May 1, 2002 - by profpoke



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wizo_talisman  shouts, ((Don't be a muggle! Come find out the latest happenings with the Harry Potter TCG, or we'll sic Fluffy on you! Starting in 15 minutes in the TCG room))"

prefect_adam  enters.

prefect_profo says, howdy adam

prefect_adam says, 'Allo!

prefect_adam says, ello?

prefect_adam says, Hi!

wizo_talisman says, Hello Adam

prefect_adam says, According to my watch, it's about time to begin the Harry Potter Chat.  Is anyone with me?

prefect_adam says, ;')

wizo_talisman says, Let me put out another shout to see who we can get in

prefect_profo  goes get more people =D

crookshanks_prime  enters.

wizo_talisman  shouts, ((It's time for class! Learn how to make the most of your spells and potions in the Harry Potter TCG, as Prefect Adam instructs you in TCG for everything you'll need to know in your defense against the dark arts. Starting now))"

wolfcrazygirl  enters, following wizo_talisman.

prefect_adam says, Hello everyone, I'm Adam and I'll be answering your questions about the Harry Potter Trading Card Game.  I work here at Wizards in the Customer Service department and should be able to handle any sort of questions you might have about the game

wizo_talisman says, Hello Joy

plgeorge says, ?

madeye_d  enters.

wolfcrazygirl says, hi talisman

wolfcrazygirl says, im not into harry potter but i was gonna watch for a bit

wolfcrazygirl says, im into pkm

prefect_adam says, We're happy to have you!

wolfcrazygirl says, no prob

wizo_talisman says, Okay, everyone. I'll be opening the queue in just a moment. Please listen while I give some rules for protocol.

wolfcrazygirl says, ok

wizo_talisman says, Welcome to the Harry Potter Help chat with Prefect Adam. Protocol is in effect.

wizo_talisman says, Once the queue is opened, if you have a question or a comment to make, type a ? or a ! to the screen so you can be added to the queue.

wizo_talisman says, Please have your question or comment already typed out and ready to enter when called upon to help the session run more smoothly.

wizo_talisman says, At the end of your question or comment, please type /ga so we know you are done with your statement.

wizo_talisman says, Please do not post anything to the screen until called upon.

wizo_talisman says, No matter how many times you type a ? or a ! to the screen, you will only be put in the queue once until your name has reached the top of the queue.

wizo_talisman says, Please be respectful of others.

wizo_talisman says, If you have anything to say to anybody in the room, please use a private message.

wizo_talisman says, Thank you for your cooperation.

wizo_talisman says, Adam, have any comments or announcements you'd like to make before we open the queue?

tarani  enters.

prefect_adam says, Just thanks to everyone for coming! Go ahead!

madeye_d says, ?

prefect_profo says, ?

wizo_talisman says, Okay madeye. You have the first question

madeye_d says, When you have Snape's Bias played against you, is it ok to discard books to draw cards? /ga

herbidean says, ?

plgeorge says, ?

wizo_talisman says, (current queue: profo, herbidean, plgeorge, open)

madeye_d says, ?

prefect_adam says, Sorry for the delay.  Yes, using the ability of a card doesn't count as "spending an action to draw a card"  You're spending the action to use the ability, not draw the cards directly. /ga

wizo_talisman says, prefect_profo, your question please

prefect_profo says, My opponent has out three Curious Ravens and a Mountain Troll. I play a Porcupine Robe (put one damage counter on all creatures who deal me damage) and Sloth Grip (prevent all but the first three damage in a turn). Now what happens to my opponent's creatures? Do they all get counters? If not, who chooses who gets them? Can one player say that the troll is doing all three damage, thus keeping the Ravens alive? /ga

prefect_adam says, You choose how the damage is dealt, and what the Sloth Grip is preventing.  The creatures that do not deal damage (because it was prevented) will not get counters from Porcupine Robe.  Whenever you've  multiple items applying at the same time, the player who's being

prefect_adam says, sorry

prefect_adam says, the player who'se in control of the cards in question (in this case the creatures) chooses how the effects apply.  If there's a question of what order they apply, the player whose turn it is chooses. /ga

wizo_talisman says, herbidean you're up next (queue: plgeorge, madeye_d, open)

herbidean says, If I play Human Chess game, can my opponent play a card that same turn since I just played Human Chess Game? /ga

brocksta  enters.

