June 12, 2002 - by profpoke



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wizo_penderwydd  shouts, The Harry Potter Trading Card Game chat starts in a few moments!  Come to TCG Forum to ask the prefects your questions.  We'll begin shortly."

prefect_adam  enters.

soslowpoke  enters.

wizo_penderwydd says, Hello Adam!

prefect_profo says, Howdy adam. :)

prefect_adam says, Hello all!

wizo_penderwydd  shouts, The Harry Potter Trading Card Game chat starts in a few moments!  Come to TCG Forum to ask the prefects your questions.  It starts Now!"

soslowpoke says, Hey everyone

snuffeh says, halo!

prefect_adam says, I'm Prefect Adam and I'm here to answer your questions about the Harry Potter Trading Card Game including questions about the new expansion, Adventures at Hogwarts!

snuffeh says, ?

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_profo says, ?

wizo_penderwydd  ((Yes we are using protocal,  thank you for using it without being told.  Sorry its a little hectic here,  bear with me))

wizo_penderwydd says, ok snuffeh your question

snuffeh says, Ok i have a question about cards that prevent damage such as Comet 260.  Now even though my opponent controls the turn order, do i declare what damage i am preventing?  for instance... if they have an adventure or location that makes their creatures deal more damage, can i prevent the first damage with the comet 260 or other damage reducing items and spells? /ga

prefect_adam says, You may always choose the damage being prevented, unless the card says otherwise.  In fact, you should always be clear about what damage you are preventing if numerous things (like creatures) are dealing damage at once. /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, soslowpoke, your turn

soslowpoke says, What does Fang from Adventures at Hogwarts do? /ga

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_adam says, It's a Damage: 4 Health: 7 creature that deals 4 damage to the opponent when you play the card.  A good place for card lists, including spilers is www.pojo.com.  I believe we'll get card lists up on our site as well, but it takes us a lot longer. /ga

mew4ever  enters.

wizo_penderwydd says, Prefect_profo,  your question please

You say, When does the set come out in the US? I've heard some people in the UK already got it, but not many here have it yet.. /ga

snuffeh says, ?

prefect_adam says, Adventures at Hogwarts?  It was released between 1 and 2 weeks ago, depending on where you live and how your local store orders cards. It's OUT! /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, soslowpoke, you had another question?

soslowpoke says, What's the exact wording on Argus Filch from AAH? I'm asking about cards Pojo doesn't have. /ga

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_profo says, ?

prefect_adam says, I'll do this one more for you.  Copying card texts is generally a no-no.  You may use an Action to discard an Adventure from play.

prefect_adam says, He's a character, but not a witch/wizard. /ba

prefect_adam says, that's /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, snuffeh your turn

snuffeh says, I have a question about the order things happen in with spells like Toe Biter and Stream of Flames, mostly i am just clarifying...  Some cards say AND THEN, these cards say "you may also".... so do they do damage at the same time or do i declare the order or what? /ga

mew4ever  enters.

mew4ever  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

prefect_adam says, The effects occur in the order listed on the card, though as nothing can occur between the effects, it usually doesn't matter.  /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, soslowpoke, your next question

ldevree11  enters.

soslowpoke says, How much Power required to play Fang? /ga

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_adam says, Eight! /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, prefect_profo, your turn

prefect_profo says, If I have Draco Malfoy, Slytherin as my starting character, and I have Eel Eyes and Beetle Eyes in play. Do I get an extra action from Draco, Slytherin's ability if I discard these two from play and pull out a Bulgeye Potion from my deck into play eventhough I used an action to search my deck? /ga

prefect_profo says, ?

prefect_adam says, (and discard a CMC from play)

prefect_adam says, There's always a question like this ;')  Hang on...

prefect_adam says, Yes, like always, there is no difference between "playing" a card and "putting a card into play", so yes, you'd get the extra action. /ga

prefect_profo says, !

wizo_penderwydd says, prefect_adam, you have a comment?

