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wizo_fours tells you, "((Welcome to TCG Hour. We are having a Q&A about the Harry Potter TCG.  Remember that chat protocol is in effect. To ask a question, type "?" and to make a comment type "!". Wait until WizO_Abishai calls upon you before sending your text to screen. Thanks for joining us!))"

wizo_abishai shouts, "(( ATTENTION!! In the style of Sage Advice, we are havingour first Harry Potter TCG chat in Wizard's Presents!! Prefect_Adam will be here to answer all your TCG questions about the little wizard. Chat time is 5 PM pacific! Hope we see you there!! ))"  

wizo_abishai says, "Please have your question or comment already typed out and ready to enter when called upon to help the session run more smoothly."

wizo_abishai says, "At the end of your question or comment, please type /ga so we know you are done with your statement."

prefect_adam says, "Or else a penalty will be assessed to your house!"

wizo_abishai says, "Please do not post anything to the screen until called upon."

wizo_abishai says, "No matter how many times you type a ? or a ! to the screen, you will only be put in the queue once until your name has reached the top of the queue."

wizo_abishai says, "Please be respectful of others. If you have anything to say to anybody in the room, please use a private message."

wizo_abishai says, "Thank you for your cooperation."

wizo_abishai says, "prefect_adam, do you have any opening comments before I open the queue?"

prefect_adam says, "Oooh comments."

prefect_adam says, "Welcome to the first Harry Potter Chat.  Hopefully the first of many.  I'm not 100% sure what to expect, so lets get started!"

wizo_abishai says, "scrye_fung has our 1st Harry Potter question"


scrye_fung says, "I here that's a Prefect Steve - true or false? /ga"

prefect_adam says, "That's true.  He can't seem to get into the chat room.  He's working on it.  /ga"


nagini_power says, "do you have to take all actions"

prefect_adam says, "Nope. /ga"


scrye_fung says, "How is HP compared to Pokemon and or Magic? What makes it different than all the other games that WotC brings out?"

prefect_adam says, "That's an interesting question.  All TCGs have things in common and things that are different.  Harry Potter shares more with Magic than with Pokemon, though really it's like asking how's Risk compare to Monopoly.  They're both games, but you have to play them to get what makes them different."

elaine_chase says, "Also, HP is very easy to learn but still offers a great depth of strategy for even experienced TCG players. /ga"


oliveman says, "what does magic dont have that HP does? more then a license /ga"

prefect_adam says, "Magic is a much more complex game.  Just the fact that it's been out for years and has thousands of cards adds a lot of both depth and complexity that a new game like HP doesn't have."


dmlanceman says, "adam, can u explain this a little better to some people including me, i really don't get it"

prefect_adam says, "Harry Potter is designed to be easy to grasp for people that haven't played these sorts of games.  While people can certainly learn to play Magic that haven't played a TCG before, that is not Magic's greatest strength."

prefect_adam says, "ha"

prefect_adam says, "not ha.  /ga"

prefect_adam says, "sorry"


nagini_power says, "so if you play a creature and can't do anything else you don't have to use the last action? /ga"


dmlanceman says, "Hows the league coming, do u know anything about it"

prefect_adam says, "That's correct.  You do not have to use any actions if you choose not to.  You do, of course, always have to draw. /ga"

prefect_adam says, "The league is coming along nicely.  The Harry Potter Demo Program starts next month.  It's sort of a pre-league.  The real league begins January 5th. /ga"


adamflash says, "If you're using snape, and you have no other potions lessons, and your spell tell you to discard one, what do you do? /ga"

prefect_adam says, "You can't play a spell unless you actually have the lesson cards in play to discard. /ga"


scrye_fung says, "If my opponent played 'Peeves causes Troubles' and I'm using Harry Potter's special ability to draw two cards instead of one, do I get 1 damage or 2 damage per cards drawn during such action?"

prefect_adam says, "You just take 1. Peeve's deals 1 damage when 1 or more cards are drawn. /ga"


bananaman9876 says, "Ok.  Assuming that the card game lives through the whole 7book series, will the card game continue even if the books do not?"