brocksta  leaves.

brocksta  enters.

prefect_profo says, ?

herbidean says, ?

tarani  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

prefect_adam says, Yes.  You played Human Chess game so they'll be able to play a card no matter what. /ga

brocksta  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

wizo_talisman says, Madeye, your question

wolfcrazygirl  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

madeye_d says, If your opponent has LFNO in play, can you use Harry's ability to draw 2 cards per action instead of one? /ga

burgerman48661  leaves.

prefect_adam says, Yes.  Harry's ability is still an action to draw cards.  Like the earlier question covered, using an item to draw cards would NOT be allowed. /ga

wizo_talisman says, plgeorge your question please

plgeorge says, How do you determine the order of card effects? For example if I have a madam maulkins robe shop in play and my opponent has hagrid and a wolf in play depending on the order of the cards effect you will do either 4 or 2 damage./ga

prefect_adam says, The player whose turn it decides the order effects apply if it matters  (no matter who controls them).  I wasn't exactly precise in my previous answer about that. /ga

wizo_talisman says, prefect_profo, your question please (queue: herbidean, open)

prefect_profo says, Ok, I think I found a goober on the Diagon Alley FAQ page...

prefect_profo says, Q: Good Night's Sleep tells me to use one of my Characters' "once per game" abilities. What does this mean?

prefect_profo says, A: You can tell if a Character has a "once per game" ability by reading the card's text. If it says "once per game," it is a "once per game" ability. Good Night's Sleep lets you choose one of your non-Healing Characters with a "once per game" ability that you have already used and use that ability again, right then. You can't save the ability to use later.

prefect_profo says, Is that right? /ga

madeye_d says, ?

prefect_adam says, I expect it is not correct, as the FAQ question was written thinking that GNS wasn't a Healing card, which it is.  Because it is a healing card, it should be able to work on any character, not just non-healing ones.  I recommend playing the card as written. /ga

wizo_talisman says, Herbidean, your question please. (queue: madeye_d, open)

herbidean says, Any date on when Adventures at Hogwarts will be released and is there an expansion confirmed yet to follow Adv at Hogwarts? /ga

prefect_profo says, ?

prefect_adam says, Adventures at Hogwarts is scheduled for release mid-June.  I don't think it's a big secret that Chamber of Secrets will be the set released in the Fall (around the time of the movie!) /ga

wizo_talisman says, another question from madeye_d

madeye_d says, In a previous chat you said that no cards bring back healing cards form the discard pile, but Ollivanders will isn't that correct? /ga

herbidean says, ?

prefect_adam says, That's correct.  I believe that's an oversite being as when Olivanders was printed there were no healing items.  Now that there is, I think it's a cool loophole.  I don't believe any steps will be needed to close it. /ga

wizo_talisman says, Profo, your question please

madeye_d says, ?

prefect_profo says, For the reward on Diagon Alley, do you just draw until you want to stop, or do you have to decide how many you want to draw before you start? /ga

prefect_adam says, You must decide how many cards you want to draw, then draw them all at once.  No draw-look-decide action, I'm afraid. /ga

wizo_talisman says, Herbidean, your question please

herbidean says, Any rumors about Wizards sponsored tournaments for Harry Potter besides at GenCon and Origins? /ga

wizo_talisman says, (queue: madeye_d, empty)

prefect_profo says, ?

prefect_adam says, At this time, the only big tournament we're sponsoring will be the one at GenCon.  I've been told there are Harry Potter tournaments sanctioned for Origins, but we're not hosting them directly.  Beyond the big events, we're working on pre-release events for the new sets (going into next year, mostly.  Not sure if that will be ready for Adventures or not).  Also, we're looking at perhaps having somesort of special event around the time of the movie.  Details for that are far from worked out. /ga

wizo_talisman says, madeye_d, your question please

madeye_d says, If I have a match in play with three damage left on it, but I have two bludgers in play, do they both do damage before my turn, or just one? /ga

prefect_adam says, They BOTH deal damage. Bludgers are STRONG! /ga

wizo_talisman says, Profo, go ahead

herbidean says, ?

