How's it going. My little deck is just the one i've been piddling 
Around since i just the game a little while ago, but so far i like the way 
it's headed. I've got a lot of charms and some transfiguration and potions
just to keep it interesting. As far as strategies go, i'm working 
mainly with direct damage from the potions and charms while protecting myself
with the transfigurations and accio. I hope you can help because i'm
tired of my friends kicking the crap out of me.
†† †††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††--adam bathsheeba
Character- 1
1 Hermione
Lessons- 20
2 Potions
10 Charms
8 Transfiguration
Charms- 18
1 Wizards Crackers
1 History of Magic
3 Accio
4 Magical Mishap
3 Vermillious
1 Illegibilus
4 Stupefy
1 Fumos
Potions- 9
2 Boil Cure
1 Noxious Poison
1 Snuffling Potion
1 Apothecary
1 Dogbreath Potion
1 Forgetfulness Potion
1 Shrinking Potion
1 Draught of Living Death
Transfiguration- 11
1 Apparate
1 Cauldron to Sieve
1 Epoximise
1 Squiggle Quill
1 Avifors
1 Lost Notes
2 Take Root
3 Incarcifors
Item- 2
1 Winged Keys
1 Borrowed Wand
--Hey, yeah, so you can see why i need help.
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††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Thanks, adam




Hey Adam! First thing that caught my attention is that you have sooo many Potion spells and plan to use them with only 2 Potion lessons. :/ That ainít no good. Lets see how to fix thatÖ



+2 Prof Flitwick / Hannah Abbott

Either one of these will help you reuse your damage spells, ect. Iíd suggest Abbott since more people use Flitwick as a starter and Abbott lets you get 2 for 2 instead of 1 for 2.



No creatures for this deck.



Iím gona guess you donít have many adventures on hand since you didnít include any in the deck.



+1 Wizards Crackers

+1 Vermillious

+3 Toe Biter

+3 Confundus

+1 Borrowed Wand

+1 Cauldron to Sieve

+1 Epoximise

+1 Avifors

+2 Lost Notes

+1 Incarcifors

+1 Winged Keys

-1 History of Magic

-3 Accio

-1 Illegibilus

-1 Fumos

-2 Take Root

-1 Squiggle Quill

-2 Boil Cure

-1 Noxious Poison

-1 Snuffling Potion

-1 Apothecary

-1 Dogbreath Potion

-1 Forgetfulness Potion

-1 Shrinking Potion

-1 Draught of Living Death

Crackers could help speed Hermoine, which is good. Vermillious should be maxed out and Toe Biters do some good damage too. The Wand can help with early power. Confundus is the best discarding card so far. Illegibilus only discard one of your chose where confundus discards two of their choose. One HoM isnít going to help very much. Accios were probably there to recover your 2 Potion lessons. Fumos costs too much for soo little.

Add one more of each of those cards that helps distroy your opponentís lessons. Lost Notes are better than Quills, and Incarcifors are better than Root in Hermoine decks (since youíd probably always have an even number of lessons in play if you used Hermoine ability.) The Keys are good defence against creatures, esp Norbert.

Only two potion lessons in this deck makes all of your potion cards worthless. Drop them all, asap.



+2 Transfiguration

-2 Potions

Two potion lessons arenít enough for what you had planned. Weíll replace them with Transfig.


And there you have your Quick Hermoine Deck ready to go! =)