What did you want to ask? elaine_chase says, "I'll get this one. Right now, we are concentrating on book 1, but we hope that HP will be a long term project for us. /ga"


fanatic_family says, "when playing cards like the kelpie, where they protect you from spells, can you explain how its health is affected by attacks?"

prefect_adam says, "You keep track of the damage a creature has taken with counters (or whatever's handy) and when the total amount of damage the creauture's taken reaches its health, the creature is discarded. /ga"


oliveman says, "I looked up a card deck on the web and it says hagrid is a charater when in the book he says hes half giant Creature or charetar? Exactly? /ga"

elaine_chase says, "Characters in the HP game are sentient creatures. Hagrid is most definitely sentient. /ga"


prefect_profo says, "Can I play Confundus if opponent has 0 cards in his/her hand (or Ollivanders with no item in discard pile, Mysterious Egg/Hagrid and the Stranger with no creature in appropriate pile, Avifors with no opponent's CMC lessons in play...)?"

prefect_adam says, "You may not. You have to be able to do everything the spell says in order to play the spell. /ga"


gymleaderphil_pojo says, "What kind of juicy info you can give us about Harry Potter DCI Tournies? Heres some Maple Bars left over from yesterdays chat, Good Luck! /ga"

prefect_adam says, "We'll be offering sanctioned tournaments this Fall. Is that juicy? /ga"


nagini_power says, "do you have to get rid of all creatures in you deck and on the board with  tran. exam? /ga"

prefect_adam says, "Just the ones in play (thank heavens!) /ga"


scrye_fung says, "When I play Toe Bitter on my opponent and his/her Pet Toad (or Kelpie with at least 3 damage counters) in play, can Pet Toad/Kelpie manage toabsorb both the damage it got from Toe Bitter and redirected damage from my opponent; or first the opponent gets the damage which he/she can redirect to Pet Toad, it dies and the 2 damage to Pet Toad just 'fizzle out'?"

prefect_adam says, "Do everything in the order the card says.  If the creature that's taking the damage meant for the Wizard or Witch survives, then it may also take the damage meant for creatures.  If it doesn't survicevevevev"

prefect_adam says, "If it doesn't survive, another creature must take the damage. /ga"


minerva59 says, "Does Invisibility Cloak prevent the Spell card, Steelclaw, from doing additional damage to you through your opponent's creatures, if you choose to use Invisibility Cloak when that Spell card is played?"

elaine_chase says, "I knew you guys were going to ask this. See, we pay attention to the boards!"

elaine_chase says, "Steel Claw says that the creatures do the damage, so Invisibility Cloak would not stop it."

elaine_chase says, "Winged Keys, on the other hand, would stop the damage from the one creature you picked. /ga"


scrye_fung says, "Can I use the last drawn card from the deck and I loose when I have no cards to draw? Or I loose as soon as I draw the last card from my pile and I can never use the last card in the pile anyhow?"

prefect_adam says, "You lose as soon as the last card is gone.  Under the deck on the playmat is should say "if you can read this message, you have lost.""


bananaman9876 says, "I'm guessing that means its my turn.  So, how many expansions do you have planned right now? (are there any more than the Quidditch one planned so far?)"

prefect_adam says, "Quidditch Cup is the next one up.  That's all we're talking about so far.  /ga"


dmlanceman says, "Do u have any info on the expansion for us. I heard it will come out later this year, but do u have a better date for us? How will it be incorporated into the game? have u seen any cards? How many cards in the set? Any info would be great."

prefect_adam says, "It's scheduled to come out in November/December. That's about all the info we've got for you so far.  /ga"

elaine_chase says, "And it'll be cool!"


nagini_power says, "any cards to combat #4 privet? /ga"

elaine_chase says, "Maybe..... /ga"

prefect_adam says, "No spell cards. ;') /ga"


scrye_fung says, "Elaine Chase - what's your position with WotC and what's your affiliation with HP: TCG? BTW, do you know Mike Elliot - he's cancelled on us twice on two Pokemon chats. Please beat him over the head if you know him :)"

elaine_chase says, "Yes, I know Mike. He sits by me. He's really tall, but when he’s sitting I'll whack him for you!"

