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Pojo's HeroClix "Click of the Day"


Iron Man - Xplosion
Reviewed April 28, 2003

Name Iron Man
Rank Experienced
Point Value 161
Collector's Number 077
Rarity 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst.  3 ... average.  
5 is the highest rating

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Here is Iron Man

"Heavy boots of lead
fills his victims full of dread
Running as fast as they can
Iron Man lives again!"
O. Osbourne

Really, that sums up my feelings on Iron Man. I never got him, not really. Didn't read any of his comics growing up, never bought any as a teen, don't buy them
now. That being said, Iron Man is an Avenger, and has his fans, and they've made some really cool action figures of him. I suppose that some people were upset that IM wasn't in either of the first two Marvel Sets, but for them, here he is.

Tony Stark was a soldier in Viet Nam when a piece of shrapnel lodged itself near his heart. He used his genius to create a suit of armor to help him survive,
and later became the original founding Avenger Iron Man.

This version is one of many that WizKids could have used, they chose a "standard" comics version of IM to model the sculpt after (though I think it looks a little like the version of the armor seen in the Fantastic Four/Iron Man cartoons of the late 90's). He's a flyer, with a starting range of 10. For the first two clicks he's got the ever famous Running Shot, which allows you to move and shoot in the same turn. A couple of clicks later he gets Charge for a couple of clicks. IM can really move around the board!

Starting attack is only 9, which isn't great, but he does have Energy Blast for the first three clicks, then Super Strength for the next three. Add to that two ranged attacks (with a range of 10) and your a though gunslinger. His starting damage is 3 PLUS Ranged combat expert for the first three (which means you can do up to 5 clicks of damage on the first shot!) Later you get Outwit for the last two clicks.

The other nice thing about IM is that it'll be really hard to hit you...you start with 17 Defense and have invulnerability or toughness the whole way. The problem is with experienced IM you only get 8 clicks of health. Not bad, but really not great.

At 161 Points, IM is really expensive, in fact he's the most expensive experienced figure. I wouldn't put him in a team of 200 points, but at 300 I would
consider him.

As far as collecting goes, IM is a standard REV piece. He's one of the harder REV's to find, but not impossible. This version of him will never be worth more than a couple of bucks. A unique version would be, and there's plenty of IM variations to go with. Personally I think a version of his first armor would
be nifty.

My Rating:

Playability: 3.5 out of 5
Collectability 2 out of 5



Well, truthfully, Ironman is a double edged sword.  He has some of the best superpowers in the game all on his dial, but he is really expensive.  His ONE true fatal flaw is his AV (attack value).  It is just too low.  They say that is cuz he is just an average joe-shmoe in his suit.  Guess Wizkids has never heard of targeting systems >_<  Aside from this, he is awesome.

200- Games:  2/5

300+ Games:  3.5/5

Sealed Box:  4.5/5

The Bottom Line:  3.25/5


Without Victory, there is no survival...