Professor Flitwick's Charm Class Deck
Professor Filius Flitwick (provides Charm)
Spells (Cost-Damage/Benefit-Target[Player,Creature,Hand])
4 - Baubillious (2C-1D-PC-Draw)
4 - Magical Mishap (2C-3D-P)
4 - Toe Biter (3C-2D-PC)
4 - Vermillious (4C-3D-PC)
4 - Stupify (6C-5D-P)
1 - Bluebell Flames (7C-4D-PC)
2 - Accio (2C-2Lessons)
4 - Illegibilus (5C-1D-H)
2 - Incendio (3C-XD-C)
3 - Confundus (5C-2D-H)
Adventures (Effect/Solve/Reward)
2 - 4 Privet Drive (Blocks Spells/Discard Cards)
2 - Peeves Causes Trouble (Damage per draw/slow down/hurt me)
2 - Harry Hunting (Slow Down/Discard Cards)
1 - Reptile House (Limits Lessons per turn/Discard Cards)
1 - Gringotts Cart Ride (Discard Card per turn/Slow Down/Lower deck)
20 - Charm 
Strategy Plain and simple, attack the deck and wear it down. Start off by using 
The low cost damage cards (Baubillious, Magical Mishap, Toe Biter) which 
Can attack the opponets deck or any low cost creatures he plays. As you get 
More lessons down then go to the more advanced damage cards (Vermillious,
Stupfiy, Bluebell Flames) which can be directed at the player or the 
More advanced creatures. As for the other charms, Accio is for getting more
lessons out early in the game. Illegibilus is to take out key cards in 
the other players hand. Incendio is for the really big creatues since 
damage is based on number of charm lessons in play. Finally, Confundus is for 
just making your opponent to discard cards. As for the Adventures, they are 
in there to slow down your opponent and make them discard more cards.




Yo David! Charms decks are said to be the strongest type because they donít have many cards that require you to discard to use them. Using cards that make your opponent discard is a great way to pound that fact into them. =P



+2 Hannah Abbott

Hannah can help you reuse two cards like stupefy which is a little better than flitwick since he only lets you get one card back.Once you reach the seven power level you can discard your charms lessons, extra wands, ect, on Flitwick and Abbott.



No creatures for this deck.



+1 Cart Ride

-1 Reptile House

-2 Harry Hunting

Cart Ride is a great discarder. Reptile House and Harry Hunting can be ignored once they get enough lessons in play to use what they want. When you opponent isnít affected by you Adventures, thatís notgood. Youíd be stuck with that adventure out there and all your good ones caught in your hand.



+1 Confundus

+1 Bluebell Flames

+2 Dragon Heart Wand

-1 Illegibilus

-2 Baubillious

Confundus costs just as much as Illegibilus but lets you discard one more card. Switch out 1 Illegibilus for 1 Confundus. Dragon Heart Wand will help with any power shortages. Itís better than Borrowed Wand in Charms decks and faster than Phoenix Wand too. With the extra power you can afford to have 1 more Bluebell Flame since it will help do damage even though it does have quite an outrageous price.



+1 Charms

Add one more charms to have a good number.


With all that out of the way we have this:


//NAME: Professor Flitwick's Charm Class Deck

// Characters

††††††† 1 Professor Filius Flitwick

††††††† 2 Hannah Abbott

// Spells

††††††† 4 Stupefy

††††††† 4 Toe Biter

††††††† 4 Vermillious

††††††† 4 Confundus

††††††† 4 Magical Mishap

††††††† 3 Illegibilus

††††††† 2 Incendio

††††††† 2 Baubillious

††††††† 2 Bluebell Flames

††††††† 2 Dragon Heart Wand

// Adventures

††††††† 2 4 Privet Drive

††††††† 2 Gringotts' Cart Ride

††††††† 2 Peeves Causes Trouble

// Lessons

††††††† 21 Charms


A very nice and quick Charms deck for ya! =įD

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