wizo_penderwydd says, er profo

wizo_penderwydd says, sorry

prefect_adam says, we all look the same. ;')

prefect_profo says, The custserv people said: 1) no, for Draco it is actually the action of playing the item, the eel eyes, and beetle eyes the action is to discard them (I know it says to put it into play, but that is the effect, not the action)

prefect_profo says, Do they know what they're talking about? ;x

prefect_profo says, ./ga

prefect_adam says, It was probably me, I give a different answer everytime I get asked the question.  Hang on again...

prefect_adam says, Yep, oops.  I remember answering that one now.  I always give the wrong answer during the chat ('cause I don't have a chance to check like with custserv). /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, ((current queue: soslowpoke, open))  any more questions or comments?

wizo_penderwydd says, soslowpoke go ahead

prefect_adam says, Custerv (which is still me) was correct.

soslowpoke says, What's Ron the Brave's Effect? /ga

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_profo says, ?

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_adam says, You'll need to wait for card lists for that sort of thing.  Are you sure don't have any rules questions I can get wrong. ;') /ga

soslowpoke says, !

wizo_penderwydd says, soslowpoke, you had a comment?#

soslowpoke says, You can't get Spoiler questiosn wrong =p

wizo_penderwydd says, prefect_profo, your question

prefect_profo says, If my opponent has the Letters from No One Adventure (which restricts me into using actions to draw cards only), and I have a book in play, could I discard the book from play and draw 3 cards since it is still using an action to draw cards, only that I have to discard it? /ga

mew4ever  enters.

mew4ever  leaves, heading for Quiet Room.

prefect_adam says, Yes, that is allowed.  /ga

mew4ever  enters.

snuffeh says, ?

wizo_penderwydd says, soslowpoke, did you have a rules question?

mew4ever  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

prefect_profo says, !

soslowpoke says, When a card talks about discarding Lessons, does it refer them as Lesson Cards or anythign that provides a lesson

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_adam says, Such things are talking about Lesson Cards.  Non-lessons that provide power will not do.  /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, prefect_profo, your comment...

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_profo says, Trusty old CustServ: 2) No, again the action is to discard it, not to draw the 3 cards (which is effect, but not what the action does) /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, snuffeh, your question please

snuffeh says, Dragon Gloves states that whenever a creature does damage to you, prevent one of that damage, so does that mean that if a creature only does one damage that i have to take it?

hawk_knight  enters.

snuffeh says, sorry.. /ga

hawk_knight  leaves, heading for Crossroads Tavern.

ldevree11  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

prefect_adam says, If the creature is dealing one damage, and you can prevent one of that damage, you may stop all the damage the creature deals.  /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, soslowpoke, your question please

prefect_profo says, ?

soslowpoke says, Then in which case would a card referrign to 'Lessons' be referring to the number of Power you have in play?

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_adam says, Cards referring to lessons are referring to Lesson cards, not things that provide power. /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, prefect_profo, your question please

prefect_adam says, (I'm ready now, I've got some backup!)

wizo_penderwydd says, (Hehe yay for Adam! ;) )

snuffeh chuckles in amusement.

prefect_profo says, So, which way is right about LFNO? /ga

soslowpoke says, ?

snuffeh says, ?

prefect_profo says, *LFNO and books

garno  leaves.

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_adam says, Again, custserv was correct. (When we get e-mail, we have time to research, unlike now).  Think of Item use as it's own sort of action...an "Item Use" action. Nothing that restricts what sort of action you can do will allow it. /ga

prefect_adam says, Nothing that looks for a specific type of action will recognize it either . /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, soslowpoke, your next question please

prefect_adam says, ...aaaaah....I feel better...it's so clear...

wizo_penderwydd  chuckles

soslowpoke says, Are there plans to do league next year, and if so, how will the format be?