prefect_profo says, If your opponent decides to discard Scabbers to solve your Unusual Pets, would it go back to his/her hand? /ga

prefect_adam says, Yes.  Scabbers doesn't care why he was discarded from play, so he'll come back.  Scabber is a "he", right?

prefect_profo says, hehe

wizo_talisman  wouldn't know

burgerman48661  enters.

prefect_adam says, doh! /ga

wizo_talisman says, Another question from Herbidean

prefect_profo says, ?

herbidean says, Is my turn over after I take my last action or can I still do something else that doesn't use an action (like use a character's ability)? /ga

madeye_d says, ?

prefect_adam says, You may do non-action things after your last action is spent but before your turn actually ends.  For example, you could use two action to play creatures then use Snape's 'Once per game' healing ability. /ga

burgerman48661 says, ?

herbidean says, ?

wizo_talisman says, Profo, go ahead

prefect_profo says, Scabbers says it comes back to your hand during your opponent's turn. So Scabbers shouldn't go back during their turn when they could solve my adventure, right? /ga

prefect_adam says, Double Doh!  You caught me.  I missed that (I missed that when I built my first discard scabbers deck too) so I should have known better. Correct.  If you discard him during your own turn, he stays in the discard pile.  My bad. /ga

wizo_talisman says, Madeye_d, your question please. (current queue: burgerman48661, herbidean, then open)

madeye_d says, Can you use a character's ability before you draw your first card? /ga

wizo_talisman says, (wow. Profo got the Prefect on a mistake. That's NOT easy to do. Move to the head of the class, Profo!)

prefect_adam says, No.  The first opportunity to use a character ability (or any non-action sort of ability) is after you draw your card. /ga

prefect_profo  bows

wizo_talisman says, Burgerman48661, you're up

burgerman48661 says, Sorry If this had already been asked but since i just joined.  Do you have any information on the next expansion? thanks/ga

prefect_adam says, The next expansion is called Adventures at Hogwarts.  I believe it will be the last expansions based primarily upon The Sorcerer's Stone.  I don't have any specifics about it, though I believe it will be of similar size and scope to Diagon Alley and Quiddich Cup.  The release date is mid-June. /ga

wizo_talisman says, Herbidean, your question please (the queue is currently empty)

herbidean says, With Wand Shop do all charms lessons (Items, wands, etc.) get doubled or just the actual lesson cards (Wand shop does not say Lesson Cards the same way Pokemon says Energy Card)o ? /ga

prefect_profo says, ?

prefect_adam says, It's important to know that cards that provide power are not Lesson cards, but rather Lessons are one of many sorts of cards that provide power.  Items, Characters and the like are not affected by Wand Shop, only Lesson cards.  For this same reason you can't discard non-Lessons that provide power when a card requires such a Lesson to be discarded.  Incidentally, this is by far the most common sort of question we get for HP

prefect_adam says, /ga

wizo_talisman says, Profo, your question please

prefect_profo says, If you played Dungbomb and you have a Troll in the Bathroom in play, and then its your opponents turn and they solve your adventure, do you take any damage that turn from the adventure? Or does the reward get around that? /ga

madeye_d says, ?

prefect_adam says, Dungbomb states that is prevents the damage dealt by your opponent's Adventures and Creatures.  Your Adventures will still deal damage to you normally. /ga

wizo_talisman says, Madeye_d, enlighten us with your question please.

madeye_d says, Just for clarification, I thought "before your turn" was part of your turn. So I just wanted to make sure that you can not use the character's ability before you draw...sorry for repeating. I was just under the impression once per game meant anytime during your turn. /ga

prefect_adam says, Not a problem.  This is covered specifically in the rules.  The original rulebook has it on page 9.  I don't have the new rulebook handy, but I'm sure its in there too. /ga

madeye_d says, ty

wizo_talisman says, The queue is empty. Does anyone have any questions?

