Hi Prof Poke!
This deck was made using the Base Set Spoiler,as I can't find any Harry 
Potter cards :(
2 Rebeus Hagrid
1 Harry Potter-Starting
2 Unusal Pets
4 4 Privet Drive
1 Hiding From Snape
3 Norbert
3 Mountain Troll
1 Baby Dragon
2 Guard Dog
2 Pet Toad
2 Vicious Wolf
3 Mysterious Egg
2 Nurture
2 Hagrid & The Stranger
3 Cage
28 Care Of Magical Creatures
My deck's all about getting Hagrid into play quickly,then doing as much 
damage as possible.This is my first ever deck,so please help me!
~Victreebel 100




Howdy Victreebel! This looks like a good Hagrid Creature deck here.Iíll show you what you can try and see if that helps it get even better. =)



Your Character chooses are good here. Harry can help you get the cards you need. Hagrid is your key card; if you could get like one more of him that would be great too.



+2 Baby Dragon

+2 Kelpie

+1 Vicious Wolf

-1 Norbert

-1 Mountain Troll

-2 Pet Toad

Baby Dragons are really good. Theyíre main weakness is Toe Biter, but your drive can prevent those for a while. Kelpie is better than Toad because it deals damage and can sometimes last for more that one hit. Vicious Wolf is a good common to have in Hagrid decks.Three Norberts is a bit too much because you can only have one in play at a time.The big Trolls are expensive but worth it if you can afford to play them.



+1 Unusal Pets

-1 4 Privet Drive

-1 Hiding From Snape

Hiding from Snape isnít something Iíd include in a deck unless you played with Dracoís Trick too. Even out your Drives and Pets so that you can take on other creature decks just as good as you do spell decks. ;-)



+1 Hagrid and the Stranger

+1 Cage

-2 Nurture

The Stranger can help you get your Norberts or any other creatures that find their way to your discard pile. Cage is very useful because it provides CMC power and can get one of your opponentís creatures off the board, eg: You want to play your Norbert, but they already have one in play. You Cage their Bert so you can play yours and they wonít be able to play theirs next turn. =)



This is a decent number of lessons considering the amount of possible discarding that should be going on. You can drop one lesson if you find an extra Hagrid to put in your deck.


And thatís about it for Hagrid's Vicious Speed Deck. Stay tuned till next time! ;)