ProfPoke --
You'll find attached the file that contains my working version of the
Hogwarts Staff deck. The main principle behind this is to play to the
strengths of the faculty members at the school. (i.e., Profs. Flitwick
and Snape, plus Hagrid.)
I'll also provide a text reconstruction as best I can, but the file is
accurate as of 8/17/01.
Starting Character:
Prof. Flitwick
Supporting Characters:
1 x Prof. Snape
1 x Hagrid
1 x Unusual Pets
2 x 4 Privet Drive
11 x Potions
11 x Care of Magical Creatures
2 x Vicious Wolf
2 x Mountain Troll
2 x Baby Dragon
4 x Wingardium Leviosa!
4 x Bluebell Flames
3 x Stupefy
4 x Vermillious
4 x Baubillious
2 x Foul Brew
2 x Hospital Wing
4 x Noxious Potion
Check the list against the file before starting the tune-up, but I 
it's accurate - if not, it's pretty close.
Thanks for your help!




 Hey JD! Thanks for sending the DEC file in with your request! It saves me time on building the deck myself. =D Let’s see how I’m gona fix this one today… ;)



+1 Rubeus Hagrid

 Let’s make your starter Snape. This way you will always have at least one card able to heal and you can limit the potion cards down to non-discarding healers. Basically we’ll just exchange all the Potion lessons for Charms lessons. Add an extra Hagrid to increase your chances of getting him before your opponent does. ;)



+1 Baby Dragons

+1 Vicious Wolves

+2 Guard Dogs

 Baby Dragons are fast, and more wolves and dogs are good too. When we add wands later, they’ll help you get these ‘puppies’ out faster. ;P



 If this is enough Adventures for you, it’ll work for me too. You got the basics and can heal them back when they get discarded.



+2 Dragon Heart Wand

+4 Snape's Question

+3 Pomfrey's Pick-Me-Up

+3 Boil Cure

-4 Wingardium Leviosa!

-2 Bluebell Flames

-1 Vermillious

-2 Baubillious

-2 Foul Brew

-2 Hospital Wing

-4 Noxious Potion

 Dragon Heart wand should be easy enough to get out and will help tremendously for paying high cost spells and creatures. Snape’s Questions are the best and easiest potion damage cards, IMHO. The pick-me-ups and cures are your healing cards along with Snape. That should be good enough without needing potion lessons.

 We’ll drop the Leviosas since Vermillious and all the other creature damage dealing ones can take care of creatures for you. Bluebell Flames is too expensive to have four. Drop a Vermillious. Pick-me-ups have the Baubillious ability, so drop about two. Foul Brews are kinda lame. Hospital Wing and Noxious Potion are great, but not if we plan on no Potion lessons.



+1 CMC

+10 Charms

-11 Potions

 Trade out all the Potions for Charms to compensate for switching Starters earlier. Then trade a Charms for a CMC and you’d be all set and ready to go. (^_^)




//NAME: Hogwarts Faculty - Fix

// Starting Character

        1 Professor Severus Snape

// Supporting Characters

        2 Rubeus Hagrid

        1 Professor Filius Flitwick

// Lessons

        10 Charms

        12 Care of Magical Creatures

// Adventures

        1 Unusual Pets

        2 4 Privet Drive

// Creatures

        3 Baby Dragon

        3 Vicious Wolf

        2 Guard Dog

        2 Mountain Troll

// Charm Cards

        2 Baubillious

        3 Vermillious

        2 Dragon Heart Wand

        3 Stupefy

        2 Bluebell Flames

// Potions

        4 Snape's Question

        3 Pomfrey's Pick-Me-Up

        3 Boil Cure


A nice creature/charms deck with a splash of potions.

Get this deck here for Apprentice.