February 20, 2002 - by profpoke



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prefect_adam  enters.

wizo_abishai says, Hi, prefect Adam!

prefect_adam says, Hello everyone!!!

prefect_profo says, hola adam

dengar432 says, hi

plgeorge says, hi

wotc_bill  enters.

wizo_abishai says, Hi, wotc_bill!

wotc_bill  leaves.

calathon  leaves.

wizo_abishai says, ok, lets get things rolling tonight....

soslowpoke  enters.

soslowpoke says, hey everyone

wizo_abishai says, Welcome to TCG Hour. Prefect_Adam is answering our Harry Potter TCG questions.

wizo_abishai says, .

burgerman48661  enters.

wizo_abishai says, Protocol is in effect.

prefect_adam says, Welcome all to the Harry Potter Chat.  I'm Adam, the manager of the Game Support portion of Wizards Customer Service and I'm at your service.

prefect_adam  enters.

wizo_abishai says, If you have a question or a comment to make, type a ? or a ! to the screen so you can be added to the queue.

wizo_abishai says, Please have your question or comment already typed out and ready to enter when called upon to help the session run more smoothly.

wizo_abishai says, At the end of your question or comment, please type /ga so we know you are done with your statement.

wizo_abishai says, Please do not post anything to the screen until called upon.

wizo_abishai says, No matter how many times you type a ? or a ! to the screen, you will only be put in the queue once until your name has reached the top of the queue.

wizo_abishai says, Please be respectful of others. If you have anything to say to anybody in the room, please use a private message.

wizo_abishai says, Thank you for your cooperation.

henre  enters.

wizo_abishai says, Adam, any comments before I open the queue?

wizo_abishai says, .

wizo_abishai says, ok, let;s open the queue - who shall be first?

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_adam says, I'm not sure if this posted before or not (had a little error) but my name's Adam and I've been working here at Wizards for about 7 years now.  Today I'll be answering all the questions I can about the Harry Potter TCG.  But then, you all know that. ;')

henre says, i have a question

wizo_abishai says, ok, soslowpoke, wht is your question?

soslowpoke says, I hear that Season 3 of league's promo will be Hufflepuff match, this true? /ga

prefect_profo says, ?

daytongl says, ?

henre says, ?

soslowpoke says, ?

plgeorge says, ?

wotc_mel  enters.

prefect_adam says, Dang!  Stumped me on the first question.  Ask again later in the chat and I'll try to have the answer. /ga

wizo_abishai says, prefect_profo, you are next

wotc_mel says, ?me grins

wotc_mel  grins, even

prefect_profo says, Does Dungbombs prevent damage from an Adventure that does damage "Before your turn" ? /ga

burgerman48661 says, ?

wotc_mel  leaves.

prefect_adam says, Yes. "before your turn" counts as during your turn. /ga

wizo_abishai says, daytongl, it is your turn

daytongl says, What's the street date for Diagon Alley?

prefect_profo says, ?

prefect_adam says, We don't have an exact date yet, but it will be in the latter half of March.  If it's April, it's out! /ga

wizo_abishai says, henre, what is your question?

henre says, the card hagrid needs help says that you lose an action the turn it is solved, yet if i play or use a card that discards it, do i still only get one action... in other words, does solved = discarded???

prefect_adam says, Also, the promo card for Season 3 hasn't been announced yet.

prefect_adam says, If you begin your turn with Hagrid needs help stealing an action from you, you've lost the action no matter what you do. /ga

wizo_abishai says, soslowpoke, it is your turn

soslowpoke says, Is Defense Against the Dark Arts the new lesson featured in Diagon Alley? /ga

prefect_adam says, ...

prefect_adam says, ...

prefect_adam says, ...Defense Against the Dark Arts...never heard of it. ;')  /ga

wizo_abishai says, plgeorge, what would yo ulike to know?

plgeorge says, when human chess adventure is in play and draco is your starting character does discarding cards to use his special power is that playing a card? /ga

prefect_adam says, No, that does not count as playing a card.  /ga

wizo_abishai says, burgerman, it is your turn

burgerman48661 says, Can you give us any info on the next expansion/ga

soslowpoke says, ?

