March 6, 2002 - by profpoke



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prefect_adam says, The release date is March 18th, though your local store may have a different date depending on where they get their cards.  Premier stores sometimes get them a day or two early, other stores sometimesdon't get them for a week or so later.

prefect_adam says, There are 80 cards in the new expansion.

wizo_talisman says, hi profo

prefect_profo says, howdy

wizo_abishai says, Hey, profo

wizo_talisman says, what's your favorite card in the new set, adam?

prefect_adam  enters.

soslowpoke says, When do you think the Adventures at Hogwarts and Chamber of Secrets expansions will be out?

dengar432  enters.

prefect_adam says, Yagh! Hit the wrong button!

wizo_abishai says, LOL

wizo_talisman says, hi dengar

crovax_lord_of_rath  enters.

soslowpoke says, i think we're gonna have to kick in protocol soon

wizo_talisman says, looks like the signin is starting to work

hagrid23 says, ?

prefect_adam says, Later this year. Probably Summer then Fall.  Not sure about Chamber of Secrets though.  Not sure we're even naming a set that.

prefect_adam says, sdf

wizo_talisman says, not yet, hagrid

prefect_adam  enters.

wizo_abishai says, ok - time for protocol......

crovax_lord_of_rath says, i also work for wizards of the coast in the UK

prefect_adam says, Adventures will be out in the Summer.   Don't have any info past that.

wizo_abishai says, Protocol is in effect.

prefect_adam says, Yea! Protocol!

prefect_adam says, ;')

wizo_abishai says, If you have a question or a comment to make, type a ? or a ! to the screen so you can be added to the queue.

wizo_abishai says, Please have your question or comment already typed out and ready to enter when called upon to help the session run more smoothly.

wizo_abishai says, At the end of your question or comment, please type /ga so we know you are done with your statement.

wizo_abishai says, Please do not post anything to the screen until called upon.

wizo_abishai says, No matter how many times you type a ? or a ! to the screen, you will only be put in the queue once until your name has reached the top of the queue.

wizo_abishai says, Please be respectful of others. If you have anything to say to anybody in the room, please use a private message.

soslowpoke says, ?

catsclaw  enters.

wizo_abishai says, Thank you for your cooperation.

catsclaw  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

wizo_abishai says, soslowpoke, strt us off if you will

wizo_talisman  enters.

soslowpoke says, Will there be a promo for HP and the Sorcerer's Stone on VHS/DVD?

hagrid23  enters.

catsclaw  enters.

wizo_abishai  ((The queue is now open))

hagrid23 says, ?

soslowpoke says, ?

catsclaw  leaves.

crovax_lord_of_rath says, ?

hagrid23  leaves.

prefect_adam says, Any question? Comments?

crovax_lord_of_rath says, that is the ability or albus dumbledore in the adventures at hogwarts expansion

prefect_adam  enters.

prefect_profo says, ?

hagrid23  enters.

prefect_adam says, If there were questions, I missed them.

wizo_abishai says, soslow, can you repost your question?

prefect_adam says, Dang compootur box

soslowpoke says, Your StYou say, "Will there be a promo for HP and the Sorcerer's Stone on VHS/DVD?"

hagrid23 says, ?

soslowpoke says, ./ga

soslowpoke says, ?

crovax_lord_of_rath says, what is the ability for albus dumbledore in the adventures at hogwarts expansion

crovax_lord_of_rath says, ./ga

crovax_lord_of_rath says, i do

crovax_lord_of_rath says, but i cant remember that card

crovax_lord_of_rath says, ./ga

prefect_adam says, We haven't announced any promo cards yet, but I can't say for sure there won't be one.  I'll find out by next chat for sure!

crovax_lord_of_rath says, ?

prefect_adam says, (I'm kinda flying solo today, so your chance to stump me is higher than usual)

wizo_abishai says, hagrid, it is your turn

prefect_adam says, /ga

hagrid23 says, Is there any word on regional or national events yet?  /ga

prefect_adam says, No "premier" events are scheduled as of yet.  The first major tournaments will be taking place at Orgins, with more HP events at GenCon. /ga

wizo_abishai says, crovax, what is your question?

crovax_lord_of_rath says, what is the ability on the albus dumbledore in the adventure at hogwarts expansion

prefect_adam says, I can't answer questions about sets that haven't been released yet.  That includes Diagon Ally, though for those that just got in, there will be Sneak Previews of Diagon Alley cards on at www.wizards.com/harrypotter tomorrow.

