Ben Kepes

Deck Name: Total Collision

Montreal, Quebec


OK. There were only 3 games, and 2 byes. Those people knew who I was, and excused themselves. o_O k... time to report my game.


Match 1/3

Me vs. Arik (he knows me, but he’s not a wimp:)


Hmm... On turn 5, I had 2 Quidditch and 4 Charms. Arik played 2 Potions on his turn. I drew, and I Stream-ed him. He plays Potions, Self-Stirring Cauldron, and draw. I do ouch! And a draw. Now, what pissed me: he Boil Cured and drew. He also Arched me after that. I skipped. I used tails strategy to check the graveyard. He had 7 cards left. Before that I Verdillious-ed him. Then he played Potions, and then he used Malevolent Mixture. Err... Before I played Verdillious I... double Mid-air Collision-ed him. 20 damage!!! Now this was rounding up. He said you could discard a cauldron instead of discarding a lesson. I agreed after some time of arguing... He had 14 cards left. I quickly played a lesson, and used Bluebell Flames. He played 2 Potions. Then on my turn I Fouled! and Flamed him. I won. This was his Potions deck that I fought. I’ll tell you guys what happened when Arik fought Lee, just too make this thing longer. o_O


Match 2

Arik vs. Lee


I was "refereeing" this game. I don’t recall much, but here it goes. I checked their starting hands. Arik had Hebridean and lessons :) and I forgot Lee's. A few turn later after playing lessons, Lee had out some foxes and Arik had only lessons. On his turn he played a lessons, then a Black Dragon. Lee's turn, he couldn’t play spells from a Through the Arch that was in play. He only skipped 1 action to solve that in the whole game. He played a Griphook. Arik played another lesson and another Black Dragon. I was voting for Lee, but Arik was on the way to victory. Arik stalled a few turns, and BANG!!! He won because Lee didn’t have any more cards.


Well, I for got to tell you guys my deck. FEND helped alot on this one:


Starter: The Famous Harry Potter

In the Stands x4

Through the Arch x2

Wand Shop x4

Quid x11

Charms x13

Fouled! x4

Ouch! x4

Mid-air Collision x4 (FEND originally took that out)

Verdillious x3

Blue-bell Flames x3

Stream of Flames x4

Out of the Woods x3 (try this combo with in the stands)


I can be found in PoJo’s chat for HP. The store that we all went to was supposed to have the top 5 game day, but Alex played with someone called Jono instead o_O and Sam was "very busy".


Props: to FEND who meched this, and to Arik for a horrifying game

(And to profpoke for fixing the spelling and grammar before posting this article.J)

Slops: to the people who were absent


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I doubt this will get posted, but at least I type with pleasure!!



                Ben, aka “mr” from chat