March 20, 2002 - by profpoke



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prefect_adam  enters.

wizo_abishai says, Hi, Adam!

prefect_adam says, Hi!

burgerman48661 says, is there going to be a harry potter chat tonight

prefect_adam says, That's my plan!

wizo_abishai says, yes, that's why we are hre!

wizo_abishai says, Adam, are you ready to start?

prefect_adam says, My clock says 3:59...I'm ready when you are!

wizo_abishai says, ok....

prefect_adam says, oop! 4:00!

wizo_abishai says, Welcome to Harry Potter chat with Prefect_Adam

wizo_abishai says, Protocol is in effect.

wizo_abishai says, If you have a question or a comment to make, type a ? or a ! to the screen so you can be added to the queue.

wizo_abishai says, Please have your question or comment already typed out and ready to enter when called upon to help the session run more smoothly.

wizo_abishai says, At the end of your question or comment, please type /ga so we know you are done with your statement.

wizo_abishai says, Please do not post anything to the screen until called upon.

prefect_adam says, I know I will. /ga

wizo_abishai says, No matter how many times you type a ? or a ! to the screen, you will only be put in the queue once until your name has reached the top of the queue.

wizo_abishai says, Please be respectful of others. If you have anything to say to anybody in the room, please use a private message.

wizo_abishai says, Thank you for your cooperation.

wizo_abishai says, o, the queue is open

wizo_abishai says, soslowpoke is first

prefect_adam says, The Diagon Alley Game Day is available to Premier Retailers and retailers who run the Harry Potter league. There will be promo cards as well as Diagon Alley booster packs available to the folks that show up and participate.

prefect_adam says, In addition...

prefect_adam says, In addition, the pack includes information for the host to run a tournament for the players, though you'll want to call ahead to make sure they are running one and when that will be.  /ga

wizo_abishai says, my question - Can the spells, Apparate or Logic Puzzle, be used to get rid of the adventure, 4 Privet Drive, that prevents spells?  /ga

prefect_adam says, Nope.  If you can't play spells, you can play those cards.  /ga

prefect_profo says, *can't

soslowpoke says, how many booster packs are there supposed to be per person

prefect_adam says, It's designed so that each person who shows up should get one, while supplies last.  Obviously if a store gets mobbed, not everyone will get one. /ga

prefect_adam says, Also note that Customer Service has a list of stores that are either participating or at least will be recieving Game Day materials.  Give us a call at 1-800-324-6496 to find out what stores in your area are hosting the game day!

wizo_abishai says, burgerman, go for it

burgerman48661 says, Is there going to be a promo card in the harry potter movie coming out/ga

prefect_adam says, The movie is too far off to say.  We also haven't any planned for the video/DVD release, though that's not set in stone. /ga

wizo_abishai says, profo, what is your question?

prefect_profo says, Does the new Draco only work for one item each turn?

prefect_adam says, Correct.  You may use Draco Malfo, Slytherin's ability once per turn. /ga

wizo_abishai says, soslowpke, your turn

soslowpoke says, any plans for theme decks?

prefect_adam says, Plans...sure...solid plans, no.  At this time I do not believe we've announced any Theme Decks.  /ga

wizo_abishai says, hagrid, it is your turn

hagrid23 says, Are the special cards in the new starter set (Hermoine, Draco, Norbert, and River Troll) considered DA cards, promos, or just part of their original sets?

hagrid23 says, ga/

prefect_adam says, They aren't catagorized like that at all.  They are simply Diagon Alley Starter Deck cards.  /ga

wizo_abishai says, plgeorge is up

plgeorge says, Dragon gloves from diagon alley does that prevent 1 damage per each creature so if your opponent had 6 creatures doing damage it would prevent 6 damage /ga

prefect_adam says, Yes, that's correct, assuming each creature was dealing at least 1 point of damage each. /ga

wizo_abishai says, soslowpoke, what is your question?

soslowpoke says, maybe i've been living under a rock here, but what the heck's a quintaped?

