Here is the interview by BBC's Lizo and JK Rowling on the next book and 
current stuff that is happening.  This was done on the 19th of September. 
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Lizo: How do you feel now that the court case is over?

JK: I'm so relieved. This court case has dragged on for a few years. I'm a really happy woman today!

Lizo: How do you feel about the fact that she made up so many things to try and win the case?

JK: You can imagine the relief that finally the truth is actually out there. While it was going on there's nothing you can say, you feel powerless. The judge found for us very quickly - I'm really happy.

Lizo: There have been quite a few rumours about when book five will be out - when do you think it'll be ready?

JK: There's a lot of book done - that's all I want to say because if I give a date and then I pass it everyone will be upset.

I will say that I have a beginning, a middle and an end - you could read it all the way through and I know a lot of Harry Potter fans will say just give it to us but I'm perfectionist and I want a bit more time to tweak.

I really am getting there and I have to laugh when I read the bits about writers block because I don't think I've ever been blocked in my life!

I'm loving the writing and now the revising and I'm getting on really well.

Lizo: You can't tell us whether that will be weeks or month?

JK: I'd rather not say just in case I have a bus accident and things get knocked off track! It won't be too long - that's all I'll say!

Lizo: Is there anything that you can tell us about book five? Any new characters?

JK: Well, we've obviously got a new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher because Professor Moody wouldn't want the job again having been locked in a trunk for a year! It's a woman this time.

You may see a little more of Mundungus and there's a new sorting hat song.

Lizo: Is the book going to be as long as book four was?

JK: Yes, it is looking that way - it's already passed Azkaban, so I think yes, we are looking at Goblet of Fire length.

Lizo: Do you keep an eye on the internet and all the rumours about when the new book will be out?

JK: For my own mental health it's best not to go onto the internet and type in Harry Potter too often because it's scary!

I will say that while the court case was going on someone told me to go and have a look at a couple of the fan sites and I did and they were very very supportive of me.

It meant a lot to me at a time when I was wondering whether anyone would ever believe that I hadn't stolen from someone else -I'd like to say thank you to those people.

Lizo: Is this book is definitely called The Order Of The Phoenix?

JK: Yes

Lizo: We've had loads of kids e mailing in saying how glad they are the court case is over - they've followed it for two years - what is your message to them?

JK: Thank you. Thank you for believing that I was telling the truth. It did mean a lot to me.

People often think that when you're successful things like this don't hurt you and they couldn't be more wrong.

It was really hard for a while and I couldn't be more grateful to those people for saying that - it means a lot to me.

Lizo: The other thing is that we've had so many e mails from children saying 'lets not hassle JK about the book, when it's ready we'll be really eager to read it' what's your message to them?

JK: I like them even more! They're very unusual children because even my own daughter has no problem asking me about the book!

Lizo: Finally, what's your message to children who've been waiting for the next book for a two and half years?

JK: It's coming and it's a lot nearer than you'd think if you read some newspapers - just trust me.