The State of Harry Potter
By Legolas --
Compared to the up-and-coming Yu-Gi-Oh, Harry Potter is just another Trading 
Card Game. I believe this is partly due to us, the fans and players, not 
supporting it enough. But I believe that, for the most part, it is Wizards 
of the Coasts fault.
When Harry Potter Trading Card Game first came out, it looked like it was 
going to be very popular, and Wizards of the Coast probably thought they had 
brought another hit Trading Card Game to the world. However, now, it seems 
like it is forgotten. Sure, most of us reading this play and enjoy it, and 
that is exactly why I am writing this. I want to continue to enjoy playing 
the game. Iím sure you all do to, but thatís hardly the case for Wizards of 
the Coast. It seems like they donít care if we enjoy, they just care about 
their profits.
Many of the past scheduled Harry Potter Chats at (Wizards of the 
Coastís official site) have been canceled due to the STAFF not showing up. I 
have been annoying Wizards about this via custserv (Customer Service), but 
they have not even answered. E-mails stretch from early July, until the last 
one I made, which was Sunday the 28th day of July. It seems like they are 
avoiding us avid Harry Potter fans, and concentrating more on games like 
Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering. Even Star Wars, which they just starting 
making, gets more publicity than Harry Potter at the site. So without the 
chat, how do we know what rulings are correct? I have been meaning to ask 
one, so I sent it in to custserv, and when I called, I got two separate 
answers. Now, what company makes two different rulings on the same rule?
Besides the rules, there are many other things Wizards arenít doing. I will 
try to get through as many as I can. First off, where I live, there isnít a 
league in the whole state. There are many states that donít have Harry 
Potter leagues in them. Hereís the complete up-to-date list of states 
that DO NOT have leagues:
New Mexico
North Dakota
West Virginia
Rhode Island
Thatís eighteen out of fifty states, or only 64% of the states have leagues 
in them! Donít you think that Wizards should NOT deprive people like that? 
Itís also even hard to find cards around here Ė we have a community of about 
one million people, and I can only manage to find Quidditch Cup booster 
packs. Maybe if Wizards of the Coast wanted to make a profit, they should 
make their products available to everyone.
If you live in Canada, and you wanted to get into a league, it is very 
doubtful that you are located within 500 miles of there. In all of Canada, 
there are only two leagues Ė one in Ontario and one in British Columbia. I 
donít even have to say anything about that. If you live anywhere else in the 
world, you can tell that the chances of you being in a league are slim.
Now, donít feel like Harry Potter is going completely out the window. I do 
not work at Wizards, so I have no idea what they have planned for Harry 
Potter Trading Card Game. Personally, I would like to see the popularity 
grow a little more. Like I said, this is partly our fault. For example:
Last year, would receive nearly 100 tips a month, this month, they 
received a measly 11. I think that we could get the players participation a 
little more Ďexcitingí, than maybe Wizards would support it more. Also, more 
people in Pojoís Harry Potter TCG Ladder could be extremely helpful. Right 
now, it has about 63 people, but there were only 24 matches yesterday on the 
ladder. In #pojohp, Pojo.comís official Harry Potter Internet chat usually 
gets about 7 people. The channel record is only about 14. Although AOL is 
banned, you can still get in with talking to an op (I can get you in if you 
want, just e-mail me your name and Iíll try to contact you so you can get 
Of course, boycotting Wizards would be mean. So letís not get that idea from 
this article. I wrote this so I could express how I feel about the State of 
Harry Potter, and what we could do to make it better. Just thought Iíd say 
that before I continue on.
Another thing Iíd like to see have done is have a rule that you do (this) 
before (this). For example, if I had out Neville Longbottom and the Location 
Hospital Dormitory was in play, would the four blocked from Hospital 
Dormitory go towards the eight that Neville doesnít block? Itís a good 
question, so Iíd like to see certain steps that you use come out. (Note: 
Iíve e-mail custserv and I called Wizards, and I got two different answers, 
so that doesnít help much.)
Another thing Iíd like to see (Iíve already mentioned this, but Iíll go more 
in-depth with it now) is a little more site devotement by Wizards. For 
example, if youíve ever been to the site, thereís nothing that has to do 
with Harry Potter under the ďEventsĒ tab. Yet, somehow there is Star Wars, 
Pokemon, Magic: The Gathering, Conventions, Showdown Sports, and Chain mail. 
WHERE IS HARRY POTTER? According to the popular Scrye magazine, which 
focuses on Trading Card Games, hereís the order of TCG sells:
1)††††† Magic: The Gathering
2)††††† Dragon Ball Z
3)††††† Lord of the Rings
4)††††† Pokemon
5)††††† Yu-Gi-Oh
6)††††† Harry Potter
Sixth out of all the TCGs! It outsells Showdown Sports, and it is right up 
there with Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon. Of course it way outsells Star Wars, though 
I have nothing against it, it has nothing going at this point in time.
Their store also irritates me. I tried to buy Adventures at Hogwarts 
boosters from their sites, but it is so complex, it said that there wasnít a 
URL. When I went to buy Diagon Alley cards, it redirected me to another 
site. If they could just stick with them dealing everything, Iím sure all 
the fans would be happier.
Well, this is about the state of Harry Potter, right? Right now, I think 
that Harry Potter is going down the drain unless we take action. We need 
more people to show up for local tournaments, more matches and people on the 
ladder, more tips submitted, etc. I feel like Wizard watches Pojo for 
activity Ė after all, they do recommend the site for Card Lists, Spoilers, 
and even sometimes rulings!
Of course, it would be great if Wizards helped us out a little bit, by 
giving us more leagues to participate in that are local, but I donít think 
that they are going to do that before we get more activity. All members who 
are in the top 30 on the ladder should ladder at least 2 times a day Ė if we 
did this, we would have at least 60 matches a day. What do you think Wizards 
would do if that happened?
Well, Iím going to try to wrap it up; Iíve gone on long enough. Iím going to 
rant on a little more about the chat. The last chat was on June 12th. The 
date is August 1st. The rhyme goes thirty days has September, April, June, 
and November, all the rest have 31, February stands alone. If you donít want 
to do the math, thatís 50 days since the last chat.
In conclusion, I would like to see everyone get a little bit more active on 
this site Ė if you sent in one tip a week, and joined the ladder and 
laddered twice a day or more, it would most likely convince Wizards to give 
Harry Potter a second look, and see how good it really is.
If you have questions about getting on the Pojo Harry Potter league, chat, 
or how to send in tips, feel free to e-mail me, Iíll be glad to answer any 
of your questions! Please put Pojo Harry Potter or something similar in the 
subject line so I know itís safe. ;) Thanks for reading!
Legolas Ė