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_adam says, At this time we don't have specific plans for any leagues next year.  Success of this year's league will be a major factor in deciding what's going to happen in 2003. /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, snuffeh,  your turn please

snuffeh says, If my opponent has a match in play that has four damage left on it and i play a Cobbing which deals four damage and makes them discard a card from play, Since i determine card order... A) can i claim my prize before they lose  their card in play? and B) if not, if they discard the match, do i still get the prize? /ga

prefect_adam says, Finish out the Cobbing before moving on to the the Match and its effects.  If they discard the Match, you DON'T get the prize. /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, soslowpoke, your turn again  ((any more questions from anyone?))

soslowpoke says, What will the next set be? /ga

soslowpoke says, ?

wizo_penderwydd says, ((queue is soslowpoke and then open))

prefect_adam says, The next set is scheduled for release this Fall, around the time of the movie.  We haven't announced the title yet, but I bet you could guess it. ;') /ga

prefect_profo says, ?

wizo_penderwydd says, soslowpoke, your next question

soslowpoke says, Any plans for new Lesson types in future expansions?

soslowpoke says, ?

wizo_penderwydd says, ((queue: profo, soslow, open))

snuffeh says, ?

prefect_adam says, Yes, there are plans. I don't have specifics for you, though.  /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, profo, your turn please

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_profo says, If my opponent plays Cobbing on me, can I discard my starting character? Since it doesn't say (except his or her starting character) ... /ga

garno  enters.

garno  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

prefect_adam says, The rulebook states that you can never lose your starting character.  The text is included on the cards to remind people, but doesn't actually need to be there. /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, soslowpoke, your next question

soslowpoke says, Is there a possibility that there will be Adventures that are 'Unique' in later expansions? /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, ((queue snuffeh, open))

prefect_adam says, Possible? Yes.  Will it happen?  I have no way to say. /ga

prefect_profo says, ?

soslowpoke says, ?

wizo_penderwydd says, snuffeh, your question

snuffeh says, where can i get a look at this custserv thing? is that on wizards or where? /ga

prefect_adam says, Custserv is "custserv@wizards.com"  One of my duties, along with 7 other chaps, is to answer questions sent to that e-mail address.  We answer just about any sort of Wizards of the Coast game or event question that comes our way, including questions about Harry Potter. /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, profo, your turn again

prefect_profo says, Does Galleon do about the same thing as Sickle, but better? /ga

prefect_adam says, That's correct.  Galleon provides 3 actions for 10power.  Sickle provides 2 actions for 7. /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, soslowpoke, your question please   ((queue is open))

prefect_profo says, ?

soslowpoke says, Is there any significance to the 'Candy' keyword on some of the cards in AAH?

soslowpoke says, Also, is there any significance to the small notes that appear on those cards stating (insert card name) is not really a (insert Item)?

psionicdm  enters.

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_adam says, There aren't any cards (that I can think of) that reference the Candy keyword.  It's there for...ahem...flavour.  /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, prefect_profo, your question please

prefect_profo says, Is there, or could there be cards in the future that search for like "Money" cards or "Candy" cards?/ga

psionicdm  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

psionicdm  enters.

psionicdm  leaves, heading for Quiet Room.

psionicdm  enters.

psionicdm  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

prefect_adam says, Oh, absolutely.  One of the cool things about keywords is they allow you to make cards that do things like search, discard, whatever, in the limited catagory.  The very existance of the keywords implie some intention to do that sort of thing in the future, though I've seen games where the keywords never really got used, an oversight on the part of the designers, I guess. /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, soslowpoke, your next question

soslowpoke says, Will the next set have a rarity/set size format as the base set (since it'd be starting on book 2) or will it have the same format as the previous 3 expansions? /ga

snuffeh says, ?

prefect_profo says, ?

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_adam says, I don't have any details AT ALL on the next set (not even the name), so I can't say.  /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, snuffeh's turn

snuffeh says, so is Star Grass Salve another Healing item?

prefect_adam says, Well, I know it's scheduled for release in the Fall.

prefect_adam says, Yes, it's a pretty standard Healing card.  A strong one. /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, Prefect_profo, your question please

prefect_profo says, When is the next scheduled HP Chat? /ga

prefect_adam says, Two weeks, as normal.  Unless an emergency occurs (like last time) I'll be here. /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, Soslowpoke, your question please

soslowpoke says, What is Season 6's of league's promo card?

