"Play the Ladder"


Well, stEEl_clAw's back and she's opening her big mouth again. (Now, I sometimes hang out under the name OMGyrachu=)  This time, it's to encourage you avid Harry Potter fans to play the Trading Card Game.  I know you are all saying "it's too expensive" and "I don't want to buy the cards, the game is dying", and other comments like that.  Well, you don't HAVE to spend a lot of money to start a collection.  All you need is an internet connection, and a parent's permission to download stuff (if applicable).  If you are reading this, you probably do have Internet connection, so for the downloading:  You'll need two programs, entitled "mIRC" and "apprentice".  You'll also need to download a separate patch for Apprentice, as the program was meant to play Magic.


http://www.pojo.com/harrypotter/ccg/apprentice/patch.shtml -- Here's all the information you'll need for downloading Apprentice and the patch. 


No need for me to write it up all again, I probably couldn't write an Apprentice tutorial better than MadEye_D and Snuffles anyways. ;)  Props to Legolas, Enraged, Crusader, FEND and Snuffles for programming and debugging the new HP patch.  Double props to anyone I forgot. =)


To use the chat room, you either need to download the Java version (some people like this, I don't know why), or you could use the mIRC program itself, which loads much faster than a java Applet.


http://www.pojo.com/harrypotter/ccg/apprentice/league.shtml   -- Here’s another very useful link to download mIRC or go to the Java chat page.


You don't have to be a great player to join the league, playing in it is great fun and a useful way to play test your decks if you want to prepare for a tournament or to play in an online tourney if you don't have a HP league near you.  There is usually at least one person around to play a game of HP against.  Well after two weeks of writing this article through evil Writer's block, I have run out of ideas. So go play already! =)


Comments, rebuttal, flames, hate-mail goes to:


See ya on the ladder!

~ stEEl_clAw