This is Neo_Enigma and I have been on the ladder for about 2 weeks now and I recently participated in Prof. Lupin's Kick Butt tournament which was held last week.  I went into the tourney room scared out of my wits, but luckly I bumped into adam00 and I played him to test my deck, against his Draco Swarm Control Deck, which everyone loves to HATE!!!
Well I did fairly well against it but my deck still needed some work on it, so I asked adam to reccomend any changes needed in the deck, seeing as he is the best of the best on the ladder, so far....  Anywho here is my deck
Starter > Hermoine Granger (Double Lessons for 1 Action)
Ally     > Rubeus Hagrid
 6 Transfiguration
10 Potions
 8 CMC
3 4 Privet Drive
3 Mountain Troll
3 Guard Dog
2 Giant Tarantula
2 Kelpie ( For Unexpected Draught of Living Deaths)
3 Draught of Living Death
3 Malevolent Mixture
3 Noxious Potion
4 Dogbreath Potion
2 Hospital Wing
4 Steelclaw
2 Alchemy
Total : 61 cards
Round 1 : Bye
Round 2 : Me vs. Tekken
This match went rather quickly it ended on turn 25 with me using a Draught of Living Death bringing Tekken down to 8 cards left in his library the I had just drawn Steelclaw so i played it on my Mountain Troll and the match was over after he took the first 4 damage then Steelclaw damage.
Finals : Me vs. Tornus
Tornus has been my most hated opponent every since he beat me when he just joined the ladder.  This match when Tornus's way for the first 15 turns he had out 2 Guard Dog
2 Vicious Wolf and 2 Boa Contrictor.  I had out only 3 Guard Dog, 1 Mountain Troll and 1 Kelpie out.  he kept on using his creatures to whittle out my deck but luckly Both my Wings out and used em to get back my Draught of Living Deaths,  I was at 36 cards with 10 Potions on the Table after using the Hospital Wings, then I drew my card after Tornus brought me down to 20 cards, which was a Draught of Living Death, and I already had another Draught in my hand so I played them both for the Win.
Oh well I hoped you enjoyed by Tourney Report feel free to offer any deck changes/suggestions to me Neo_Enigma at