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_profo says, ?

prefect_adam says, Sadly, that too is a question I don't have an answer to.  The first place promo card information is released is at the leagues themselves. /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, soslowpoke, another question?

soslowpoke says, What does the card "Detention" do and how many lessons does it require?

soslowpoke says, ?

soslowpoke says, ./ga

prefect_adam says, Why, who said it required Lessons...seriously, I think we covered the "what does this card do" thing. /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, ((lets try to keep questions to rules and such)

wizo_penderwydd says, Profo, your turn please

prefect_profo says, People are dying to know what the new Ron does, to see if it stacks up to the old one.. Can you say what it does? :D/ga

prefect_profo says, whoops ;x

prefect_adam says, See...when you ask all nice. (Beside I feel bad about getting Profo's questions wrong.)

prefect_adam says, ...

prefect_adam says, so ONE MORE TIME, but that's IT!

prefect_profo  ^_^

wizo_penderwydd attempts to comfort prefect_adam.

prefect_adam says, At the end of each of your turns, if you played an Adventure card that turn, you may search your deck. You may take a Character card from your deck, show it to your opponent and put it into your hand. Then shuffle your deck.

prefect_adam says, ...is Ron the Brave's ability.

prefect_adam says, /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, Ok, one more question from soslowpoke, if its a rules question

soslowpoke says, Are you allowed to solve Adventures during your opponent's turn? /ga

wizo_penderwydd says, queue is closed

soslowpoke says, how's that for rules

prefect_adam says, Nope.  The only time you can choose to do anything is during you turn.  Specifically, after you draw your card for the turn all the way through until you say you've finished.  You may still solve Adventures and use non-action abilities after you've used your last action for the turn, which can be a huge thing to know. /ga

prefect_adam says, Good one.  Thanks!

wizo_penderwydd says, That's great!  Adam have any more comments for us

prefect_profo says, Thanks for coming Adam! :D

soslowpoke says, any more comments?

prefect_adam says, Thanks for being patient with me.  I've got to remember to have Steve (who did the chat last time) with me so I don't get  stumped on the ...er...stumpers.  /ga

soslowpoke says, possibly on what Detention does  ^_^

wizo_penderwydd says, Yes thanks very much Adam!   We look forward to seeing you again in two weeks!

prefect_adam says, Come back next chat, and if you haven't found out by then, I'll tell you.  ;')

soslowpoke says, ok

wizo_penderwydd says, Thanks to all of you for attending tonight.

soslowpoke says, i'll make sure i dont find out what it does

prefect_adam says, Yes, thank you.

wizo_penderwydd says, Have a great evening, see you next time

prefect_profo says, ;')

soslowpoke says, as a matter of fact, i'll put that on a sticky note on my monitor

prefect_adam says, If you have other questions or comments about HP TCG or any Wizards product or event you can contact us by e-mail at custserv@wizards.com or call toll free at 1-800324-6496. Our phones are open right now. /ga

soslowpoke says, err post-it

soslowpoke says, can i call and ask what cards in the set do?

wizo_penderwydd says, lol

wizo_penderwydd says, bye all,  Thanks again Adam!

prefect_adam says, Technically, they arent' supposed to say, though you might get someone in a good mood.

prefect_adam says, Bye!

soslowpoke says, will you be on the other line?

prefect_profo says, hehe

wizo_penderwydd  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

prefect_profo says, I doubt they'd be in a good mood if we all called asking about them. ;x

prefect_adam says, Not me, I'm going home.

soslowpoke says, ok then i have a chance

soslowpoke says, ^ ^

prefect_profo says, =p

soslowpoke says, its simple

prefect_profo says, Seeyer Adam. =)

soslowpoke says, i'll ask half of them, you ask the other half

soslowpoke says, then they won't get fed up with us

prefect_adam  leaves.