prefect_adam says, /ga

wizo_abishai says, prefect-profo, it is your turn

crovax_lord_of_rath says, ?

prefect_profo says, If you have a damage dealing adventure in play, and Neville as the opposing character, does the damage done before the turn count towards Neville?

prefect_profo says, ./ga

prefect_adam says, Yes it does. /ga

wizo_abishai says, soslowpoke has another question

soslowpoke says, Your starting Character MUST be a Witch/Wizard, correct?

prefect_adam says, That is correct.  Non-witch/wizard characters like Hagrid and Nearly Headless Nick are not allowed as starting characters. /ga

wizo_abishai says, crovax, what is your next question?

crovax_lord_of_rath says, is there a card of voldomort coming out or is that a rumour

wizo_abishai  (( The queue is currebtly empty ))

prefect_adam says, That is most certainly a rumor. /ga

wizo_talisman says, ?

prefect_profo says, ?

wizo_abishai says, Talisman, wha tis your question?

wizo_talisman says, What's your favorite card in the new set, Adam? /ga

prefect_adam says, By "new" set, you have to mean Quiddich (I haven't studied DA that closely yet.)  My favorite card is Professor Minerva McGonagall as she's the starting character in most of my newer decks.

crovax_lord_of_rath says, ?

prefect_adam says, /ga

wizo_abishai says, prefect_profo has another question

prefect_profo says, Do you think the new Location cards will add any new "game-breaking" strategies to the metagame? /ga

soslowpoke says, there's a metagame for HP?

prefect_profo says, =o

prefect_adam says, R&D has a number of decks that revolve around Location cards, but I doubt we'd release anything game breaking.  /ga

wizo_abishai says, crovax, it is your turn

wizo_abishai says, ?

wizo_talisman says, (please keep comments to private messages while protocol is in effect)

prefect_profo says, !

crovax_lord_of_rath says, what is your fav deck

prefect_adam says, My favorite deck is my Prof. McGonagall no creature costs more than 2 deck. It's wicked fast.

prefect_adam says, /ga

soslowpoke says, ?

wizo_talisman says, Profo, your comment please.

prefect_profo says, McGonagall seemed game-breaking and it was released anyways. ;P /ga

crovax_lord_of_rath says, ?

wizo_talisman says, Abishai, your question?

wizo_abishai says, What is Prof McGonagall's power in Quidditch expansion?   /ga

prefect_adam says, Again, I can't say.  Check out previews starting tomorrow on wizards.com/harrypotter  /ga

wizo_abishai says, soslowpoke, it is your turn again

prefect_adam says, Oh, the Quiddich expansion...

prefect_adam says, oops

soslowpoke says, Any plan on revising that rule where you have to have a Witch/Wizard as a starting character?

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_adam says, To Abishai - She provides one Transfiguration Power, plus she can discard an opponent's Adventure card.

prefect_adam says, Once per game. /ga

prefect_adam says, There are no plans to change the starting character rule. /ga

wizo_abishai says, crovax has another question

crovax_lord_of_rath says, what is your fav combo

crovax_lord_of_rath says, ./ga

wizo_abishai says, !

prefect_adam says, I need a sec...

winston12  enters.

prefect_adam says, Drat. I guess I'll have to say Fluffy Falls asleep with Doxie.  I had a better one in mind, but couldn't find the deck or remember the card names. /ga

magickidj  enters.

magickidj  enters.

magickidj  leaves.

crovax_lord_of_rath  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

wizo_talisman says, Abishai, your comment?

wizo_abishai says, Having many creatures out & playing back-to-back Steel Claws is devastating!!!   I once did 27 damage in one turn like that to win the game.  /ga

wizo_abishai says, soslowpoke, it is your turn again

hagrid23 says, ?

soslowpoke says, Can't talk about McGonagall? Hmm That means there must be one in Diagon Alley

wizo_abishai  ((The queue is currently empty---except for hagrid now  ))

prefect_adam says, Nah, I just though he typed Diagon Alley.  /ga

prefect_adam says, or she!

wizo_abishai says, Hagrid, you are up!

wizo_abishai  is a he

wizo_abishai smiles.