prefect_adam says, Here's the info I've got for you on Diagon Alley.  First, it'll be out in March (you know that).  It'll be roughly the same size as Quiddich Cup.  Also, it'll have a new card type called "Locations".  I don't have details on Locations yet, but I think I'll be able to talk more about them during the next chat. There's some other info I don't have yet but should by the next chat as well! ./ga

wizo_abishai says, prefect_profo, what is your next question?

prefect_profo says, Can character's use their abilities that don't require actions even after they've used up all their actions for that turn? /ga

prefect_adam says, Absolutely!  Your turn isn't over until you say it is.  /ga

wizo_abishai says, soslowpoke has another question

soslowpoke says, Just for clarification, can your starting Charecter be any Charecter or does it have to be a Witch or a Wizard(this is causing confusion at league)? /ga

wizo_abishai  (( The queue is open ))

prefect_profo says, ?

prefect_adam says, Your starting character MUST be a Witch or Wizard.  Non Witch/Wizard characters may not be starting characters, so no Hagrids to start the game. /ga

wizo_abishai says, prefec t-profo - it is your turn

henre says, ?

You say, Are their going to be any new card types in the new expansion? (ie, location cards maybe?) /ga

dengar432 says, ?

prefect_adam says, Yes.  The Location cards are new card types, like Matches were in Quiddich. /ga

wizo_abishai says, henre has another question

plgeorge says, ?

henre says, are they going to continue to do the rares the same way they did for qc where you get holos and regular rare cards?

dengar432 says, are there gonna be any large sanctioned tourney events???

wizo_abishai  (( Please do not post to screen unless called on. ))

super_nice_dude  enters.

super_nice_dude says, !

super_nice_dude  leaves, heading for Quiet Room.

dengar432 says, ?

super_nice_dude  enters.

prefect_adam says, (Had to check) Yes, it'll be the same basic system.  Yay! I liked getting two rares in my packs!

prefect_adam says, /ga

henre laughs hysterically.

wizo_abishai says, dengar, post your question again

dengar432 says, are there gonna be any large sanctioned tourney events???/ga

super_nice_dude says, You guys are from pojo.com chat ??

tj_the_kitten  enters.

super_nice_dude says, I am '' Lord_of_the_snitches ''

super_nice_dude says, Recognize me?

super_nice_dude  shuts

prefect_adam says, We are just beginning to look at Premier (Wizards run) Harry Potter events.  I know, for example, that we have arranged for there to be Harry Potter tournaments at both Origins and Gencon this summer.  If your asking if there are plans for an STS style event, there is not at this time, but we're certainly talking about it. /ga

wizo_abishai says, plgeorge, what is your question?

plgeorge says, Do you take new card suggestion and if you do to whom do we send it? /ga

henre says, ?

prefect_adam says, I'm afraid that we really can't take suggestions from the players.  Its an unfortunate fact of the way things work. /ga

mangyfox  enters.

wizo_abishai says, henre has another question

henre says, are they going to have prereleases for the new harry potter sets? i for one would love to see that

super_nice_dude says, ?

mangyfox says, Is anyone here having a problem connecting to the Magic Online perchance?  Did.. now I can't, it can't find the servers.

henre says, ?

prefect_adam says, We are working on Release Events for all the new expansions, including Diagon Alley.  I'll have details on the Diagon Alley release event next chat, or you can keep an eye onthe Harry Potter website at www.harrypotter.com /ga

wizo_abishai says, super_nice_dude, what is your question?

mangyfox says, Oops, guess I'm in the wrong forum!

super_nice_dude says, If I start with prof.severus.snape , and I have 3 transfiguration lessons in play I have the potion from severus snape, but If I play a card that needs to discard a potion, what do I do?

prefect_adam says, I think I should add the events are not tournaments, exactly, though there will certainly be plenty of opportunity to play. /ga

mangyfox says, Talisman:  If you are responding to me.. :)  "Actually, it was up.  People were on it, and playing actively all during the evening last night.  It was updating, I just was unable to connect myself.

