My deck is called Charming Creatures because it consists of creatures 
and charms cards.
Charactors: Malfoy(Starting)
11 Charms
13 Care of Magical Creatures
1 Fluffy Falls Asleep
1 Mysterious Egg
1 Wingardium Leviosa
4 Magical Mishap
3 Vermillious
3 Toe BIter
2 Accio
1 Confundus
1 Illegibilus
1 Baubillious
1 Out of the Woods
2 Stupefy
1 Diagon Alley
1 Norbert
1 Kelpie
1 Mrs. Norris
2 Baby Dragon
2 Forest Troll
1 Vicious Wolf
1 Curious Raven
2 Boa Constrictor
3 Surly Hound
My Strategy: My strategy is to get my lesson cards quickly by using 
Accio. Then I use cards like Magical Mishap or Stupefy to do some damage to my 
opponent as well as using high damage creatures like Norbert to add to 
the damage. I know its not a very good strategy and thats where i need you 
to help me. Thanks!




 Hey there! That looks like a good start for a creature/charms deck. Lets see what you can do to make it better. :)



 Draco is “the man” for discarding cards. Good character choice!



+1 Kelpie

+1 Mrs. Norris

+2 Vicious Wolf

-2 Forest Troll

-1 Curious Raven

-1 Surly Hound

 Mrs. Norris will be a great help with Draco. The Wolves are one of the best common creatures there is. Kelpie helps prevent spell damage to you while hurting your opponent at the same time.  Your Baby Dragons cost about as much as the Trolls and they’re better. The Raven is good if your low on card supply or just wana make a fast creature deck. Drop 1 Hound to make some room for the better stuff.



+1 Diagon Alley

 At first I thought about removing the Alley all together, but then I noticed it prevents your opponent from trying to recover from the spells and abilitys you play that make him discard his cards from his hand. Add an extra one so you’ll have a better chance of drawing it.



+2 Cage

+1 Mysterious Egg

+1 Confundus

-1 Fluffy Falls Asleep

-1 Wingardium Leviosa

-1 Magical Mishap

-1 Illegibilus

-1 Baubillious

-1 Out of the Woods

 Cages help provide power to cast your stuff and can be used later to do the same thing Fluffy could have done. An extra Egg will help you find Norbert (or any other creature you might need) and get him in your hand so you can play it. Confundus is way better than Illegibilus, because it doesn’t matter which card he discards just as long as his hand gets smaller. Illegibilus has the same effect as Malfoy so don’t bother with it. Take out some of that other stuff to make room for what we added. =)



+1 Charms Lesson

 Cages will help with CMC power, you just need a bit more Charms to make sure you’ll be drawing enough lessons. :)


And there you have it, your very own Charming Creatures deck. Adios!