in the Bargain point area, giving so much
for so little. He has 8 range with one shot, so thats okay. 8 Speed with no
abilities is just above poor. Even some characters slower than him at least
sport 1 ability. He has an above poor 8 Attack with Poison, a sorely
underused ability. He has a pretty good 16 defense with Mastermind, so he
can shurg off what damage he wants onto his underlings. Eventually it goes
down to Above poor 14 Defense with Willpower, so he can get away without
taking more Damage than needed. For his Damage he has the Average 2, With
Leadership, which supposedly fits his 'leader' role in whatever team you put
him on. After the first click he goes down to 1 so he's pretty much useless
after that versus Invuln. And Tough opponents.

Combo/Stratidgy *New* : Set him next to any Sniper-style character and give
+1 attack via Hydra, and simply deflect onto that sniper if you
need that Red Skull

The Verdict: Another Leader-style Clix. No real true uses for him other than
100: 3.5/5 Your best bet here.
200: 2.8/5 He's too below average to be of any true use here
300: 2/5 In the end there are simply better characters
300+: 2/5 See '300'
Sealed/Limited: 2/5 Sorta like a 3rd or 4th pick, certainly not useless in
Draft Games.
Sculpt: 4/5 Simple pose, Yet Detailed Figure, definately what stands out
about him. He's also a Unique.
The Clix who's in the hot seat tonight is: the Arch enemy of Cap, Red
Skull."Red Skull is a deceptive character. He looks pretty simple, but if you play
him right he’ll be one of the most hated characters around." Bullshit. This
guy's only good for guarding medics, with an 8 attack w/Mastermind, and even then, use Viper. She's cheaper.


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