The Rock and the Hard Place


Baltimore, Maryland


4 people (including me)


Well, my second tournament. I played my deck, the newly fixed by Snuffles

The Rock and the Hard Place (yup, I sent it in to him). Well, there were five

people there and we had to play ten rounds, and play each other AT LEAST twice.

So, this is my deck:


Starting Character:

-Madam Rolanda Hooch



20-Care of Magical Creatures



1-In the Stands

1-4 Privet Drive

1-Through the Arch

1-Sticking Up for Neville

1-Troll In the Bathroom




2-Comet 260



4-Cunning Fox

4-River Troll


4-Boa Constrictor






4-Pulling Up


Round 1: Me vs. Brad

Brad is a cool kid with a good sense of humor. I ended up playing him 5

times! His deck was a Hermione Creature heavy with Transfiguration deck. It

started with me getting an early In The Stands into play. This is what lost

it for him. He couldn't get enough creatures in his hand as I kept hitting

him with FOuled! and OUch! I got creatures out(2 Cunning Fox, 1 Boa, 1

Scabbers) HE took away my boa and 1 fox, but it was not enough for him. HE

didn't get going from my speedy deck, and i ended up with 35 cards still in

my deck at the end.

Me: 1-0


Round Two: Me vs. Brad

He demanded a rematch. I said, "Sure, why not?" I basically slaughtered him.

He managed to get a couple creatures out before my In The Stands, but it was

a Norbert and a Devil's Snare. I returned them with cage, and he ran out of

Creature LEssons. His spells kept going away in the discard pile, and after

he solved In The STands, he put out an Owl, but it didn't do anything because

of m Comet 260. He didn't do any damage to me! Honest, any! The only cards in

my discard pile were two creatures he got rid of and the spells I had used!

Me: 2-0


Round Three: Me vs. Brad (yes, again!)

Okay, this time he was serious. He got out enough creatures to hurt me, and

Hagrid came out unwelcomed. Grr.....I couldn't get any spells and I lost, but

it was kinda close. He ended up killing me with two Tawny Owls, a Norbert, a

Devil's Snare, and Black Dragon. Oh well...

ME: 2-1


Round Four: Me vs. Elliot

Elliot is a nice kid, but he really gets worked up. I had to tell him to calm

down when his best card went in the discard pile from a Fouled! He ended up

beating me and he had two cards left. Shame, i had a Pulling Up in My hand,

too. His creatures won it for him. He was playing a Harry the Seeker

Trans./Quid./Creat./Charms deck that is pretty good. What lost it for me was

his porcupine robe killing a boa and three foxes :-(

Me: 2-2


Round Five: Me vs. Brad

I seeked revenge and got it! I hurt him soooo bad with my spells and

creatures, that he got really angry and conceded with about ten cards left in

his deck. My creatures pummeled him. But he calmed down, and we had a good time.

Me: 3-2


Round Six: Me vs. Jeff

Jeff actually works at the store and has a powerful Fred and George Adventure

Charms/Quidditch deck. My Spells kept hitting him and hitting him. I only got

out two quintapeds and a scabbers, and one fox. I won with about 21 cards left.

ME: 4-2


Round Seven: ME s. Brad (last time, really!)

I won this again. My creatures did the dirty work this time, my spells were

okay. This made my total record just against brad 4-1. he just couldn't get

rolling fast enough.

Me: 5-2


Round Eight: Me vs. Elliot

Well, this time I won from In The Stands and my spells, cuz his porcupine

robe hit my creatures again. I got him with all four ouches and three

fouleds, as well as two pulling ups.This was a good game(for me;-)

ME: 6-2


Round Nine: Me vs. Elliot

This was our last battle against each other, and i smushed him. He couldnt

get any lessons out, and i hit him with three foxes and three boas. My

creatures won it for me, and he was roasted, toasted, and eaten in only a few

turns of punishment

Me: 7-2


Round Ten: Me vs. Jeff

Jeff beat me by only two cards. IT was honestly one of the best games i have

ever played. He degraded me by finishing the game by winnin slytherin match

with a stupefy, when i was dead, but he made me stay to watch him shuffle the

15 cards back in his deck and then used a toe biter. He is REALLY cool and funny.

Me: 7-3


So I finished 7-3, but i WON!!! this deck is really good, but if you donít

get rolling in the beginning, it cant stand up to others in the late game.

Anyway, till next time!



Editor of the

Daily Prophet