Please Help me, I have just gotten into Harry Potter, recently Quitting 
Pokťmon. I have made this deck with all the lessons, but it is mostly a 
potion deck. My Strategy is to slowly but surely drain away their cards while 
refilling my hand with my potions cards! I have been experiencing 
problems, first off it is too slow and I cant get what I need fast 
enough, second I cannot get around draught of the living death, and thirdly I 
have a very limited supply of cards, I am Trying to get Flitwick now, but 
right at the moment all that I have is Hermione. Please Help Me. I am going to a 
tournament and I would like it to be in shape so I can actually beat somebody.
**Independence Day**
 Hermoine Granger (Need those Lessons!)
6- Transfiguration
10- Potions
8- Care of Magical Creatures
6- Charms
2- 4 Privet Drive
2- Mountain Troll
3- Vicious Wolf
3- Giant Tarantula
2- Kelpie
3- Magical Mishap
2- Noxious Potion
3- Snape's Question
3- Hospital Wing 
3- Steelclaw
1- Pewter Cauldron
1- Dragon Heart wand
2- Wingardium Leviosa!
Thanks for all of your help!
Randy a.k.a. BOWSER 




Yo Bowser! Looks like youíve got a pretty colorful deck going on here. Might have to trim that down a bit, but I can see great things coming from this deck by adding a few Quidditch Cup cards. The rares in QC are a little easier to get since the chance for getting an extra rare in each pack increased. Letís see if we can speed this deck up and make it work against DoLD.



Hermoine is a great starter and will be specifically important to this deck too. No problem here.



+4 Pep Talk

-2 4 Privet Drive

At first I thought about recommending Hagrid Needs Help, but since itís a rare I decided on the cheaper, yet just as effective alternative. Pep Talk basically takes away one of your opponentís Actions and it actually turned out better because your opponent has to draw a card for his first action making his deck smaller and his hand bigger. After a while you can play a discard hand spell to destroy their hope. Another good point about using Pep Talk, although it might not apply to this deck in particular, is that if you have it in play when you play Fouled! then your opponent might get 0 actions next turn. (Not totally sure yet, will ask at WotC chat tomorrow.) So if you donít already have one, I highly recommend getting some from somewhere.

(Pep Talk is a Quidditch Cup uncommon.)



-2 Mountain Troll

-3 Vicious Wolf

-3 Giant Tarantula

-2 Kelpie

Weíre gona go down to only two lesson types so drop the creatures for powerful spells. You might think this leaves you venerable to Privet Drive, but if you get your Pep Talk out early enough, they wonít have enough actions to be able to play it.



+2 Borrowed Wand

+2 Bravado

+3 Stream of Flames

+2 Charms Exam *

+3 Bruiswort Balm

+3 Jawbind Potion

+3 Potion Ingredients *

+2 Malevolent Mixture *

+2 Dogbreath Potion

+2 Draught of Living Death *

+2 Gold Cauldron *

-3 Steelclaw

-1 Dragon Heart wand

-2 Wingardium Leviosa!

-3 Magical Mishap

-2 Noxious Potion

-3 Snape's Question

-1 Pewter Cauldron

Okey, now letís move on the to big part. No creatures, no steelclaw. Drop the Heart Wands, Leviosas, Mishaps, Noxious, Questions, and the Pewter Cauldron. These are good cards sometimes, but you can use better.

Add in a couple Borrowed Wands for early power boosts. The Bravados are common and reduce the cost of your spells by 5 power for one turn. Stream of Flames is like Toe Biter and Vermillious in one; this will help control pesky creatures while hurting your opponent. Charms Exam is a Rare, but get it if you can; it makes your opponent discard their hand then draw any number of cards (Really good after a couple turns of Pep Talk). Bruiswort Balm is a Common healing card for 3P get 5 cards in your deck. Jawbind Potion is Uncommon for 4P does 2 damage to opponent and next turn they canít play spell cards (like DoLD). Potion Ingredients is a Rare from the Base set, and when I first got mine before QC was out I didnít see too many uses for it; now that QC is out, almost every Potions deck has them and it does wonders. Dogbreath is 6P uncommon does 8 damage to discard 1 P lesson. Malevolent Mixture and DoLD are Base set Rares but they are the heavy hitters for this deck. Theyíre easy to play with all the power this deck makes, but if you donít have enough, fill in what your missing with Dogbreath and/or another good damage dealing spell. Gold Cauldron is a new Rare in QC which is basically like Silver Cauldron except you return 2 lessons to your hand instead of discarding them, which is really nice with Hermoine since you can slap them down the same turn if you needed to.



+7 Potions

+4 Charms

-8 Care of Magical Creatures

-6 Transfiguration

Too many lesson types for a Potions based deck. Stick with the Charms as Potionís sidekick.


Hereís the new decklist:


//NAME: Independence Day

// Characters

††††††† 1 Hermione Granger

// Adventures

††††††† 4 Pep Talk

// Charms

††††††† 2 Borrowed Wand

††††††† 2 Bravado

††††††† 3 Stream of Flames

††††††† 2 Charms Exam

// Potions

††††††† 3 Bruiswort Balm

††††††† 3 Jawbind Potion

††††††† 3 Hospital Wing

††††††† 3 Potion Ingredients

††††††† 2 Malevolent Mixture

††††††† 2 Dogbreath Potion

††††††† 2 Draught of Living Death

††††††† 2 Gold Cauldron

// Lessons

††††††† 17 Potions

††††††† 10 Charms

Iíve play-tested it a bit on Apprentice and this deck looks like it could dominate in lots of different areas. Have fun!