elaine_chase says, "I work in TCG R&D for WotC. Right now I spend most of my time on the HP expansions, but I work on other games, like Magic."


scrye_fung says, "Great stuff .. now we've met robert gutschera and Teeuwynn :)./ga"


gymleaderphil_pojo says, "Do you know if you guys will be releasing Promotional Cards for the Movie this Holiday Season or did the WotC Executives Duck Tape your mouth shut about this one ^_^? /ga"

elaine_chase says, "We don't have any info for you about that right now. /ga"


scrye_fung says, "How do you use character cards? I know you play them for two actions but once they are down do you simply announce using it's ability and then do it? And is this over and above your regular actions? Also if you have a number of characters down can you use each of their abilities on the same turn so in theory you could use 4 or 5 different abilities on the same turn?"

elaine_chase says, "You can have lots of characters in play at once, and they all give you access to their special abilities. They work just like they were your starting character, but they can get discarded from play by an effect. /ga"


prefect_profo says, "How many sets do you plan on making per book? /ga"

prefect_adam says, "We don't have an answer for that right now.  /ga"


minerva59 says, "You have 2 Lesson cards, Hermione and Remembrall in play.  After drawing your card at the start of your turn you decide to use Remembrall and put a Lesson card from your discard pile into play.  Since this is considered an "Action" according to Remembrall, can you now use Hermione's special ability to play another Lesson card?  Or only when you play a Lesson card from your hand?"

elaine_chase says, "Sorry to do this, but we don't have an answer for that right now. We'll let you know real soon, though, promise!! /ga"


fanatic_family says, "If you have 2 spell lessons in play, and you play a silver cauldron, (discarding the two lessons), does this mean you can still play any spells that don't ask for discarding lessons, until your opponent removes this item? /ga"

prefect_adam says, "Yes, you may play anything that doesn't require a lesson tobe discarded, using the power provided by the Silver Cauldron. /ga"


bananaman9876 says, "Are you going to tell us anything about any upcoming expansions/promotions besides their dates?  And what does /ga mean?"

elaine_chase says, "As you can tell, we don't have any info for you yet on upcoming sets. A sson as we do we'll share! /ga (go ahead)"


scrye_fung says, "What is considered to be "playing" a card?"

elaine_chase says, "Right now, there is no difference in HP between playing a card and putting a card into play. So any way that you either play a spell out of your hand or get a card into play is "playing" it. /ga"


fanatic_family says, "Someone asked about what could be done to get rid of an adventure and you said no spells could do this.  What about Logic Puzzle?"

prefect_adam says, "You can't use a Spell cards to remove 4 Privet Drive (which makes spells unplayable.)  Other Adventures can certainly be removed with spells like Logic Puzzle. /ga"


dmlanceman says, "to elaine:since ur working with the hp expansions, would u know if the next set will be able to go with the basic set, or will it be like a whole new  set? I can't think of a way for "quidditch cup" to be with 1st set, if there are new cards (if there are)"

elaine_chase says, "HP expansions will work the same way as other TCG. It just adds more cards for you to play with the ones that are already out. ga"


scrye_fung says, "I have a card with an ability that can be used only once per game. If the card gets returned to my hand and then I play it again, can I use the ability again?"

prefect_adam says, "Yes. /ga"


prefect_profo says, "Will there be other ways around Privet Drive in the upcoming expansion? /ga"

elaine_chase says, "I already said maybe. Maybe it is!.......... ga"

prefect_adam says, "There's lots of ways around Privet Drive.  I call them creatures. ;') /ga"


metal_entei says, "for the Step. Diagon Alley Demo do we sign up for a store, or do WotC just pick them, I want to run one for a store near me."

elaine_chase says, "The Diagon Alley demos are being run at premier stores and select mass market stores all over the place. If you know of a premier store near you, you can ask if they are getting it. ga"


guest351 says, "What cards are given at diagon alley?"

