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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Nightcrawler - Clobberin' Time
Reviewed April 23, 2003

Name Nightcrawler
Rank Unique
Point Value 83
Collector's Number 085
Rarity 6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Nightcrawler starts with a 14 speed WITH Hypersonic Speed (a truly mighty power indeed) and doesn't loose it until 2 clicks to KO. A starting Defense of 18 with Super Senses (which again you have until 2 clicks to KO) makes Kurt extremely difficult to hit.

Starting attack of 10 and damage of 2 aren't spectacular, until you realize that with Hypersonic speed and the right dice roles, you can pummel your opponent's clix, even the big boys like Hulk and Juggernaut, mercilessly. All this and a building cost of 82 with the X-Team healing ability! If you make an X-Men team without our favorite fuzzy elf, you shouldn't even be playing.

Kurt is by and far the most sought after Unique in the Clobbering Time set, it REGULARLY changes hands for at least 50 bucks. The cheapest I could find on Ebay in the last 30 days was $19.99 and the buyer used the Buy it Now feature (and wisely so, $20 is a STEAL for the Swashbuckling X-Man. The sculpt and paint job on this particular clix is quite nice as well, capturing the essence of the character from the 1985 mini-series with a classic Dave Cockrum pose. Not having pupils is a plus for Kurt, since that seems to be one area where the good folks at Wiz Kids have a problem with. A simple four color scheme (blue, black, white and red) suits the character well and doesn't lend itself to sloppy paint ops.

My rating: Playability 5 out of 5!

Collectability 5 out of 5.


Nightcrawler: (Unique)

Arguably the best figure in the game, there is no doubt that the fuzzy blue elf is a strong peice. With a starting movement of 14 along with Hypersonic Speed is crunk. This means that with a Mistique to up his damage with Perplex to 3, he can then be flown out with a Firelord 12 spaces, then move another 14 to attack the opponetís medic for 3 clicks of damage. Thatís enough to KO most medics, or at the very least take them out of their support slots. A nice 10 attack makes it all possible. Oh, did I mention he has lots of super senses? With a bit of probability control, which, thanks to Destiny from Xplosion, can be obtained at a cost as low as 20 points, Nightcrawler can be very hard to hit. You can speed him around and use him to disrupt your opponetís stratagy and to finish off big hitters. And at under 90 points you need not build your team around him in a 300+ point game. Nightcrawler truly does rank as one of the top figures in the game =) ; ).

200- Games: 5/5
300+ Games: 5/5
Sealed Box: 5/5
The Bottom Line: 5/5

Nightcrawler whoa!!!!
This kind of uberness is not possible i mean as robin once said   "HOLY NOTORIOUS DASTARDLY JEEPERS BATMAN"
Well anywayz i just say this guy pwnz with his hypersonic speed movement and crazy old super senses he's the ultimate medic killer for me in and out with a smoking BANG!! Even if they do get through the super senses he is still a tough defender so when i get this figure im gonna yell out in glory!!


Darkseidofme speakin out!                 


Without Victory, there is no survival...