prefect_profo says, !

herbidean says, Any chance on getting rid of the lesson cards in future releases? /ga

prefect_adam says, Lesson cards will probably remain in Boosters until we can come up with a deck product useful enough that everyone would want it even if they've already got all the Lessons they need.  Decks are a tough sort of thing to put together and sell, AND make everyone happy with them./ga

wizo_talisman says, A comment from Profo

prefect_profo says, My adventures damage me? o_O /ga

herbidean  leaves.

herbidean  enters.

prefect_adam says, That's correct. Troll in the Bathroom is your card, and it deals damage to you when the opponent solves it. /ga

prefect_profo says, !

wizo_talisman says, Okay everyone. Protocol is off. Please treat Adam with courtesy however, or I'll turn it back on. Feel free to chat with him as you like.

prefect_profo says, So Dungbomb doesn't prevent that damage?

prefect_adam says, That's correct. Bummer, eh.

prefect_adam says, Dungbomb is pretty specific about it, actually.

madeye_d  enters.

prefect_profo says, Hehe, I'm just "trying"  to stump ya. ^_^

wizo_talisman says, Hello madeye

madeye_d says, thanx backspace button go tme

wizo_talisman says, lol madeye

herbidean says, I hate to complain but there need to be real tournaments.  It is getting pretty old playing the same 6 people at league every week!!!

wizo_talisman says, Adam, I'm more curious what you think of the new Star Wars TCG now that it's out. Spent much time playing it?

prefect_adam says, That's a tricky thing for us to handle, more tournaments, as we don't really run tournaments for any of our games (except Magic, but that's a special case.)  It is totally up to local organizers to host tournaments.  We're sanctioning them right now, all it takes is time and space. /ga

herbidean says, What about Pokemon?

prefect_adam says, As for Star Wars, yes, I've just started playing this week.  I'm totally into it.

wizo_talisman says, you think it'll go over big then adam?

prefect_adam says, If you're referring to Pokemon tournaments, we do host a couple each year, but even the Gym Challenges are hosted by local event organizers. /ga

herbidean says, Ok I'll get off your back :)  I have been playing the Star Wars TCG with my son and it looks good.  Future expansions need to increase the ability to get build points though.

wizo_talisman says, The second Harry Potter movie will probably spark more interest in the card game. Realize that's a long time to wait however.

prefect_adam says, Star Wars has an excellent chance of being HUGE.  It's hard to tell with these things, though. I've guess wrong on what would be a hit a number of times. /ga

madeye_d says, I hear Pojo is keeping a collection of of Chat Transcripts on their site... what do yall think of that?

madeye_d says, It is orgnaized by card name and everything

burgerman48661 says, Does anyone know if you get a promo if you by the movie?/ga

prefect_adam says, The thing about HP is there is a long wait between the big releases (movies and books) and we've got a sort of product in the Trading Card Game that needs a more regular supply of new ideas and product.  There's a promotion with Toys R Us to get a preview Adventures card (with a promo stamp) if you pre-order the video/DVD.  That's the sort of thing we do to keep up interest in the meantime. /ga

wizo_talisman says, adam> As for Star Wars, I think the only thing it has working agaist it is the stubbornness of the people who don't want to see the license pass from Decipher and won't be willing to give it a fair shake, listing every difference as a fault.

prefect_adam says, Yes, I've seen that.  I've never played the original CCG, and I think that's been an advantage for me.  I'd be stubborn too, I bet. ;'0

prefect_adam says, or rather  ;')

prefect_profo says, I like the reference ability to find rulings on particular cards... very helpful..

prefect_adam says, As long as I don't say anything too stupid, I think Chat Transcripts are great.

wizo_talisman chuckles in amusement.

madeye_d grins evilly.       

herbidean says, Your site talks about Jedi Nights coming up, any idea when that will start?

wizo_talisman says, Adam> Have to be pretty careful when you're official enough that a misutterance can be interpreted as an official ruling

brocksta  enters.

brocksta says, hp chat still?

prefect_adam says, Don't I know it.  I've said some bonehead stuff online before, and it's come back to bite me. ;')

prefect_adam says, Yep. Got an HP question?  Shoot!