prefect_adam says, You just can't play the card.  If you don't have a potion LESSON you can't discard a potion lesson.  Just having potion power isn't good enough. /ga

wizo_abishai says, henre, it is your turn again

henre says, how would one become a judge for the harry potter tournaments that are held?

dengar432 says, ?

super_nice_dude says, ?

super_nice_dude says, Oh yeah, /ga

prefect_adam says, At this time there are no 'certified' judges for Harry Potter events.  Anyone the event organizer feels is up to the job can be a judge.  /ga

super_nice_dude says, ?

tj_the_kitten says, whats your question super_nice_dude?

tj_the_kitten says, lol

wizo_abishai says, dengar, it is your turn

super_nice_dude  looks at kitten

super_nice_dude  laughs

dengar432 says, are you  gonna have precon decks for the new set??

soslowpoke says, ?

tj_the_kitten says, well hes waiting wizo!

mangyfox  enters.

mangyfox  enters.

prefect_adam says, Diagon Alley will have boosters and also support a new Starter Set (with different cards than the original starter set.) No precons as such, though/ ga

wizo_abishai says, super nice dude , it is your turn

mangyfox  leaves.

henre says, !

super_nice_dude says, How many cards haves a deck? 60 cards plus starting character = 61? because at wizards HP site, all fan decks have 61 cards /ga

prefect_adam says, The decks should have 60 cards, plus the starting character, for a total of 61 cards.  It sounds like the fan decks are correct. /ga

dengar432 says, ?

super_nice_dude says, ?

wizo_abishai says, henre has a quick comment

henre says, i noticed that with the transition from the base set to qc, that the number of "bad rares" went up quite a bit and im not sure if this is a comment or question, but i was wondering if they were going to start putting stricter standards on the rare level of cards.....

soslowpoke  leaves.

wizo_abishai says, dengar, what is your question

dengar432 says, Why arn't there any precon  decks? and is there any plan to have them in future sets??

wizo_abishai  (( Please, rmeember to put a /ga at the end of your question ))

dengar432 says, o  sorry..

prefect_adam says, That's a tough call, because those judgements are somewhat objective.  There's a really good article on card quality in regards to Magic: The Gathering at www.magicthegathering.com and almost all the points made in that article would apply to any TCG, including Harry Potter.  Not really an answer, as such, but I can't comment on how the sets are developed (not being a developer and all.) /ga

wizo_abishai says, super nice due, you're up!

soslowpoke  enters.

super_nice_dude says, What will be the lessons of diagon' alley? and will they have new types of cards? (new types like I don't know, hum, books, characters with year mentionned on it like '' harry potter 2nd year '' )

wizo_talisman says, ?

super_nice_dude says, this is the question /ga

soslowpoke says, ?

super_nice_dude says, Of the new set

prefect_adam says, Diagon Alley features the same lessons you've seen so far. (at least).  The Location cards are the only new type of card we've announced thus far. /ga

wizo_abishai says, soslowpoke, are you ready with your question

soslowpoke says, yea i am

super_nice_dude says, Ok thanks to answering my questions! see ya !

super_nice_dude  smiles to the people in the room

super_nice_dude  walks out

super_nice_dude  leaves, heading for The Lobby.

tj_the_kitten  leaves, following super_nice_dude.

soslowpoke says, Will there ever be an original promo(as in not already in another set) for HP? /ga

prefect_adam says, We've certainly talked about that sort of thing.  Nothing like that will be coming any time soon, if ever, though. /ga

wizo_abishai says, WizO_Talisman, what can Prefect_Adam enlighten you with?

wizo_talisman says, Just curious, with so many card games being produced by Wizards now -- Magic, Pokemon, Harry Potter, and the new Star Wars TCG, which one do you find yourself playing most during lunch breaks?/ga

wizo_abishai  ((The queue is currently empty))

henre laughs hysterically.

soslowpoke says, ?

dengar432  leaves.

prefect_adam says, Heh!  The two regular lunch games I'm in are a d20 game (not D&D) and ShadowFist an old TCG based on Hong Kong action movies.  I also play a lot of Magic, Harry Potter (of course) and I'm just learning our new NBA Showdown game. /ga

burgerman48661 says, ?

