Chamber of Secrets Scans
September 29, 2002 - by Grotlad05

Hey Pojo Staff and fans! My name is Grotlad05. The store I go to, Gatehouse Games, just got Chamber of Secrets boosters, theme decks, and 2-Player Starter decks on Thursday, September 26th. I only had enough cash to get the 2-player starter deck, but I'll be getting more cards next week...
Here's some scans for you to drool on.

As you can see, these are the mascots for the four Hogwarts houses. I'm happy that they finally made them. I noticed that this set seems to have some nice cards to put into House Decks.
I also got a holo Manticore. Yay!

Here, we have the 2 typical starters; different names, but same cards.
Why Wizards hasn't changed their abilities, I'm not sure. Cool non-the-less.

These are the new spells I got in my 2-player starter decks. If you notice, Backfire is exactly like Stupefy, Beetle Buttons is exactly like Incarcifors, Freezing Charm is a slighly stronger Stream of Flames , and Evanesee is a Vanish, but you can discard a lesson instead of a character.

Here's the box. It has cool art.

The basilisk is awesome. On the back of the card list is a tutorial on making a Harry Potter deck. The only thing I didn't scan was the Players Mat, but on the back of it was a picture of every card in the
Chamber of Secrets expansion, sorted by type. The pics were small but readable.

Well, that's the article.I'll be sending more scans in a week or so.
You can e-mail me at
Firedemon05@charter.net I'm Grotlad05 See ya later!