//NAME: Proffesor's Homework
// Starter
        1 Professor Severus Snape
// Lesson
        25 Care of Magical Creatures
// Character
        3 Professor Filius Flitwick
// Adventure
        2 4 Privet Drive
// Spell
        4 Boil Cure
        4 Pomfrey's Pick-Me-Up
        2 Obliviate
        4 Magical Mishap
// Creature
        2 Forest Troll
        2 Mountain Troll
        4 Giant Tarantula
        4 Vicious Wolf
        4 Baby Dragon


Deck has went 4-0 as of 8-18-01


Ok now the idea:

    Beatdown with intent to stay alive

    Based on doing damage with Creatures

    Snape's power to heal along with potion's spells


ok now to explain the whole thing....

    Start with Snape and when you get to about the teens in cards use power to boot it back up. The whole game you should heal yourself with the potion spells and damage the opponent with creatures.Snape also Let's you have a free Power making it eaiser to run that baby dragon/ Forest Troll turn two.


Extra stuff:

    All charms stuff is deck filler...i have only used it in one battle.I was thinking about running Transfig. but there is not a proffesor to run along that line I choose the Charms for that reason but they are not working so if you take out them you have an extra 9 spaces.

Deck size:61 cards

Deck was made for Apprentice I also sent the .dec file so you can just load that on to check it.




 Hey shiny! Thanks for sending your deck and the DEC file too! It's a real timesaver! =D Let’s see what I can do… ;)



+1 Dean Thomas

+2 Harry Potter

-3 Flitwick

 Even having three Flitwicks in your deck won’t let you play it if your opponent’s starter is Flitwick. We’re gona drops charms since they were only fillers anyways, and add a Dean and 2 Harrys for drawing power. Not many people use Dean or Harry for starters so you shouldn’t have a problem with having those as extra characters.



+1 Forest Troll

 Forest Troll is fast enough. Since most of your creatures discard lessons, you won’t have many lessons in play so you need quite a few low costing creatures to deal damage while you build up.



+1 Privet Drive

 The more you have, the better your chances of getting one.



+4 Snape's Question

-4 Magical Mishaps

-2 Obliviate

 We’re gona take drop all the charms and stick with creatures/potions, so the Obliviate and Mishaps are gone. Add in Snape’s Question because 4 damage is really good. (^_^)



 Your lessons count is OK here.


Fix those tid-bits and you have this:


//NAME: Professor's Homework

// Characters

        1 Professor Severus Snape

        2 Harry Potter

        1 Dean Thomas

// Adventures

        3 4 Privet Drive

// Potion Spells

        4 Boil Cure

        4 Pomfrey's Pick-Me-Up

        4 Snape's Question

// Creatures

        3 Forest Troll

        2 Mountain Troll

        4 Giant Tarantula

        4 Vicious Wolf

        4 Baby Dragon

// Lessons

        25 Care of Magical Creatures


A very formidable creatures/potions deck for ya! :D

This deck is available here for Apprentice.