hagrid23 says, The prize section for Hufflepuff Match states that the winner may draw five cards.  This means either 0 or 5 and not any number in between, correct?  /ga

prefect_profo says, ?

prefect_adam says, You are correct.  It would have to say something like "up to 5 cards" for there to be that option. /ga

wizo_abishai says, prefect-profo, it is your turn

mskate  enters.

crovax_lord_of_rath  enters.

wizo_abishai  (( The queue is currently empty ))

prefect_profo says, If you play Charms Exam on your opponent, does he draw until he wants to stop, or does he pick a number before he starts and draws that many cards? /ga

prefect_profo says, he/she =)

crovax_lord_of_rath  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

prefect_adam says, You have to choose the number before you draw.  No matter how you do it, you don't get to look at any cards before you decide to stop. /ga

wizo_abishai  looks at the empty queue

wizo_abishai says, Any more questions, anyone?

babayaga says, ?

wizo_abishai says, babayaga, what would you like to know>

prefect_profo says, ?

soslowpoke says, ?

babayaga says, Has anyone been keeping logs of the previous chats that I could look at?/ga

mskate  leaves.

soslowpoke says, i logged last weeks

prefect_adam says, I belive the chats are being logged, but we haven't posted them anywhere.  I'll check into that for next time.  Because a lot of our info has to go on WBs site, it may be some time before that info can be posted. /ga

wizo_abishai says, prefect-profo is up

prefect_profo says, Is the release of the Diagon Alley set goinf to be earlier, later, or the same day as the UK release?

prefect_profo says, !

prefect_profo says, ./ga

prefect_adam says, We always attempt for simultaneous world-wide releases with our card game products.  That said, you would need to contact your local retailer to make sure they are getting the products.  You can also contact uk@wizards.com for UK Wizards customer service.  They would know for sure. /ga

wizo_abishai says, prefect-profo has a quick comment

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_profo says, Pojo will have logs of this chat for those who couldn't attend.

crovax_lord_of_rath  enters.

prefect_adam says, Good info!

wizo_abishai says, soslowpoke has another question

soslowpoke says, Will Diagon Alley still follow the 2 lessons per pack format as the previous 2 sets have?

prefect_adam says, Yes, that is plan.  /ga

wizo_abishai says, any last questions?

soslowpoke says, ?

wizo_abishai says, soslowpoke get the last question of the night

soslowpoke says, any plan for a booster draft/sealed deck format for Harry Potter?

henre  enters.

prefect_adam says, We've been testing a number of tournament formats, including drafts.  We dont' have a "tournament" pack product planned for HP, so sealed deck isn't possible right now. I would say that draft tournaments will start being sanctioned before the end of the year, but I have no way to know how well they will work or how well they'll be recieved. /ga

wizo_abishai says, ok, that's all we have time for tonight. Adam, thanks for taking the time to answer our questions - when will you be back?

wizo_abishai says, two weeks?

prefect_adam says, In two weeks!  Don't forget to checkout www.wizards.com/harrypotter for the Diagon Alley sneak peaks (daily updates!) as well as other HP related info.  If you have questions you can always send them to custserv@wizards.com and we'll be able to answer them.  Thanks! /ga

prefect_profo says, Thanks Adam! =)

wizo_talisman says, (make a note on your calendar. That's March 20th)

wizo_abishai says, and thank all of you for coming!! See you back here in 14 days  :0

prefect_adam says, Thank you all.  I got stumped a few too many times this week.  I'll have more info next time (just make myself look better! )

wizo_abishai smiles.

wizo_talisman says, I'm sure they'll have a ton of questions about the sneak peek for you adam.

wizo_abishai says, I'll make sure I've got some ready for next time!!!

prefect_adam says, I'm sure they will.  And I'll be ready!

wizo_abishai  needs more cards

prefect_profo says, You can count on that.

soslowpoke  needs more money

crovax_lord_of_rath says, need more money and cards

babayaga says, Thanks & Bye

soslowpoke says, i'm selling promos =/

wizo_abishai says, take care, all

wizo_abishai  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

soslowpoke says, they go for quite a bit

prefect_adam says, Yes, take care!

wizo_talisman says, bye folks

crovax_lord_of_rath says, cyaz

prefect_profo says, later

babayaga  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

wizo_talisman  leaves.

crovax_lord_of_rath says, soslowking how much you selling them

prefect_adam  leaves.