Name: Tails
Deck Name: Light Speed Lumos
Location: Internet/Apprenteince

Hey there Harry Potter enthusiasts! I'm Tails, bringing you the information on a small tournament me and a few friends were holding on apprentience.
My deck was a fast paced deck that relied on casting huge spells only a couple of turns into the game and depriving your opponent of ways out of your traps. Here's my list:
Adventures (5):
x2 Harry Hunting
x1 4 Privet Drive
x2 Unusual Pets

Lessons (20):
x6 Transfiguration
x8 Care Of Magical Creatures
x6 Charms

Characters (2):
x1 Draco Malfoy (Ally)
x1 Hermione Granger (Main Character)

Creatures (9):
x2 Mountain Troll
x2 Forest Troll
x2 Vicious Wolf
x3 Boa Constrictor

Spells (24):
x3 Hagrid and the Stranger
x3 Vermillious
x3 Magical Mishap
x3 Stupefy
x2 Accio
x2 Incarcifors
x4 Avifors
x2 Take Root
x2 Epoximise

60 cards and 1 main character

Match 1: Me vs. Zach S.
The battle started out easy. He had Flitwick as a starter and started slapping me up with Vermillious and Magical Mishap. I had about 43 cards during turn 3. I started to kill off his little spells with Malfoy and got out Hermione. Then, it really heated up. He kept pinching me off...
Turn 5, I'm left with about 36 cards, Zach had about 46. I then pulled a Stupefy and let him have it. I regained a few creatures and sent them out using Hagrid and the Stranger.
It was almost run 15 now, whe I had about 22 cards and Zach had 28. I let loose with two Vermillious and laughed.
He hit me hard with a big two Stupefy combo. I had almost 10 cards, Zach had 21. I got an Unusual Pets and played it. Then I used Draco and took away his Accio so he couldn't get back his lessons.
Our decks widdled, and I had gotten most of his creatures off the board. I used a Magical Mishap and won.
Wins    1
Losses 0

Match 2: Me vs. Todd
Todd is one of the best card players I know. This was hard. He was using a deck almost similar and was draining me of almost everything. I got Hermione out on about turn 4 and started using Vermillious, Magical Mishap, and Stupefy. His deck grew small and he started using Steelclaw. I got scared.
I let loose with Malfoy and other annoying spells and managed to keep him with now hand for a while. He countered me with a Vermillious, but I was still in the lead.
I now commaned a Boa Constrictor and a Forest Troll. He was gone in a few seconds.
Wins  2
Loses 0

Match 3 Semi-Finals: Me vs. Mike
Mike is a cool laid back guy. But he plays a mean regeneration deck.
His deck has Hagrid and the Stranger, and Accio up the wazoo. Everytime Malfoy would snipe off one of his lessons he needed or I "Take Rooted" his best creatures, within a turn they were always back in his hand. Mike was smart.
He hit me hard with a 4 Privet Drive and after that an Unusual Pets. I was really annoyed. Then, he hit me with two Steelclaws, pulled a Hermione and a Draco, and just fired away. I was roasted, toasted, and bar-b-qued within 10 turns.
Wins  2
Loses 1

I was out of the tournament, but Mike faced and beat a Malfor Control deck. I'm happy for him.

Signing out,