wizo_abishai says, soslowpoke has another question

soslowpoke says, What ever happened to Hannah Abbott's Spellcaster and Dean Thomas's Restrike decks? /ga

henre nods solemnly.

henre says, ?

prefect_adam says, We had put together some Precon deck packaging for Toyfair last year with those titles.  The products themselves were never produced, however.  /ga

daytongl  leaves.

wizo_abishai says, henre, go ahead with your question

henre says, i noticed that when qc came out, they didn't make the equivalent of an avifors card for the quidditch lesson... i know they aren't played a lot, but i was wondering if that was done on purpose or if it was oversight? /ga

wizo_abishai says, ?

prefect_adam says, I would have to guess (again, not being a developer) that such a card didn't make the grade as being useful enough.  I wouldn't be surprised if such a card was produced in the future when Quiddich decks are more common. /ga

wizo_talisman says, Abishai, your question for Adam, please

soslowpoke says, ?

wizo_abishai says, If I have a creature in play that takes 6 lessons and have six lessons in play, does it stay if I play another creature that removes lessons from play?  /ga

prefect_adam says, Yes.  It's a common misconception that Creatures are tied to the lessons used to play them.  This isn't so.  Once a creature is in play it no longer matters whether or not any of the lessons that were used to play it stay in play. /ga

wizo_abishai says, soslowpoke, it is your turn

soslowpoke says, What do you think is the most broken card in your opinion? /ga

prefect_adam says, In my opinion...

burgerman48661 says, ?

prefect_adam says, hmmm....

prefect_adam says, Potions Exam or Potions Class Disaster tie for my least favorite cards to deal with.  /ga

wizo_abishai says, burgerman has a question

burgerman48661 says, “Look for 3 randomly inserted premium cards in approximately every 10 boosters" I'm new to this game does this mean rares or Holo /ga

henre says, ?

plgeorge says, ?

prefect_adam says, That means holo cards. You get at least one rare in every pack.  For Quiddich and Diagon Alley, if you get a holo that means you're getting two rares, a rare holo and a non-holo. /ga

wizo_abishai says, henre has another question

henre says, perhaps you don't know this cuz your not a developer, but i was wondering if they were going to keep the harry potter tcg as a turn based card game unlike magic which has instants?

prefect_adam says, There are no plans at this time for any cards that can be played during the opponent's turn.  Any expansion could change this, of course, but I haven't seen or heard of anything like that yet. /ga

wizo_abishai says, plgeorge, it is your turn

plgeorge says, Around your office what are the most popular decks that people play ? /ga

burgerman48661  leaves.

mangyfox  enters.

prefect_adam says, That's a tough one because we all like to play with a large variety of decks.  Most of my decks use Prof. Minerva McGonagal with creatures and steelclaws, though I've made literally dozens of different ones.  /ga

wizo_abishai says, ok, that will do it for tonight......

wizo_abishai says, Thanks for taking the time to join us, Prefect_Adam

prefect_adam says, Oh!  My pleasure.  That was quick!

wizo_abishai says, and thanks to all of you for coming tonight

prefect_profo says, Thanks Adam!

plgeorge says, thanks

henre says, thankyamuch

prefect_adam says, Absolutely!  I sure hope you can make it for the next one in TWO WEEKS!  I promise to have more information about Diagon Alley by then.

wizo_abishai says, sweet! - I'll be here

wizo_abishai  needs more cards

henre chuckles in amusement.

henre says, anyone in here know how to get to the Wheel of Time Chat?

wizo_talisman says, there's a WoT chat?

wizo_abishai says, no I, sorry, Henre

henre says, dunno

henre says, i was hopin

wizo_talisman says, I haven't heard anything about one

henre says, oh ok

wizo_abishai says, you can go to RPG Live, soe of them may talk about WoT

henre says, yah

henre says, totally diggin on it

henre  )

prefect_adam says, Well, as I know nothing of Wheel of Time, I guess I'll be on my way.  Bye!

wizo_abishai says, take care everyone!

wizo_abishai says, take care, Adam

prefect_profo says, Cya Adam!

prefect_profo says, Cya abishai!

prefect_profo says, Thanks for taking our questions. =)

henre says, sure

prefect_adam  leaves.