prefect_adam says, Honestly, I don't know.  It's entirely possible our R&D team made it up. I don't remember it from the book either. /ga

wizo_abishai says, profo, you are up

prefect_profo says, Why are some cards from the other books in the DA set? (Bluebottle Broom for example) /ga

prefect_adam says, In general, we're trying to stick to the first book for the current expansions.  That said, there have been a small number of terms and cards that reflect on later books. Sticking to the first book is a guideline, but not something we stick to rigidly. /ga

wizo_abishai says, comment, profo?

prefect_profo says, Quintaped is in the book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them...

prefect_adam says, Cool.  I'll have to check that out. /ga

wizo_talisman says, Profo, your turn.

prefect_profo says, If you play Mid-Air Collision, but you have no cards to discard, what happens?

prefect_adam says, My off the cuff answer on Mid-Air Collision is you can't play if you don't have a card (other than your starting character) to discard.  I'd like to get a second opinion, and nobody is here to back me up.  /ga

prefect_adam says, Check that!

prefect_adam says, You can play it.  Saved by R&D (if they could only have been a second earlier!)

wizo_abishai says, go ahead, hagrid

paracitetapeworm says, hi

paracitetapeworm says, what are you talking about?

hagrid23 says, The Beetle Eye and Eel Eye Items state that you can discard them, take a Bulgey Poition from your deck, and put it into play.  Does the player still have to meet the lsson requirement to do this?  /ga

prefect_adam says, No.  Those cards allow you to put the card into play so you don't need the normal requirements.  /ga

wizo_abishai says, plgeorge, you are up

plgeorge says, in a previous chat you said that you had to have all the card requirements to play a card ie mysterious stranger you needed a creature in your discard how about cards lke ouch if your opponent doesn't have a card in hand to discard can you play it

prefect_adam says, Sorry for the delay.  I can't find "Mysterious Stranger" anywhere.

prefect_profo says, !Hagrid and the Stranger

prefect_adam says, AH!

plgeorge says, sorry I was typing faster then I was thinking got mysterious egg an hagrid and the stranger together

prefect_adam says, Yes.  You have to be able to do something a spell says to do in order to play it.  It'll be next chat (or you can call us or e-mail us tomorrow) before I can explain why you can play Mid Air Collision without a card to discard and not Hagrid and the Stranger without a card in the discard pile. /ga

wizo_abishai says, profo, your turn

prefect_profo says, If your opponent has Letters From No One in play, can you discard your books to draw 3 cards or not?/ga

prefect_adam says, No.  You may only use a Draw card action, and not use an item (even if part of the Item's ability is to draw cards.) /ga

wizo_abishai says, profo, another enquiry?

prefect_profo says, If you have Human Chess Game in play and you discard eel eyes and beetle eyes to put bulgeye in play, does that count towards playing a card for HCG?/ga

prefect_adam says, Yes.  Putting a card into play and playing a card are the same thing. /ga

wizo_abishai says, plgeorge is up

plgeorge says, So what about ouch can you play it on your opp. if he doesn't have a card to discard/ga

prefect_adam says, Ouch! is actually pretty clear.  It says "if" they have a card in their hand, they have to discard. g/a

wizo_abishai says, henre, a comment?

henre says, ouch reads "Do 5 damage to your opponent.  Then, IF your opponent has any cards in his or her hand, he or she chooses one of them and discards it /ga

wizo_abishai says, and a comment from Profo

henre says, therefore, they wouldnt have to discard a card

prefect_adam says, Answers in STEREO! ;')

henre says, sorry

prefect_profo says, Is it that the main purpose of the card has to be carried out (like Hagrid & Stranger) and the additional effects of the card arn't manditory? (mid-air) /ga

prefect_adam says, That may indeed be the reason.  I don't have access to R&D today, so I can't provide a "why" answer on the fly.  Durn it. /ga

wizo_abishai says, henre

henre says, The Famous Harry Potter card says that if i have four cards or less in my hand, i may draw an extra on my turn, do i have to declare that before i draw my first one?

