In this article I'd like to cover a few topics. 
1)I'd like to address Beth about knocking beginners
around and how that can be counter productive to the
growth of the game.
2) The current online meta game; and the over abuse of
creature decks.
3)Why Neville Longbottom sucks despite the article on
how good he is!
4) The state of HP and if there is anything we can
really do.
So first, Beth: while bringing out a nuclear weapon (a
really strong deck) against a beginners deck(maybe a
rock), can cause the new player to have a terrible
association with the game- think about this:
In Magic the Gathering new players continue to pursue
the game even though when they play a really good
player they are obliterated. Why? Because like any
decent strategy game- playing just for fun eventually
wears off, and the fun comes in learning and growing
with the game. It is true that beginners should have a
fun introduction to the game. But I also know many
beginners who love seeing crazy decks like the PCD
deck because it gives them something to strive to
beat. Or something they want to put together. At the
same time, even if new players were entering- there is
NOWHERE to play. Let me pose this to people. How far
would you have to drive to go to a TOURNAMENT? I'm not
talking about merely league play. Why a tournament?
Because that generates a need to actually buy the
good cards. And if people need certain cards the
values of sets go up and the interest in BUYING. If
wizards sees people buying their product- well then
the endorsement would follow. Without tournaments
though: why should one buy a card? You can simply play
online. Even in league is there a real drive to create
the equivalent of a high tide deck? No, you get
nothing if you win or lose. Yes, it's fun. But would I
pay that much money to have that kind of fun when I
could play chess for fun for free? I might as well
bring a garbage deck and not buy new cards. See
collectors just want a full set which doesnít REALLY
increase the long-term value of the cards like how
magic cards increase or decrease based on playability.
The cards value is directly linked to tournament play.
We have to get WOTC to offer tournaments. If we lobby
or consistently take their time up - eventually we
will have an impact. But who honestly is investing
their time for that?
Now, one thing I noticed online, is that everyone is
playing creature decks. You know who you are. Yes, I'm
aware of the exceptions and I thank you for making the
game more interesting. If any of you have played me,
you'll know I veer from the typical decks and I have
quite a strange variety. Crusader even got to play
against my tourney deck today without knowing
it---(the one with giant squid :-). But I want to look
at why people are playing creature decks.
Creature decks have 3 things going for them.
1) Even if you donít draw certain cards, you still have
tons of damage dealing entities: which means paths to
2)Very few lessons are needed for some powerful
creatures..(cough, cough, black bat).
3)Not as effective anti-creature cards vs. anti-spell
And if the defensive player doesnít draw his or her
creature removal- then she or he is looking at a bleak
However- my tournament deck is a defensive deck. And
it's record is 38-0. So think about that. Also if you
notice the unusual amount of creature decks like I do-
it's time to start meta gaming against them. Recently
I've been working on a wooden flute anti-creature
deck. I suggest other people start realizing that so
many decks are over played. The other over played deck
I see is the quid/ charm discard deck. If your deck
can handle both creature variants and quid charm you
have a good shot at going on a plus 8 or more streak.
But adding to my decks to beat I thought I might
include a cruddy version of the discard quid/charm
4 titillando
1 madam rolanda hooch
4 out of control
4 wand shop
4 letters from no one
4 ouch
4 bewtiched snowballs
4 stream of flames
4 purple firecrackers
3 borrowed wand
23 charms
1 Comet 2-60
1 nimbus 2000
Now also I'm aware of an article of some player who
claims that neville longbottom decks are UNBEATABLE.
Hardly possible.
First off neville longbottoms ability is to lower
damage to 8 a turn max. Ok lets even assume you have a
hospital dorm in play so 4 damage is the most that can
get through. Most of my decks don't even rely on more
then5 damage a turn so much as disrupting my opponents
strategy. IF two players are having a damage race
then- yes- neville can be good. But honestly I think
you need to try better decks to beat that neville
deck. Discard their hand with the deck above- will
they be able to play their healing spells then or even
retrieve them. Kill their lessons- will they be able to
play anything then. I mean come on. If all youíre going
for is mass damage against any good deck your going to
loose. Neville slows down a players start, and late
game only slows mass damage decks. That's not a lot of
decks- well maybe it is because the current meta game
is creature filled. If you play Neville as a back up
character it is 2 actions ridiculous when you could be
dealing damage or setting up for ways to completely
lock your opponent down.
With that I'm going to leave it to you to respond. But
like I said before if you guys would like a decks to
beat section I'd love to get one up and running.
Voice your opinions!
-Seth Gimlan