Hey Professor,
I've been tinkering with a new deck lately, "Revenge of the Weasleys."
Its strategy is to stall your opponent as much as possible in the early 
game with the deck's many Adventures, and ping him to death with some 
smaller creatures.
Fred and George Weasley
(4) 4 Privet Drive
(4) Unusual Pets
(4) Hagrid Needs Help
(4) Into the Forbidden Forest
(4) Curious Raven
(4) Forest Troll
(4) Baby Dragon
(4) Vicious Wolf
(4) Cage
(2) Swarm!
(22) Care of Magical Creatures
The problem with the deck is that if it doesn't get enough stall early 
on, it's generally ruined.It may seem unlikely that I wouldn't draw 1 of 
the 16 Adventures in the deck, but early on, it happens.My Adventure 
choice may be a bit weak, too.I originally ran Peeves Causes Trouble in hope 
of shortening my opponent's life span, but they usually didn't worry about 
it and played around it.I switched that out for Troll in the Bathroom, 
but 2 damage a turn was still enough for them to play around. In a 
last-ditch effort, I threw in Unusual Pets in its place, and it has worked 
wonders, either dealing damage or forcing a creature kill.For this reason, I 
really didn't need to play any courses other than Care of Magical Creatures.
Also, I think Into the Forbidden Forest may be a bit weak, too.I'd like all 
my adventures to have the potential to do damage (except 4 Privet Drive.
Good heavens, is that a god-send), but this one generally doesn't do enough 
to be noticed.
I think my creature base is fine, because I don't really have very many
early-game actions to be playing lessons for a bunch of big creatures.
Fluffy may be useful, but then again, he may be a bit expensive.
So what are your thoughts?Do I need to splash another course 
(Transfig for Steelclaw or Potions for Healing)?My deck is in your hands.
Help me, Professor Poke, you're my only hope...
††††Hamish Mackinzie




Howdy Hamish! Nothing like them mischievous Weasleys for some fun Adventures on Thanksgiving. :D Letís take a look at this.



The Weasleys are your theme, and they are great at it. If you want to add a Hagrid, replace the Ravens with 2 Hagrid and 2 Boas. Thatís up to you since I know Hagrid is sometimes hard to get a hold of since heís so popular and all. ;)



-1 4 Privet Drive

-1 Unusual Pets

Hagrid Needs Helps are great first turn adventures IMO. Whatís worst than starting off the game with only 1 action? Itís great Adventure and Character prevention. Your other adventures are good here. If you want to, you can switch out the Unusual Pets for Into the Stands if you still have creature problems.



+2 Cunning Fox

-2 Vicious Wolf

-1 Baby Dragon

-1 Forest Troll

Cunning Fox is a little faster than the wolf. Drop a dragon and troll to help make room and save lessons.



+4 Steelclaw

+1 Swarm!
-1 Cage
Steelclaw are a good idea. An extra Swarm helps deal damage when you have lotsa creature out, especially if your opponent has creatures out too. :D Drop 1 Cage to make room.



+8 Transfiguration
-8 Care of Magical Creatures
Switch out some CMC for about 8 Transfig. Lessons.


Hereís the new decklist:


//NAME: Revenge of the Weasleys

// Character

††††††† 1 Fred and George Weasley

// Adventures

††††††† 3 Unusual Pets

††††††† 3 4 Privet Drive

††††††† 4 Hagrid Needs Help

††††††† 4 Into the Forbidden Forest

// Creatures

††††††† 4 Curious Raven

††††††† 3 Forest Troll

††††††† 3 Baby Dragon

††††††† 2 Cunning Fox

††††††† 2 Vicious Wolf

// Other

††††††† 4 Steelclaw

††††††† 3 Cage

††††††† 3 Swarm!

// Lessons

††††††† 8 Transfiguration

††††††† 14 Care of Magical Creatures

Try that out, and have a Happy Thanksgiving!