Alright, for the most part I agree with Steelclaw's thoughts on Harry 
Potter. There is one aspect I'd like to focus on, however. This would be the 
idea Steelclaw had about Harry Potter having no broken cards. I'm going to 
elaborate a little more on this, so bear with me.
First off, I agree, Harry Potter really has no broken cards. Broken cards 
are cards that are over powerful. He used an example of having Charizard 
being a broken card in Pokemon. This is a very good example, but for those 
who DON'T play or know what Pokemon is, Charizard was (at the time) the 
"best" card in the game. Now most decks are a style called "Raindance".
However, there is no real single card that dominates the game. Sure, there 
are good cards: Picking on Neville, Marble Gargoyle, Prof. Minerva 
McGonagall, etc. However, I think the worst thing in the game is the 
dominance of creatures. Creatures are, by far, the most played type in the 
game. They often win a lot of matches, unless you use a anti-creature deck. 
If you use one of these decks, then your opponent COULD use the occasional 
Quidditch/Charms (or anything else for that matter) deck and could beat 
yours. Almost every deck I have played in my last 20 matches is a creature 
deck. A little too much for me. I'll elaborate more on this later, but I 
want to switch the subject first.
One of the most important things that I do not agree with Steelclaw on is 
the fact that broken cards make a game more popular. In retrospect, they 
make the game LESS popular. I'll explain my thinking. Cards that are broken 
are seen in a lot of decks. Sooner or later, they will come out with a 
counter, but why waste the space in your deck for a counter to ONE card?
Now, on to further matters. If you see it in every deck, then why just have 
every deck be the same? This just makes the game less fun, and to an extent, 
boring. Thus, the need for broken cards is a good thing, because I really 
would not like to see any of them.
Now, back to the creatures. I think that creatures should become LESS 
powerful in the future, by making cards that deal with creatures for less 
lessons, so they can keep up with the speed-creatures decks. I would also 
like to see Potions get a bit stronger, as Charms and Quidditch are already 
almost equal. Transfiguration is a little bit more used, but definitely not 
a must in decks.
I also hope to see a new type of lesson in the new set. This would 
definitely get more interest from everybody. Just a thought. Maybe it could 
be something like Plants/Gardening...
Anyway, to wrap it up, I really think that broken cards make a TCG worse 
rather then better, and they really shouldn't make any. They should also 
make creatures a lot less powerful and potions a little more powerful.
Again, feel free to send me any comments or ideas/suggestions. I always like 
e-mail, so don't think that you are bothering me. ;)
Legolas --