brocksta says, i assume not

brocksta says, eh noo

wizo_talisman says, For 5 more minutes

prefect_adam says, We're all being casual

brocksta says, caz u all

prefect_adam says, I don't have any special info on Jedi Nights yet.  I just heard about it for the first time on Monday. More to come, I'm sure.

herbidean says, Ok, thanks

brocksta says, ooh ooh HP question over here!

prefect_adam says, I believe its modeled after the Friday Night Magic program, so if you're familiar with that, you'll have an idea of what JN will be. /ga

prefect_profo says, When's the next chat?

prefect_profo says, *HP chat

prefect_adam says, We are BACK ON SCHEDULE! so it'll be in exactly two weeks, minus an hour.

prefect_adam says, Any other HP questions?

wizo_talisman says, Pokechats are also back on schedule

brocksta says, yes

prefect_adam says, Shoot brochsta!

prefect_adam says, er, brocksta

prefect_adam says, ;')

brocksta says, can i get some free HP stuff from yall?

wizo_talisman chuckles in amusement.

wizo_talisman says, maybe brocksta. Keep an eye on the online wizards store. There's sometimes free promotions

wizo_talisman says, For example, there's a free 5-card booster pack for the new Star Wars TCG with any order for a limited time

brocksta says, or you could send me some of your stuff right now?

wizo_talisman says, Oh we couldn't do that brocksta. It would put Adam out of a job if it was given away free.

prefect_adam says, From us directly? No.  Free stuff pretty much is limited to what you can get at leagues (if they don't have an entry fee) and with special promotions.  Example, if you pre-order your HP:Sorcerer's Stone video at Toys R Us, they have a free promo card for you.  That's about it, though. We can provide info, but not much in the way of stuff. /ga

prefect_profo says, ?

brocksta says, pretty please?

prefect_adam says, Go ahead, we're still not queueing

brocksta says, with sugar on top?

prefect_adam says, Sorry.

wizo_talisman says, Yes, remember Adam isn't in the business of selling the cards. Only making them. So he has no control over where they're sold or what they cost.

brocksta says, ill give you candy?

prefect_profo says, oh yeah, im so used to the system =x

brocksta says, candy anyone?

prefect_profo says, How do you feel about a place that keeps references of the rulings you make here?

plgeorge says, thanks for your help adam

wizo_talisman says, Okay. Well, it looks like we're all out of time... I'd like to thank Adam for coming here to answer the questions. And Id like to thank all of you for making his stay enjoyable so he won't dread coming back in the future. Thank you everyone. And see you in two weeks Adam.

brocksta says, i just registered a new name. when can i expect the email?

prefect_adam says, I'm fine with it.  In many cases independant "fan" sites provide a better service than we can when it comes to archiving and fan-related information.  There is nothing at all wrong with that, and in fact allows us to concentrate on the things we do do best.  It's all good. /ga

prefect_profo says, Can these rulings be used to settle match disputes or used during tornaments as a reference guide?

tmwinter  enters.

herbidean  leaves.

wizo_talisman  enters.

wizo_talisman says, Within a couple hours most likely, brocksta

brocksta says, ummkay

madeye_d  enters.

brocksta says, thanks

prefect_adam says, I'm for anything that settles disputes, and I am unaware of any serious mistakes that I've made during the chats (though I think at least one early rule got changed)  I'd say yes, but it's always better to contact us directly, if you can. /ga

plgeorge  leaves.

prefect_adam says, Thanks all! I've got to get going!

burgerman48661 says, Why do the foil cards fold inward over time?

brocksta says, the sun is evul

madeye_d says, Thanks Adam and Wizo!

prefect_adam says, Foil and paper both react to heat/cold differently, that's why they bend.

burgerman48661 says, Thank You

wizo_talisman says, Oh sure. Now everyone has questions :)

crookshanks_prime  leaves.

prefect_adam says, Bye bye!

brocksta smiles.

wizo_talisman says, Bye Adam!

prefect_profo says, Later Adam!

burgerman48661  leaves.

prefect_adam  leaves.