prefect_adam says, "We haven't said yet. Be ready to be surprised by the Diagon Alley cards (but not too surprised.) ?ga"


minerva59 says, "Regarding Hagrid, "Whenever 1 of your Creatures does 3 or more damage to your opponent, it does 2 more damage than it normally would."  Would it do 2 more damage times the number of 3+ damage creatures (all) or just 2 moredamage once?"

prefect_adam says, "Each creature will deal the additional damage. /ga"


nagini_power says, "will there be a computer game like for magic? so that you can play online (not the rpg for gameboy,etc)"

elaine_chase says, "We have no plans for a computer game at this point, but youcan pick up an apprentice game at the Pojo. ga"


guest354 says, "What Promotional Cards Are Given Out At The Diagon Alley Demo?"

prefect_adam says, "We haven't said yet. /ga"


bananaman9876 says, "Is Wizards going to host HP chats often now (weekly?).  Orwill the be special events? /ga"

prefect_adam says, "That depends on the demand.  At this point I think it's quite likely we'll set up a weekly chat.  I'm finding this quite enjoyable. /ga"


guest354 says, "What promotional cards are given out at the Diagon Alley Demo?/ga"


madeyemax says, "Can Draco's ability be activated more than once per turn? Can a player use both turns to discard an opponent's card?/ga"

prefect_adam says, "Draco's ability CAN be used more than once per turn.  As many actions as you've got, that's how many times his ability may be used. /ga"


scrye_fung says, "f"


scrye_fung says, "my cut & paste is messed"

prefect_adam says, "not much of a question, really. ;')"


scrye_fung says, ":) ./ga"


metal_entei says, "when will the list be up. I just call a premier and they said they heard nothing about the Diagon Alley Demo"

prefect_adam says, "If you mean the list of stores, we're working on getting itup soon.  Not all stores have received their kits, not all have gotten back to us about wanting to run the demo. Any Premier Store that doesn't have the info or the kit should give us a call. /ga"


scrye_fung says, "Re: Weekly HP Chats? Hmm .. trying to out duel (<-- joke ;) ) Master Trainer Pat and Master Trainer Mike? :D Seriously though, I think they’ll go well especially with this new game. Anyways, thanks to you and Elaine for doing this sort of chat; it's been a great time! I hope it becomes a regular thing. I hope more of HP and Pokemon R&D comes out to these chats."

elaine_chase says, "I'm glad to come by whenever I can. I read the boards everyday, and we're really paying attention to what you guys are thinking about the game to make it the best we can. /ga"


dmlanceman says, "in cards like norbert, it says discard 2 CMC lessons, but what if u have only 1? /ga"

prefect_adam says, "Then you can't play the card. /ga"


adamflash says, "Why is the Hagrid Card not a wizard? And will you be making other character cards of the same character, just with different abilities? /ga"


metal_entei says, "Will there be a Wizard/Witch Duel like Pokemon STS?? And do we get membership cards from the HP league like the DCI Pokemon card??"

elaine_chase says, "Hagrid got expelled from Hogwarts and his wand was snapped in half, so of course he's not a wizard! You'll just have to wait and see what we do with characters in the future. /ga"

wizo_abishai says, "Ok, that's it for our first Harry Potter TCG chat - I'd like to thank Prefect_Adam and Elaine_Chase for taking the time to answer our questions."

wizo_abishai says, "Thank you all for coming. We're sure to have more of theses later in the future"

prefect_adam says, "If you have any questions that we couldn't get to you can call our Customer Service Department right now at 1-800-324-6496 or send an e-mail to questions@wizards.com"

elaine_chase says, "Thank you all for coming! Happy gaming!"

wizo_jedi says, "You guys can, if you dare, continue to answer questions free-for-all style in the TCG Forum."

prefect_adam says, "Thanks everyone.  We'll have to do this again sometime!"

prefect_adam says, "Nope, going home now!"

prefect_adam says, "Bye!"