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               GREAT site, the Harry Potter part is as in-depth as any (sadly a rare breed *sniff*) and with a TON of info for even a casual reader!  Enough of the buttering up and although we've known Pojo for a long time, we have never seen the Harry Potter part until now.... donít ask us how THAT happened...


               This is actually a 13-year-old [...the store, not me] retailer in Mississauga, Canada (just outside of Toronto) and we host (as one of the few still, I think) HARRY POTTER tournaments every week [...if you can believe it, Saturday of all days :] in our store as we have since the release of the game.


My name is Todd and the store is Image Collections.  We don't yet have a website (soon we'll wake up and smell the 1990s coffee) although we ARE listed at,,, the comicshoplocatorservice and many other sites, as well as in the telephone book.


We thought you might be interested in our tournament results as we've had anywhere from 3 to 19 players participate over the years and lately it has been building again.  The Tournament Report here (below) is the latest I have as I take my (lazy) time 'pizzazing' them up even though I can say that Brian's unbeatable deck went down in flames this past Sat (March 22nd) and the streak is over.  I will try to get a copy of the contents of his deck next week if you are interested.


We have created multi-player games as well.  We REALLY like the game and its possibilities and everyone here is sad to see it going out of print.  We have put together a group called the 'Harry Potter Deckcrashers' who's goal is the continuation of the game and the conversion (willingly or not) of other cardfloppers and, ...well, why stop there, ...the rest of the world as well...


Hope we can help you out.  Thanks for reading, and thanks also for all the 'rittin' and 'rithmatic that goes into powering up such a wonderful website,


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REPORT-Tournament-Harry Potter-at Image


In the barren depths of a long-lasting Canadian winter, Stone-Cold BRIAN P ( he's now coming to be know as) continued his fantastic, and now record-setting, pace as he took the March 8th Harry Potter POTTERMANIA tournament at Image and remained undefeated in the last 4 weeks!

With his now famous Lesson-Killing Deck Brian remained at the top of the heap, this week that meant THE BEST OF THE BEST of 12 players...

Rounding out the TOP 5 were heavyweights MATT P, COREY R, LEE T, and STEPHANIE F who went 9-2 after only just learning to play last week! It surely IS a easy game to master!

New players this week included SHANE Z and HASSIR A, both ending with respectable W-L records.

BRAIN P's current run has him a 4-TIME defending champ (12 times overall) and now a remarkable 52-0! (that 0 also stand for the temperatures outside near Toronto (and Mississauga) these past days....and YES, thatís Fahrenheit for our American friends [-30 C. approx])


---BRIAN P is continuing to set a new IMAGE record that formerly was held by LEE T, who shut out foes for 21 games in a row back in 2001!

---CONNOR, a relative new player (also relatively new to the world at only 5 years old!!!) almost won his 1st game, against BRIAN P remarkably enough, but the big meanie Brian made a last minute comeback and when reached later for comment said something resembling "the streak, the streak"...sure Brian, sure Brian (you confidence-crusher you!)