Adventures at Hogwarts Game Day


Killer Deck Report


by : Dragonstar975




Hiya everyone !  It's me Dragonstar975, here with my Killer Deck Report from the Adventures at Hogwarts Game Day, which was held at my local Books-A-Million.  There were roughly 30 participants, and the tournament was double-elimination, I played 8 rounds.  Well enough chit-chat onto the deck.


McGonagal's Pop Quiz



1x Professor Minerva McGonagal



12x Care of Magical Creatures

12x Charms



3x Dragon Heart Wand



3x Cunning Fox

3x Vicious Wolf

3x Guard Dog

3x Mountain Troll

3x Hebredian Black Dragon



3x Halloween Feast

3x Stream of Flames

3x Out of the Woods

3x Picking on Neville

3x Lost Notes

3x Steelclaw




Round 1 : Bye


Round 2 : MPQ vs. Charlie w/Exam Disaster Deck


This match went by pretty fast, mainly cuz he played a wand shop on turn 4 which in turn allowed me to get out 3 Hebredian Black Dragon's on the table within 2 turns, but he stalled me for 3 turns with constant wingardium leviosa!, during that time i drew 2 steelclaw so I played them to deal an amazing 61 cards of damage on turn 9.




Round 3 : MPQ vs. Stacy w/Quidditch Finals Deck


This match was rather difficult, she kept using Fouled! on me and wittled my deck down to 32 cards, knocking out a bunch of my creatures, but thank god for Halloween Feast, I played it and slapped down a Mountain Troll, followed by 2 Guard Dogs, and 1 Hebredian Black Dragon.  This match was neck and neck to the finish line, but her only mistake was putting down a Three-Month Long Match, luckly I had a steelclaw in my hand, so I played it to deal 49 damage to her which ended the game.


Round 4 : MPQ vs. Carlton w/Gred and Feorge Deck


This match went quickly, he forgot to put In The Stands into is deck, ( ^_^) so basically I dominated him.  He almost cried when I slapped down 2 Black Dragon's.


Semi Finals


Round 5 : MPQ vs. Tony w/Draco Item Deck


For starters this poor kid didnt know how to build a decent Draco Item Deck, I really dont see how he made it to Round 5 in the semi-finals, anyways I put him away quickly and then showed him how to make a better more efficient Draco Item Deck.


Round 6 : MPQ vs. Jerry w/Scrub Beatdown


Ok, this match was very difficult he used the Into the Forbidden Forest/Ruebus Hagrid/Eyelops Owl Emporium combo to make his owls 5/1 creatures.  Luckly for me, I drew very well, and got everything I needed to beat him into submission.  Out of the Woods saved me alot during this match.


Round 7 :  MPQ vs. Bill w/Potions/Quidditch Deck


This match was very irritating, I swear this guy healed over 50 cards worth of damage against me,  no matter what I did he kept healing, finally I drew 2 steelclaw and had 2 Black Dragons and 2 Mountain Trolls on the table, I wait until my next turn and then slap them down, he is left with 14 cards, finally he concedes when he checks his graveyard and finds all his healing cards are gone.


Finals  (Fatal Four Way) [No lie there were 3 other peeps that had gone 7-0]


Round 8 : MPQ vs.  Sara w/Hooch Deck | Sam w/Draco Denial Deck | Karen w/Speedy Charms


This match was very tough for me, the rules were simple, first player to eliminate another player's deck won the match then, second place would be determined by the 2 remaining players and so forth.  Well, thankfully no one saw me as much of a threat, I went on the attack and used  all my wits to win this final match.  First of all I beat up on Sara's Hooch Deck, dealing a crippling 28 damage to her deck a blow which I might add she never recovered from.  I had 3 Mountain Trolls, 2 Guard Dogs, 1 Hebredian Black Dragon, and 1 Vicious Wolf on the table, well I would like to tell you it ended there but it didn't for some reason all three of my opponents used wingardium leviosa and dungbombs on me to stall me while they tried to whittle each other's decks down finally it came down to my turn, I dealt my damage to Karen's Deck which left her with 2 cards, Sam was down to 3 cards, and Sara had 1 card left, so I being very gracious decided to end the match there I played Steelclaw on Sara and then played a Stream of Flames on Sam and got a double win, which gave me the tourney win and my friend Karen second place.




Props and Slops


Props to my opponent's who all lost with dignity


Props to winning 1 booster box of Adventures at Hogwarts


Props to me for winning the tourney (this makes 4-0 for me tourney wise)


As for slops, I dont have any !


Until Next Time,


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