prefect_adam says, You actually draw the card for FHP before your normal draw takes place (before your turn) so no, you wouldn't get to see your normal draw. /ga

wizo_abishai says, profo, you are up - please post again

prefect_profo says, What do you think of the Spiral Dive, Diagon Alley + Draco's trick combo? ;x /ga

prefect_adam says, It looks interesting, though I'd have to see it work to believe it's viable.  It might be really good if you can get advantage on your opponent., /ga

wizo_abishai says, Hagrid, can you post yours again?

hagrid23 says, With the new 2-part Items, if an Item is played, removed via Quirell's power or spell, and then later replayed, does the intial effect get used again?  /ga

prefect_adam says, Absolutely. Each time the item is put into play it will do its "when you play this card" ability. /ga

wizo_abishai says, profo is up again

prefect_adam says, Did that go through? The answer was yes /ga

wizo_talisman says, (yes, it went through)

prefect_profo says, If you have Porcupine Robe and Madam Malkin's Robes in play, does it cancel out the Porcupine Robes? /ga

prefect_adam says, Yep, Madam Makin's Robes will prevent all the damage dealt by Porcupine Robe. /ga

wizo_abishai says, henre has another question

henre says, Draco Malfoy, Slytherin states that when you play an item, you get one extra action once per turn... if i sac my beetle eyes and eel eyes to get the bulgeye potion, does that count towards getting an extra action?

prefect_adam says, Yep. You're playing an item, so you get an extra action. /ga

wizo_abishai says, plgeorge is up

plgeorge says, so if you use put-oter your opponent can reuse a characters ability/ga

prefect_adam says, If a character card leaves play and then returns again, yes, it will be able to use its "once per game" ability again. /ga

wizo_abishai says, mystic_mewtwo has a question

mystic_mewtwo says, ok this is a weird one but my friends say if i play a card that reduces them to one action they can still play cards that take 2 actions , is this true?/ga

prefect_adam says, They are mistaken.  If you don't have two actions to spend, you are not able to play two-action cards (like Characters and Adventures) /ga

wizo_abishai says, profo, what is your question

prefect_profo says, It you Catch the Snitch on a 3-month-long Match, does it do 45 or just 15? /ga

prefect_adam says, Yes, 15.

prefect_adam says, /ga

wizo_abishai says, profo has another question

prefect_profo says, Are there any cards that could get Healing cards back into your hand?

prefect_profo says, ./ga

prefect_adam says, Nope.  There are no cards (yet, anyway) that bring Healing cards back once they are in the discard pile. /ga

wizo_abishai says, any more questions?

wizo_abishai says, profo has a comment also

prefect_profo says, Couldn't Ovillanders get Silver Unicorn Horn back?

prefect_profo says, ./ga

prefect_adam says, Hey! That's right!  Good call, Profo!  Also...You CANNOT play Mid-Air Collision if you do not have cards in play to discard, though how you'd play it without Lessons is a mystery unto itself. /ga

wizo_abishai says, burgerman, can you post your question again?

burgerman48661 says, What types of cards take up 2 actions/ga

prefect_adam says, Characters and Adventures take two lessons to play.  /ga

wizo_abishai says, comment, profo?

prefect_profo says, I was thinkin Bravado and Platforms with Hooch for starter for gettin Mid-air played.

prefect_profo says, ./ga

prefect_adam says, Profo - How are you playing the Bravado's, they cost 3?

prefect_profo says, Start off with lessons in play...

prefect_profo says, sac them to the Platforms for actions

prefect_profo says, after getting a couple Bravados in

prefect_adam says, AH!  Got it. (Sorry folks, he had me befuddled there!) /ga

wizo_abishai says, ok, and that's all the time we have tonight

wizo_abishai says, thanks for coming by Adam - when is the next chat?

prefect_adam says, We'll be having one again in two weeks, same Potter time, same Potter channel!  If you have questions inbetween time, you can always call our Customer Service staff (1-800-324-6496) or e-mail us at custserv@wizards.com

wizo_abishai says, Alright, thanks again, Adam and thank everyone for coming

prefect_adam says, My pleasure!

kgb_godfather says, thnx adam

prefect_adam says, BYE!!!

kgb_godfather says, Goodz bye Adam

prefect_adam  leaves.